25 Simple Holiday Organization Tips (For 2024)

Everyone talks about the warm fuzzy feeling of the holiday season, but not many are courageous enough to admit the disasters that happen behind closed doors.

Preparation is key; the problem is, we all have crazy busy lives and find ourselves a little overwhelmed by the number of things that need to be done over the holiday season.

However, there is nothing that a few holiday organization ideas can’t help.

I am about to share with you 25 fabulous organization ideas that will make this year’s holiday season the best one yet.

The Benefits of Being More Organized this Holiday Season

When you have an organized schedule, things tend to run a little smoother.

Last-minute preparations over the holiday season can increase stress that so many of us go through during one of the best times of the year…instead of enjoying every second of it.

By organizing your holiday season in advance, you will ensure that everything goes as planned, feels perfect, and an extraordinary moment is created for your family, and for you as well.

25 Simple Holiday Organization Tips

Holiday Home Organizational Tips:

1. Declutter your house

Year after year, we let things pile on, especially during the holiday season.

So before beginning to prepare for the season ahead, let’s clear up everything first.

Get rid of anything that you do not need or want. Many charities take your unwanted items.

So not only will you be making your home more organized and ready for the upcoming season, but you will also be making an excellent effort that will perhaps make someone smile.

2. Use containers with labels for organizing

For a better organization over the holiday season, knowing where everything is can help you avoid last minutes stress by organizing everything with labeled and see-through containers.

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Containers are stronger, stack more easily, shield items better, and can simplify your storage.

That way, you know where everything is, and you will have a more organized home that will be clear from clutter and ready for the holidays.

3. Clean, clean, and clean

If you tackle your cleaning schedules before the holiday season and make it regular and consistent, then by the time that the holiday season is here, you will have nothing to worry about when you welcome your guests into your home.

4. Organize your kitchen

The holiday season can also be known as the baking season; this is one time of the year that you will probably spend it in your kitchen.

Your kitchen should be organized throughout the year, but during the holidays, you need to rearrange this room, or your sanity will be tested throughout the entire season.

Here are some excellent tips for creating a minimalist kitchen.

5. Set up a wrapping station

Another organizational nightmare associated with the holiday season is dealing with wrapping paper and wrapping gifts.

Keeping these items stocked without damage can be a challenge.

It’s a good idea to store all your gift-wrapping supplies in one place.

Why not set a wrapping station in your home? This can help you keep the rest of your house organized for holidays.

Holiday Calendar Organizational Tips:

1. Prioritize

There are a million things to do during the holiday season, so it is easy to oversee some of the things that need to be done first.

Prioritizing things with a different color can help you to understand what is more important and what can be done the day after.

2. Write it down

We all think that we have a flawless memory, which is not the case for most of us.

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So, writing things down will not only help you to have a better organization but will also make you less prone to forget.

3. Set goals

Goal setting is not only for self-improvement.

It can be used in any type of situation. But can also help with planning out a perfect holiday season.

4. Add deadlines

If you set a goal, you need a deadline, or else it’s just a wish.

5. Set alarms

Writing it down on your calendar is a great way to keep organized, but sometimes we can also forget about what exactly is on our calendar.

Setting alarms on your phone can be an excellent way to ensure that you will definitely not forget.

Holiday Family Organizational Tips:

1. Delegate Tasks

Yes, you are a superhero, but you do not have to act like one. Share the holiday duties with all family members.

2. Organize the old stash

Before even thinking about buying another set of decorations, gather all the family and organize your old stash.

This will stop you from being a holiday hoarder.

3. Inventory

After working together to get organized, then the whole family can make an inventory and decide if there is anything that needs to be replaced.

4. Holiday cards

Holiday cards are more fun when everyone helps.

5. Make everyone in charge of something

Again, do not play the superhero. Trust your family, and let go of some of the control.

Holiday Travel Organizational Tips:

1. Plan your visits ahead of time

Whether you are visiting one or more family members, decide when and where you will go and set those dates in stone.

2. Check for any planned road closures

Make sure that there are not any planned road work at the time of your traveling.

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3. Consider if there could be last-minute traffic

You will not be able to predict the future, but leaving the house earlier can feel like you do.

4. Plan the trip in detail

Decide if there is the need for any stops between destinations and have it all planned out.

5. Add the destinations to your GPS in advance

Set all destinations in advance so you won’t end up on the other side of town.

Holiday Work Organizational Tips:

1. Merge your calendars

Merging your personal calendar with your work schedule will ensure that noting becomes overlapped.

2. Leave a post-it-notes around your workplace (if possible)

If you have your own office, then it might be helpful to have some little notes around.

3. Let your boss know that you will be away

Remind everyone who needs to know which days you are going to be away from work over the holidays and make sure everyone is aware of when you are returning.

4. Work late hours now so you can relax later

If there is any big project with a deadline near the holidays, it might be helpful to work a few extra hours now to avoid any last-minute changes right before you take off

5. Do not take work home

Taking work home on a typical day is not very good, but over the holiday season can be considered a deadly sin…

Not really, but this should be the time that you give your family your undivided attention.

Final Thoughts

The holiday season can be a stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be if you are ahead of your calendar and have killer organization skills.

2020 might have been a very challenging year, but your holiday season doesn’t have to be. Happy Holidays!

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  1. This list of holiday organizational tips turned out to be useful during the lockdown, which became an extended holiday. It gave us a good chance to clean and take care of minor repairs in the upholstered furniture. I decluttered my daughter’s wardrobe and ended up with two huge bags of unwanted garbage.

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