27 Inspiring Minimalist Blogs You Must Read in 2024

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lifelong minimalist or at the very start of your minimalism journey – blogs are a great way to discover other people’s stories, get inspired, and connect with other people on the same life path as you.

Here are 27 unique and inspiring minimalist blogs for 2022 completely broken down in different categories that can add a little simplicity to your life:

Minimalist Lifestyle Blogs

Becoming Minimalist

Joshua Becker found himself on the road to the minimalist lifestyle after spending a long weekend clearing out his garage. His focuses on ways to achieve simplicity and minimalism in all aspects of life.

His writing style is incredibly engaging, so this is a great one to add to your favorites.

Be More With Less

Following a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Courtney Carver decided to simplify her life through the principles of minimalism.

Courtney’s also the founder of Project 333, a scheme which seeks to help people wear only the clothes that they love. You can check out some of her inspirational courses here.

Simply + Fiercely

Jennifer uses her blog to tell the story of when she started fearing she was only half-living her life. As a result, she chose to use the principles of minimalism to make room in her life for the important things – the people she loved and the things she cared most about doing.

Everything else went in the trash and she embarked on a traveling adventure to help her reach her goals.

No Sidebar

If you’re looking to get on board with the minimalist lifestyle, head straight over to No Sidebar. This blog links you to an interactive email course. You’ll spend a month-long journey evaluating your life decluttering the stuff you don’t need and concentrating on the things that really matter.

If you’re not ready to commit to the course, you can just read the blog posts and get a few ideas on where to get started.

Exile Lifestyle

Colin Wright’s blog promises to help you evaluate your current lifestyle and really figure out what makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

Colin has traveled the world extensively and he’s a talented writer, so his blog is bound to keep aspiring minimalists interested. Plus, he moves to a new country ever four months, so he always has an exciting story to tell.

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Reading My Tea Leaves

This lifestyle blog is written by Erin Boyle. Erin uses this forum to tell readers all about her practical, purposeful approach to a simple and sustainable life’. It features DIY guidelines on how to create useful items like night-lights or craft-paper toilet rolls holders.

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She also tells her followers all about her experiences of living in a tiny apartment. Oh, and she shares, no-waste recipes, eco-friendly travel advice for your family and ideas on how to live a simple yet beautiful life.

Simple Days

Faye is a self-confessed ruthless minimalist’. Like many of us, she used to be over-worked, stressed and disorganized.

Since she made a few changes, she now founds herself living a totally different and much simpler lifestyle, and she loves it! Want in? Read her blog to find out how you can achieve these goals.

Save. Spend. Splurge

This one’s all about financial simplicity. The author is dedicated to only spend money and keep the things she really loves.

She will show you just how to spend your own money without ever feeling guilty, live well with less and save for a rainy day – all while still being able to splash out on the things you love.

Mr Money Mustache

If you like a little sprinkle of humor on a blog, Mr Money Mustache is a great shout. His witty, useful blog discusses how to free yourself from financial problems by spending less money than you earn.

This inspirational guy retired at 30, so he certainly knows his stuff! And he’s willing to share some of his secrets with you. If you want to put yourself on the road to early retirement, check it out now.

Minimalist Home Blogs

Miss Minimalist

In addition to being a great blogger, Francine Jay also wrote The Joy of Less and Lightly. Her blog focuses on tips for decluttering and applying the concepts of minimalism to your home.

There are regular interviews featuring other minimalists, so reading this blog will enable you to read about other people’s minimalism stories as well as just Francine’s.

Minimalist Baker

This blog is run by a husband and wife team. John and Dana use it to share recipes comprising a maximum of ten ingredients, require just one spoon or bowl or require a maximum of 30 minutes preparation time.

Their backgrounds in photography and design means this one is not only well written, it’s also visually stunning.

The Tiny Life – Tiny House Living Blog

This one does what it says on the tin – it’s all about the author’s experiences of “living small in Tiny Houses” and the “Tiny House Movement”.

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Essentially, it’s a blog dedicated to teaching people all about tiny houses. Intrigued? You should be!

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Simplifying At Home

Ellen uses her blog to tell the story of how she is working towards reconnecting with her priorities and values.

Her story will probably ring true to many of us – spending way too much money on restaurant meals and fast food because she didn’t have time’ to cook, but then complaining about her bad diet and lack of energy to exercise.

This blog shows you how to rearrange your priorities to make sure you’re living, not just existing.


If you need a little nudge to get started on de-cluttering, make sure you take a look at this blog.

It features a ton of super helpful lists packed full of tips on how to move pack/move, ideas for home organisation and recommendations of products to help make your life easier.

Slow Your Home

Brooke’s on a mission – having decluttered her own home and life and making improvements to her own health, energy and passion along the journey, she wants to help YOU to achieve the same goals.

Find out all about the concept of slow living and the benefits you can enjoy from living with less.

Minimalist Mom Blogs

Zen Habits

OK, so this one’s actually written by a dad rather than a mom, but hey, we’re all for equality here. Leo Babauta is living proof that pretty much anyone can achieve the minimalist lifestyle – after all, he has six kids!

His blog tends to focus more on the mindfulness aspects of minimalism.

Raising Simple

Feeling like your family life is a little, well, cluttered? This blog is for you. The author, Zoe Kim, uses her blog to talk about the best minimalism principles to apply to family life.

It’s all about decluttering, simplifying and streamlining your lifestyle. A must read for any parent.

The Minimalist Mom

Looking for tips on how to apply the principles of minimalism to parenting? Check out Rachel’s Minimalist Mom blog. A great pick for anyone with young children.


If you want to find out how to help your young family to live more frugally, this is a great place to start. Evelyn is a mom with four kids – she shares her thoughts on life with a limited financial budget.

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She also talks about how to live in a small space with a big family, and how to reduce the size of the footprint they make on the world.

With plenty of real-life examples she’s encountered on her personal journey, this is a great insight into the world of minimalism.

Nourishing Minimalism

Rachel Jones created her blog to help other moms to nourish their families with real food. She talks about all of the ways you can embrace the minimalist lifestyle to achieve these aims.

Allie Casazza – Minimalist Mom Blog

The mom-life can be tough. Allie aims to help other moms get past how overwhelming parenting can be.

The aim? To be a much happier mum and live your life with purpose.

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Minimalist Design Blogs


This magazine-format blog is a celebration of the very best minimalism in design – both historic and modern.

From art, architecture and fashion to industrial and graphic design, this blog is sure to have something that will interest you.

My Dubio

This one’s for all the minimalist style lovers. There’s everything for design lovers on here, whether you’re into shopping, home interiors or minimalist outfits.

Check it out, you won’t regret it.


This Danish Interior Design blog is essential if you’re

a) working towards a minimalist lifestyle

b) passionate about interiors, home decor and design.

Looking for ways to create a modern, stylish, comfortable, yet minimalist home? Check out this blog now!

Making Spaces

This blog is run by a Yorkshire-based interior designer and writer. She’s also a mom of one.

Her blog aims to bring creative and accessible design to the “real world” masses’. She says she’s been challenging misconceptions about interior design since 2015!’

Fresh Interiors

This blog offers regular doses of minimalist eye candy! Check it out for delightful images of minimalist spaces, products and designs.


Love fashion? Like the idea of a capsule wardrobe’ but not sure where to start? Check out Unfancy.

Caroline’s blog was started in an effort to help her out with her self-confessed mindless shopping habit’. She decided to start a one-year experiment dedicated to creating a capsule wardrobe, made of just 37 pieces.

The results? She found that she was way more content, confident and tuned into her personal style. She uses her blog to share her own ideas on less is more’.

Do you have a favorite minimalist blog to add to the list? Share it in the comments below:

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