50 Simple Ideas to Begin Sustainable Living in 2024

If the end of the world would depend on you, would you save it? This is a tough question, yet we hold this responsibility every second of every day. We live in a world that needs our help to keep surviving, but are we doing enough?

Here I will share with you some of the best ways in how to live sustainability and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle that will make a difference in the world that we all share.

What Living A Sustainable Lifestyle Means

Living a sustainable lifestyle is adopting a new way of living. It’s to live in a way that would meet all the natural human needs to be alive, which are basically food, water, and shelter. But without any extra luxury and resources that bring no value for our surviving and can potentially harm the planet.

The main reason to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and deprive ourselves of things that we don’t need is mainly to attempt to reduce the negative impact that we continually have on this planet.

That way, we stand a chance to ensure that future generations will have not only a place to call home but will have the essential resources that they need to survive.

So if you think about it, choosing to live a more sustainable life is just like an excellent investment for future generations to come. It’s to give them a chance to live in this world and experience the amazing things that our planet can offer.

By reducing our carbon footprint, our energy consumptions, fashion choices, and our diets, we can make a difference that will change the lives of future generations to come.

We are all here due to the many heroic actions that generations before us took upon them to ensure that we could have a future, so isn’t it our obligation to ensure that the next ones will have a standing chance as well?

The Importance of Sustainable Living

The answer is quite simple and straightforward; we need our planet to keep being able to resource us with the basic things that we need to survive. It’s about survival but it’s also about stopping catastrophic disasters from happening.

Natural disasters are not just accidental damage from mother nature. We are the cause for many of the climate change challenges that we have been experiencing, things like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, even the abnormal snowing in the Sahara desert.

what is sustainable living

Our impact has consequences on the planet, and many of those will affect us directly. Mainly due to the things that we use every day.

Things like the enormous and misplaced amount of garbage disposal, the high demand for fossil fuel (that provide us with electricity). Excessive carbon print and wrongly disposal of toxic chemicals into the sea, are just some of the human-made acts against the environment. Little but incredible impactful actions can lead to:

  • Health problems, which have been more and more common


  • Climate change, for example, the rising levels of the water


  • Lack of resources from mother nature, without water and food, we can’t survive

Little and almost seamless acts such as dropping a little straw on the ground can have terrible consequences that will affect every person, animal, and the environment.

So if you could make a difference today, would you? Next, I’m sharing 50 ways that you can use to live a more sustainable lifestyle and help make a huge difference.

50 Simple Ideas to Begin Sustainable Living

There are so many little actions that will have a tremendous impact on saving the world, and you can do them so easily and without much effort. Small actions that will help you to be more grateful for the world that we all share.

Living a sustainable lifestyle might seem simple, but it represents a tremendous feeling of joy in knowing that you are one of the reasons why future generations will have a chance.

1.Reduce your energy usage

Turning off unnecessary lights or switching off the T.V will not only save you money on your electricity bill but can also reduce global warming.

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2. Change the lights in your house

Changing for a CFL or LED light bulbs allows you to use less electricity and last longer than a regular light bulb, a small change that can make a huge difference.

3. Unplug electronics from ports overnight

Did you know that most electronic devices keep on drawing electricity even when you turn them off? By unplugging your electronics, you can reduce your electricity usage.

4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Not only is this a great exercise but it also saves energy.

5. Use solar energy charges for your smartphones and tablets

Smartphones need a lot of charging and takes a lot of electricity, by using a solar energy charger, the sun will charge them for you, plus you can charge them at night as long as you let your solar charger to recharge during the day.

6. Set your thermostat lower than usual in the winter

Heating can take a lot of energy, but nothing that a few extra layers of clothes cannot resolve. Plus, you will save money as well.

7. Hang clothes to dry instead

Dryers are perhaps handy, but they can also use a lot of energy, so invest in a hand dryer instead and save a significant amount of money on your electric bill.

8. Air dry your hair

Blow-drying your hair is a luxury that not only wastes energy but also damages your hair. So by allowing your beautiful locks to dry naturally, you will also impact the environment. Using an eco-friendly shampoo is also a good way to avoid toxins. We love using Awake Natural All Organic Haircare.

9. Reduce your water usage

The world is demanding more and more from nature; a simple gesture of turning off the water while you brush your teeth can already make a big difference. If you are using the water, turn off the tap. There are too many people in this world without water, still.

10. Reduce how frequently you wash your clothes

Most of us wash our clothes too many times unnecessarily, sometimes you mainly just need to add some to fill up the washing machine. Either use the half-cycle if your machine has it, or hand-washing is also an option (plus it’s gentle on your clothes and you get to keep them for longer).

11. Limit the use of hot water when hand washing dishes

Coldwater takes less energy, and it does a pretty good job too.

12. Use a dishwasher instead of handwashing

Dishwashers use less water than hand-washing, especially if you keep the water running at all times. However, it would be best if you only put your dishwasher on when completely full.

13. Invest in a pressure cooker

Not only will you reduce your cooking time, but did you know that pressure cookers reduce the energy used by 70%?

14. Reduce your food waste by eating only what you need

Overbuying food that will end up in the garbage is not only hurtful to your wallet, but it’s also a waste for the planet. So before you buy it, make sure that you will eat it.

15. Start composting

Compost can help the growth of plants and trees, so instead of putting your food scraps in the garbage, start composting, and help to provide natural nutrients to your garden.

16. Recycle EVERYTHING

If you can reuse it, recycle it.

sustainable living

17. Buy second hand

There are so many great things that you can find in a second-hand shop or vintage shop.

18. Transform old clothes into new garments

You don’t need to be a pro at sewing to alter an old outfit into a new gorgeous one.

19. Recycle your devices

Instead of dumping your old devices in the garbage, recycle them, there is a lot of companies out there that even pay you for them.

20. Reuse and repurpose glass jars

Glass jars are amazing for reusing, you can fill them up with spices, flowers, on-the-go salads, or pasta. The choices are endless.

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21. Declutter your house

Decluttering your house gives you an idea of how much stuff you have around that you don’t need and is also good for your health because it will provide you with a sense of confidence. Don’t forget to give away anything that you can give for charity and recycle anything that you can’t give away.

22. Buy bigger bottles

Instead of buying small bottles often, buy bigger ones, which can also save you some money.

23. Ditch the plastics

Do you know how long it takes for plastic to decompose on its own? It takes millions of years for plastic to decompose, and unfortunately, most of it ends up in the ocean and endangers every marine life. Reducing it is an excellent way to save the planet, but if you can ditch it altogether, then you are a superhero!

24. Consider using shampoo bars

Shampoo bars are not only all-natural, meaning that you will not be using any chemicals. But they also come in wrapping so that you will be ditching the plastic.

25. Grow your own vegetables

When you grow your own vegetables, you are also helping to protect the environment. Naturally grown vegetables lower the number of chemicals introduced to the environment through the soil.

26. Use organic fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers contaminate the soil and water, which is a significant reason for diseases on humans and is also one of the causes behind the extinction of plants, animals, and even insects.

27. Eat more whole foods

Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of global warming. Eating a diet high in plant-based reduces our consumption of animal products and helps to save the planet.

28. Plant a tree with someone

Trees are awesome, and this will make a great bonding experience. Trees battle global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, as well as contributing to soil health.

29. Buy fair-trade products

Paying farmers fair prices gives safety in an ever-changing environment. This expanded financial protection, mixed with standards and organic production, makes Fair Trade the most suitable alternative for the planet and its inhabitants.

live sustainable

30. Think twice before shopping

Before traveling to the shops, make a list of the things that you need. That will stop you from buying unnecessary food items.

31. Cook it yourself

When you cook at home you help the environment too, it will take less energy, and you will know exactly what’s on your plate.

32. Shop locally

Shopping locally will help you to support your community and travel fewer miles.

33. Number 9

Have you ever noticed the stamps on your fruit with numbers? Numbers that start with the number 9 and contain five numbers, meaning that it’s fully organically grown.

34. Make a meal plan

If you plan out your weekly meals in advance, you are more likely only to buy what you need and avoid any waste.

35. Ditch the single-use makeup removing wipes

Instead, use a reusable and washable cloth for removing your makeup.

36. Coconut oil for your beauty care

Coconut oil is excellent for hair masks, removing makeup, taking care of dry skin, and so much more!

37. Use multipurpose bathroom products.

Instead of using many detergents to clean your bathroom, buy just one multipurpose that can do all the jobs in one.

38. Use natural cleaners

Making your own cleaning products by mixing vinegar and water, for example, decreases the plastic that we use and reduces the chemicals that we introduce to the environment.

39. Share products with your family

If you can, instead of buying things like different shampoos and deodorants individually, purchase one that can be shared by everyone.

40. Make your own personal products

Nowadays, it’s so easy to make personal products like creams and even deodorants by using natural ingredients.

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41. Go paperless

You can opt-in for paperless services in most companies and save trees and even the fossil fuel that is used to make the paper and printing.

42. Use recycled toilet paper with plastic-free packaging

Toilet paper created from recycled waste has a lesser environmental impact than virgin fiber, as well as saving a lot of trees.

43. Use your phone, tablet or computer for note-taking

Go paperless on your notes and use digital notes instead.

44. Get reusable instead

Instead of getting disposable things like straws, plastic bags, or paper coffee cups, replace them with reusable things that you can use more than one time.

45. Always use double-sided printing where possible

When you can’t avoid going paperless and need to print, try to double print.

46. Buy books from a second-hand book store, or go to the library

Buying second-hand books, using the library, or buying ebooks can save the environment by reducing the paper that we use.

47. Use public transportation

If you can, instead of taking your car to work, take public transportation or even better walk or cycle if you can so you help reduce global warming.

48. Spend more time outside

By spending time outside, you waste less energy at home and enjoy the beautiful sights that nature has to offer you.

49. Gift experiences instead of materialistic things

Instead of buying materialistic things, gift them with unique things like a home-cooked meal or a day out, creativity has no limits!

50. Adopt pets instead of buying them from a breeder

There are so many pets desperately looking for a family to love. Dog breeders do not always breed dogs for the right reasons and treat the animals in inhuman ways just for a profit.


Sustainable Lifestyle Examples to Follow

Living a sustainable lifestyle takes a lot of commitment; it’s not only a couple of changes but a way of living. Here are three examples of how to begin your journey on sustainable living:

  • Simplify your way of living

Identify and remove anything that is not necessary for your survival or happiness. Materialistic things that bring no value to our lives have no space in our way of living. Replace things that are harmful to the environment and apply changes for the benefit of the planet, such as gardening, recycling, and even adopting a more healthy diet.

  • Put a plan into practice

If you plan a new way of sustainable living, make sure to set some rules, planning things in advance can help you to make the transition more smoothly and you will probably stick to it much quicker.

  • Make a life long commitment

If you are planning to live a more sustainable lifestyle, then you should do it for the right reasons and even do some research. Sustainable living might seem hard in the beginning. Still, if you are committed to make it a lifetime commitment, then it will become easier. After getting used to it, you will see the incredible benefits that sustainable living has on yourself and the others around you.

Final Thoughts

Living a more sustainable lifestyle is a big change. There are things that you will perhaps find strange or take some time to adapt to, but the process of learning how to help the planet to heal and keep surviving for longer is an incredible journey.

You will be proud of being one of the reasons why future generations will be able to experience life in this world.

There is a quote from Robert Swan that says “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone will save it,” the reality is that it’s everyone’s job to make sure that this planet survives, but you can’t wait for others to start making the changes today.

You can make the difference; by adopting small everyday measures that can make a huge difference. How will you approach sustainable living? Share your thoughts in the comments below:

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