37 Examples of Personal Goals You Can Start Setting Today

Everyone wants to find ways to better themselves as we try to strive towards continuous self-development to be able to become a better person and achieve more.

One way to start out on the road to personal development is to set some goals and work hard to achieve those goals regardless of your circumstances.

These are known as personal goals and in this article, we are going to discuss some examples so that you can start implementing them in your life right away.

What are Personal Goals?

People set all kinds of goals in life; someone you know might have some serious fitness goals, while someone else might have business goals or social goals.

Personal goals are set to grow and mature as a person, develop new skills to be successful professionally, and practice compassion and gentleness to have a fulfilling family life.

Goal setting is a process that not only helps us to get better results but also to feel motivated and take responsibility for our actions.

It makes us accountable for our own mistakes and failures instead of putting the burden on society, culture, or the people that surround us.

Personal goals revolve around;

  • Self-development

  • Professional success

  • Family life

  • Life as a whole


    How to Set Personal Goals

    Setting personal goals involves finding answers to some key questions, such as;


    • What do I want out of life?

    • What kind of family life do I imagine?

    • What are my career aspirations?


      Once we have answers to these important questions, we will be able to set personal growth, family, work, and life goals easily. 

Here is a list of 37 personal goal examples that you can start setting right away to take a step forward in your journey of self-development.


Personal Growth Goals

1. Learn more

It’s not difficult to be well-versed in today’s information age with so many resources available.

Develop an interest in seeking knowledge and find the value in learning more. Learning helps us to grow and succeed in life.

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2. Be a great listener

Good listeners generally make great relationships. They are also able to communicate more effectively. Listening exhibits care and trust, others will appreciate the effort.


3. Wake up early

If you want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise, get into the habit of getting up early.  You’ll have more time for yourself and can take advantage of being productive when everyone else is asleep.


4. Let go of the past

Being haunted by the past keeps us from focusing on the present and as a result-  we might miss out on some really great opportunities.

If you are finding it hard to let go, it’s ok to speak with a professional or seek out resources.


5. Be more creative

Creative people are more satisfied in life as their creations bring a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Find your creative outlet and spark your curiosity.


6. Travel whenever you can

Personal growth suffers when we are constantly at the same place surrounded by the same people.

Travel to seek more opportunities in life.

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7. Take care of your health

Keeping fit and healthy must be your number one personal growth goal.  A healthy mind and body lead to a better life.


8. Practice compassion

Compassion brings happiness and a sense of fulfillment in life. Be compassionate when you can, and realize that everyone is going through something.


9. Practice perseverance

If you want to achieve anything important in life, there is no better ingredient than perseverance.

It keeps us going regardless of the circumstances.

Personal Work Goals

10. Focus more on being proactive rather than reactive

Proactive people are not influenced by external conditions and they determine their fate themselves.


11. Learn the art of conflict resolution

Being able to resolve conflicts effectively at work earns you more respect among your colleagues.

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12. Share your knowledge with others

Sharing yourself with others greatly helps in personal growth as it makes you more satisfied and content.


13. Learn how to manage time

Time management is a skill that not only helps in professional life but it also serves to balance work-life relationships.



14. Learn from your experiences

Experience is the best of teachers and the lessons learned through professional experiences make us perform better and be more productive.


15. Get along with others

It is impossible to achieve your work goals by staying isolated from others.

Getting along with your colleagues is an effective way to straighten out your own path to success.


16. Balance work with life

Nobody likes a lazy person but nobody likes a workaholic either.

Learn to be someone in between these two extremes.


17. Learn new skills

Your growth largely depends on learning more skills and that can only be achieved if you set your mind to it.

18. Be grateful for where you are

Never look at your colleagues’ success; instead, be grateful for your own accomplishments.


Personal Family Goals


19. Improve your body language

It’s important to show others how you feel about them through your body language.

Never overlook the significance of this vital medium of communication when it comes to family.


20. Get rid of procrastination

Procrastination or laziness is one of the top nine things that keep us from achieving our goals in life.


21. Make the right decisions at the right time

To grow as a family, it is important to make decisions together at the right time.


22. Let go of your past

Regret haunts us more than anything in life and it greatly affects our family life.

Open up about your past with your partner and let go of it once and for all.


23. Be the volunteer

Always make yourself available for family commitments and step up whenever something is needed.


24. Keep your family above all other relationships

Your family must always matter the most and even if you have to give your time to other commitments, discuss it with your partner first.


25. Share yourself

Before you go out and share yourself with others, start it from your home.


26. Take care of each other’s health

Go on a walk together every day or plan a workout routine to stay fit and healthy.


27. Go on a vacation

Every now and again plan a fun vacation to enjoy quality time with family members.


Personal Life Goals


28. Increase your willpower

Strong willpower helps us in achieving our life goals and it can be increased by creating strong habits.


29. Get rid of stress and its causes

Stress can become a major hindrance to growth as it wears us down and we start procrastinating.


30. Limit your limitations

Never let the limitations in your life hinder your progress.


31. Keep evaluating your life from time to time

Evaluate your successes and failures and reflect on what you have learned from them.


32. Get along with yourself

Your strengths and your flaws are what make you unique; accept them and put them to good use.


33. Acquire knowledge

Read books, watch training programs, and meet new people to learn more and become a better person.


34. Set high standards

To improve your quality of life, it’s imperative to set higher standards.


35. Strive for financial stability

Although money can’t buy happiness, having peace of mind in life that you’re financially stable is a key ingredient of content and satisfaction.


36. Have a trusted circle of friends

Friends are an important part of life and having a small but trusted circle of friends helps us in venting out our problems and getting sincere advice.


37. Keep ties with relatives

We often find no time for distant relatives and as a result, those relationships dissolve with the passage of time.

Don’t let that happen.


Final Notes

Life throws us challenges every now and again.

Each one of us comes across difficult times in life but these events are not meant to break us; in fact, we can actually learn a lot from these challenges and grow spiritually and emotionally into a better human being.

One has to make deliberate and continuous efforts to improve themselves in order to be successful in life. Success is what you choose to define it to be.

The goals discussed in this article are all helpful towards accelerating your personal growth and leading a happy and fulfilled life.

What personal goals will you set today? Share them in the comments below!




14 thoughts on “37 Examples of Personal Goals You Can Start Setting Today

  1. These things are easy to say but Hard to do.. can you help me how to find the job of your choice which will also passionate you daily

  2. Thanks so much for this, I’m definitely going to have to say it for future reference. I always struggle and find myself falling back into old habits when it comes to my goals. This will hopefully be the reminder I need to stop doing that.

  3. This is a great list of goals. I definitely want to start working toward some of the personal work goals you’ve discussed especially trying to find the perfect work-life balance.

    1. Work-life balance is key! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  4. Great example & tips to set our personal goals & realizing we need to be smart & balance to correct our daily routines for our businesses, so I think, we have to be smart & balance, focusing our day-by-day energies, time, efforts & attentions to what matter most to maximize our personal goals without sacrificing great things in our internal-self. Anyway, thanks for compiling those 37 tips…

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it and I’m sure you will be successful in reaching your goals and intentions in life 🙂

  5. So much great advice! Thank you for sharing the post. I like the most your advice about waking up early and I follow it some time. It works!

  6. I’m grateful 💖! Waking up early is key, I’ll start with that and follow up with others. Thank you

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