15 Tips for The Everyday Minimalist Family

The trend of minimalism has become on the rise lately, but nobody seems to know the precise effects of minimalism in your life. Minimalism is basically ‘less means more’ so when you remove things of lesser value, this improves your life for the better.

But many will argue that with kids and a family, a minimalist lifestyle can be harder to achieve. Understandably so, given that individual lifestyle choices are not always our decision to make.

In this article, we’ll be tackling this subject of becoming a minimalist family, and some tips on how to approach it within your household:

How To Be A Minimalist With A Family

Remember to keep in mind that although it’s much more challenging- it’s not impossible. Being a minimalist with a family is one way to bring growth and intention to your home.

Childhood today is messier than what meets the eye and this is precisely why they need minimalism than ever.

However, in integrating minimalism in your family, you can’t force it on them right away. Instead, let them come to this interest on their own.

You can start integrating minimalism in one aspect of your home and see how it goes for your family. If it goes well, you can take it from there.

15 Tips For The Everyday Minimalist Family

Minimalist Family Living Tips

1. Don’t compare your path

Minimalism isn’t the same for everyone and what may look for one person can look different for someone else. You can’t copy or compare minimalism for others because it may not work for you.

Comparing will just defeat the entire purpose of minimalism.

2. Take it gradually

Minimalism isn’t an overnight thing that you can just integrate into your family’s lives. You have to remember to take it day by day and you can’t rush cleaning your invaluable belongings.

3. Appreciate the declutter

When you first try to become a minimalist, it’s going to take time to get used to it. You’re accustomed to a lot of things and furniture around you that it seems odd when they’re so much space- but appreciate this.

4. Focus on important things

When you first try to declutter, everything may seem important that you can’t let go of. However, choose what you need the most- and let go of other unnecessary things.

5. Organize by category

When you’re deciding to live a minimalist life, it’s hard to let go of things when you look at one whole big picture. Instead, sort your belongings by category to benefit you.

Minimalist Family Home Tips

1. Avoid talking about the simple life

Your family may not necessarily be okay with minimalism and it can seem like you’re forcing this upon. As much as possible, don’t talk about how enticing the simple life is as not everyone is open to that kind of life.

2. Don’t force it if you’re not ready

Not everyone is ready for a minimalist lifestyle especially with family, so it’s crucial to only integrate it in your life once you’re ready. There’s no need to rush this as not everyone can handle a minimalist life.

3. Have a clean slate

Until you admit it, it’s generally much easier to hoard items than to let go of it. Hoarding belongings make it seem like you live a busy life, even when you barely use the majority of them.

4. Set down the rules

As mentioned earlier, everyone has a different definition of what minimalism is. You need to set down rules and certain boundaries on what minimalism is for you and a healthy way to integrate this within your family home.

Some people define minimalism as moving homes completely while for others, it’s just as simple as throwing out invaluable belongings. It’s entirely up to you.

5. Bring in less

To fully commit to a minimalist lifestyle, you need to bring in less. It doesn’t just stop with decluttering space in your own home as you can easily just go back to your old habits. You need to practice the art of needing less to have more.

Minimalist Motherhood Tips

1. Encourage your family gently

Again, you can’t force it in your family to believe that minimalism will improve their lives if they don’t believe it to be true. You need to encourage them lovingly and not at all in a way that feels like an obligation or task.

2. Don’t force your family to change

You ultimately can’t force your family to change when they don’t view minimalism the same way. You can’t force them to change views, but you can inspire them as to why you should shift towards a minimalistic lifestyle.

3. Don’t put minimalism over your family

As great as minimalism is, you have to remember your values. Minimalism doesn’t have to be a cause of conflict, especially in a family. You may be excited to integrate this kind of life in your home, but it isn’t a deal-breaker if they don’t see things the same way.

4. Practice mindfulness

Minimalism is mostly for the benefit of the mind and spirit. When you practice mindfulness, you’re fulfilling the purpose behind mindfulness as a whole. We live such busy lives that it’s easy to forget the whole point in living with minimalism, even with children.

5. Apply the ‘less is more’ concept

As a mother, realize that ‘less is more’ applies to your children, even with simple things like buying the toys they want. By differentiating the things they need from the things they don’t, they better understand the concept of what minimalism is all about.

Final Thoughts

Minimalism isn’t for everyone but once you decide it’s for you, it’s a change that will turn your life around completely. It’s easy to clutter your mind when your personal space in itself is an entire mess.

When you declutter and only leave room for the things that actually matter, you feel better about yourself.

Not only can minimalism affect your personal growth, but it affects your family relationships for the better. When you integrate this into your family home and they realize you’re on the right light, this becomes a life-changer.


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