10 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Someone

In today’s world, showing the people you love how much you care about them is more important than ever.

It’s so important to remind your loved ones how much you care, but almost everyone seems to have different ideas about how to do that.

From spending tons of money on the perfect gift to planning a detailed and romantic show of affection, it can be hard to know exactly what the best way to show someone you care is.

Quality time is one of the best ways to help show your partner you care without having to spend too much money or create elaborate and complex shows of affection.

If you want a simple and sweet way to show the people you care about exactly how much you care, spending quality time with them is absolutely one of the best ways to do this.

Why Quality Time Is Important

Research in the means of attachment and love has identified and discovered five major love languages that couples and friends can use to help bond with others.

Each is a way of expressing and receiving love, and every person has a love language that they prefer above the others.

Quality time is one of the five love languages and is one of the most popular and most preferred types of showing affirmation and affection.

Spending quality time with someone is a way to designate personal care and attention to them, to indicate that you prioritize their friendship and care deeply about them and that you’re interested in spending your time with them without any distractions or interruptions.

10 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Someone

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1. Go on a Weekend Getaway

Designate some weekend time that’s just for you and your loved one.

Whether it’s a besties trip to a resort or spa, a mini honeymoon with your partner to an exotic locale, or even a sibling getaway or retreat up north, spending some one on one time with your loved one in a vacation location can be a great way to simply focus in on your relationship and the person you care about.

2. Host Board Game Nights

Board games are a great way to connect with someone in an old-fashioned, technology free way that really lets you spend time with the other person.

There’s plenty of fun games to choose from, including card games and hundreds of popular board games, and you’ll never run out of fun things to play or fun things to talk about.

3. Cook a Meal Together

At a loss for an inexpensive way to spend time with someone? Cook a meal together!

You can buy basic meal ingredients and help prepare a meal together, working together to prep, cook, and even clean up afterwards.

You’ll get to enjoy the tasty product of your meal and have spent some lovely one on one time with each other afterward.

4. Try New Things

If you have a longer term relationship with someone and want to re-energize your relationship.

Keeping the spark of your friendship or partnership alive can mean going on new things and trying out new ideas in order to create an exciting new experience and memory.

Whatever the activity, you can do something new and create new experiences with your partner.

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5. Work Out Together

Take fitness and friendship seriously through partner workouts that help you spend time with each other and knock out a daily workout as well.

Make ordinarily unpleasant workouts more fun with the support of a friend or partner and strike up a conversation while you work.

You’ll motivate each other and spend some quality time with each other to boot.

spend quality time together

6. Talk About Anything

Quality time doesn’t have to be structured or purposeful in order to be exciting and meaningful.

With the right person, you can talk about anything with them and still have a nice time.

Your dreams, your passions, what you had for lunch; anything and everything is available to talk about and bond over.

7. Read a Book Together

Host your own miniature book club with people you care about and spend time reading and talking about the things you’re reading.

You can bond not over each other’s presence but also over the material you’re sharing, making this a fun bonding and intellectual activity.

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8. Teach Each Other Something

Do you have a skill you could teach someone else?

Does someone in your life have a skill you admire and value?

Find ways to teach each other important skills and life assets and actually spend some important time with yourself and with others as well.

9. Have a Movie Night

Marathoning movies is a great way to spend some quality time with someone in a stress free way.

Pick out a series of movies or a few different options and pretend to review them, watching them with each other to spend some fun and stress-free time with each other. Don’t forget the popcorn!

10. Watch a TV Series Together

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Whether together or apart, watching a TV series together can be a great way to stay in touch remotely.

There is so much technology available that helps you watch television with others from thousands of miles away, so you can still spend quality time with each other even from far away.

Showing Love Through Quality Time

Showing love through quality time is as simple as sitting in a room with someone and lending your presence to them.

Quality time can be both romantic and platonic in nature and can be a great way to show a friend, family member, or significant other exactly how much you care.

With quality time, you can lend support, guidance, care, affection, affirmation, and love to people simply by sharing your presence with them, and that type of visible reminder of your love can play a huge role in strengthening your relationship.

Final Thoughts

Show the people in your life exactly how much you care simply by spending time with them.

Quality time is an easy and powerful way to connect with your loved ones in a simple and straightforward way.

No complicated shows of affection or expensive displays; you can simply spend time with those you love and show them exactly how much you care every day.

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