15 Simple Ways Minimalism Can Make You Happy in 2024

Can minimalism lead to happiness? Are minimalists happier? Are minimalism and happiness comparable? Many people are adopting the minimalistic idealism at its core.

Less commitment, more flexibility, fewer material possessions, and more energy-efficient. All of which are potential benefits of this movement.

Are Minimalists Happier?

With so many distractions and chaos in today’s world, for some people, minimalism works best with their lifestyle, while others thrive on materialistic possessions and keeping up with the Joneses. Since all people are unique and value different things, opinions on such movements as minimalism vary from person to person.

If you were to ask a minimalist, they may tell you that the only way to live is a minimalist way and vice versa for those materialists.

However, no matter how you look at it, being less materialistic and more focused on the simpler things in life cannot hurt. In this modern world, full of negativity and clutter.

Overall, minimalists are happier because they have less worry, stress, and chaos in their lives. To a minimalist, material things are trivial compared to what they value most, which consists of quality time for relationships, time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and spiritual health. Are minimalists happier? They appear to be.

15 Simple Ways Minimalism Can Make You Happier

1. Decluttering your life helps to declutter your mind creating a calming effect.

Remove old clothes you haven’t worn in a year, organize your junk drawer, or donate old books/DVDs to goodwill.

2. Living with less frees up your time to do other things.

Re-adjust your priorities to focus on the finer (free) things in life rather than on material possessions.

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3. It is beneficial for the mind to slow down and find peace in stillness.

Take time out of your busy schedule to meditate or practice yoga. Find your inner peace. Be still. Breathe. You can read these minimalist quotes for some extra inspiration.

4. Minimalist practices create a clear, simple view of the world.

Freeing the mind of everyday stresses can alleviate the weight of the world on your shoulders. Give yourself a break and RELAX.

5. Simplifying your life naturally results in relaxation.

Stop scheduling every minute of every day. Find time to treat yourself! Downtime is paramount to achieving happiness.

6. Living with less stress is healthier overall.

Lessen your workload. Learn to say no, thank you, and set boundaries to better care for yourself.

7. Focusing your energy inward heals the soul.

Mind, body, and soul or spirit are equally vital to human happiness. Self-care and self-love are vital to your happiness health. Read a book YOU want to read. Take a bath. Enjoy yoga. DO YOU!

8. Balance, as with everything in life, creates happiness.

Balance your schedule. Work, Social, Love, Exercise, and Sleep should be working together to make you happy!

9. Owning fewer possessions means fewer things to clean, which creates more free time to do the things you love to do.

Get rid of all that junk you do NOT need! Have fewer possessions to dust and keep clean will free up some time to do more of what you love! Do you have a pile of books you no longer need? Try donating them to one of these organizations.

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10. The ability to move with ease and not be tied down to all of your possessions is liberating.

Sell that furniture, that junk in the garage, or those clothes you never wear. Minimalize your stuff to free up space and make moving day easier!

11. Less consumption of modern chaos is freeing and creates a healthier mind.

Turn the tv off and go outside. Stop being controlled by commercialism and materialistic-minded people.

12. Focusing more on quality time and relationships cause happiness derived from love over materialistic possessions.

Spend time with your family, significant other, or community giving back or just simply enjoying each other’s company.

13. Slowing down and focusing on your inner self is beneficial to the soul.

Get your meditation on or immerse yourself in nature for some soul healing. Nature therapy is amazing.

14. Creating more time for people and hobbies you love is far better than loving replaceable things.

Reprioritize your life and make your family time and your YOU time a top priority.

15. Memories, experiences, and minimalist priorities are all happy thoughts.

Do more of what you love. Happy people exude positive energy. Spread the love and happiness and be kind.

Minimalism & Happiness

Minimalism and happiness exist in symbiosis. Thriving and growing with each other.

Purging what is no longer serving you in a positive way is the only way to truly evolve and change into a better version of yourself.

Letting go of that which no longer benefits you is self-preservation and vital to mental health and clarity.

Minimalism can be interpreted and altered to work best with your lifestyle. In order to achieve happiness, life must be filled with love and activities that make your heartbeat.

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Minimalism and happiness. Sounds good.

So declutter your life and your mind.

Take time for yourself to slow down. Relax.

Calm the mind and still the body in an effort to find inner peace and your true happiness.

Stop rushing and forgetting the finer things in life like spending time with loved ones, creating art, doing what makes you happiest, and giving back to your community and environment.

Final Thoughts

Minimalism and happiness seem to go hand in hand. You never know until you try whether something works best for your life. After all, everyone is created to be an individual.

People’s values vary, but those with less stress and not consumed by the chaos of the world today do appear to be happier.

It is proven that the majority of people who live a simple, stress-free, clutterless existence are far happier than those obsessed with material wealth and possessions over more substantial priorities, such as quality time, relationships, and the simpler things in life.

In this world drenched in chaos, constant pressures of everyday materialism, and disproportionate values on so many things, slowing down and refocusing on more positive values will undoubtedly enhance your happiness. Simplifying chaos and decluttering your mind, body, and soul are recommended for a happier lifestyle.

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