15 Simple Frugal Living Tips For Minimalists

It wasn’t too long ago that I began my journey of minimalist living, and learning how to change my ways when it comes to consuming and buying things was a huge part of that. 

I realized over time that you don’t have to sacrifice much to start living more frugally. It’s all about deciding what’s important to spend your money on, such as your needs, and what you shouldn’t waste your money on. 

Now while I’m not an extremely frugal person, I do enjoy a nice meal out every week or an enjoyable weekend getaway, I do like being able to be conscious about my spending habits and where my money is going. 

I tend to be intentional about this topic and ask myself before I purchase something whether it is serving me a good purpose or is it something I might regret purchasing in the future. 

With all that being said, I’d like to provide you with some simple frugal living tips that you can apply to your daily life and beyond. 


15 Frugal Living Tips For Minimalists


1. Buy Quality Over Quantity 

Buying quality products will actually save us money in the long term because they tend to last longer. When you buy cheap material, it will break or tear easily and we would have to waste money replacing that item.


2. Shop Off-Season 

Shop those end of the season sales and stock up on some fashionable items for the next year. 

I love using HONEY – it automatically applied coupons to popular stores and saves me a TON. Check it out here

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3. Stop Using Credit Cards

You don’t want to find yourself wasting money on interest or late charges. Try to leave your credit card at home, to prevent yourself from buying things you might not even need. Use it for emergencies only. 


4. Make Your Own Natural Products 

Did you know you can make your own shampoo, conditioner, soap, and more? Discover how to make your own natural products from the comfort of your home to avoid buying them in stores.


5. Declutter and Sell Items

Start a home decluttering project, and re-sell any items you don’t use any more. They are just sitting there taking up space, so why not try to see if someone else may make use of them.


6. Get Into Gardening 

Gardening is a great way to supply your own produce. Start by buying seeds and watching some tutorials about creating your own home garden. 


7. Batch Cook

Create wholesome and healthy meal plans for the week and start prepping. This will prevent you from spending money on going out to eat or ordering food to go. 


8. Drive Less

Save money on gas and car maintenance by teaming up with others to carpool to work or other activities. You’ll get to spend more time with the people in your life by driving to places together. 


9. Learn Handy-Man Skills 

We can learn a lot online today simply by watching youtube and tutorials. Learn how to fix things around your home to avoid having to hire someone to do it for you. 

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10. Cancel Your Cable

With Netflix and Youtube, there is a range of options available that don’t require cable TV. Save yourself the extra expense by canceling your cable subscription. 


11. Re-Use Your Glass Water Bottle

The reason I point out a glass water bottle is to avoid contributing to plastic and it’s something you can refill over and over again. You can a good one I recommend here.


12. Make a Grocery List

Before you decide to go to the supermarket, always make a list first. This will not only save you time but also prevent impulse buying of items that will just go to waste.


13. Do Your Own Nails

Stop wasting your money on manicures and pedicures, and start doing your own nails at home. You could always treat yourself to a professional manicure on occasion, and appreciate it more. 


14. Build an Emergency Fund

Emergencies are unexpected and often people find themselves in a lot of financial trouble when faced with one. Building an emergency fund will help you to feel safe and secure financially. 


15. Shop Second-Hand

Instead of always buying new products or clothes, shop second hand at local thrift stores for the items you need and save money.

I hope you are able to apply these 15 frugal living tips to your daily life  What are some frugal living tips that you live by? Share in the comments below!


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2 thoughts on “15 Simple Frugal Living Tips For Minimalists”

  1. Hey Rebecca,

    Glad I found your Podcast on Spotify!! I listened to all of them and I really like your tips about simple living and your calm voice! I have also checked out your course on Skillshare, really well done! 🙂 I started my minimalist journey similar to you after selling my stuff and traveling the world with my wife in 2019. Since then we have adapted many minimalist principles and love our new life. I also started my blog http://www.minimalray.com to share the benefits of simplifying life. One huuuuge benefit is of course is saving money. And with all the noice about reaching financial independence out there I was sceptical at the beginning, but as I learn more and more about saving, investing and making money with side hustles, I see a chance to reach FI. I’m not sure if my blog will ever make money but I really like that it completely is aligned with my values and principles and I love when people tell me that what I’m writing has opened their eyes 🙂 I thank you for making your tips so simple and understandable. I definitely learned a lot.

    All the best in Spain,

    • Thank you for your kind words, Ray! I’m glad you like the podcast. Writing about what aligns with your values is a great start. Best of luck!

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