25 Beautiful Ways to Make Someone Happy

Happiness is a beautiful thing. It makes kids laugh with glee, it leads loved ones to give warm hugs, urges partners to plant gentle kisses, and it makes everyone smile. Don’t you want to share in that joy? Let’s see how you can add to peoples’ happiness today!

Why It’s Important to Make Someone Happy

Everyone wants to feel validated and appreciated. Make someone’s day with kind words and actions, and you’ll see by the smile on their face what it means to make someone happy. Joy and love make the world go ’round, and when people are happy they are more motivated to do good things!

Make someone happy today with one of my twenty-five ways and you will see just what I mean!

25 Ways to Make Someone Happy

#1. Offer to Help a Stranger

You’ve seen it before: The old lady needing help with her groceries, the nice store clerk that helps you reach an item on a tall shelf, or offering a to help a stranger find their way in an unfamiliar city.

Do your part and make someone’s day by lending a helping hand!

#2. Smile

Smiles are contagious. Offer someone a bright smile to make their day just a little more cheerful!

#3. Give a Kind Greeting

Sometimes people just want to be noticed. Give a warm hello or a “How are you doing?” to brighten someone’s day.

#4. Surprise them

Surprise a loved one with a small gift or token of appreciation and warm their heart. Do the dishes for your spouse when they come home after a long day of work. Send a friend or family member a gift of flowers.

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Do something small and unexpected to lift them up and show them you are thinking about them, and they are sure to be happy!

#5. Compliment Someone

Everyone likes to hear a nice compliment. If you see someone next to you in public, take a moment to compliment them. If you’re uncomfortable talking to a stranger, compliment a family member or friend.

They are sure to appreciate it and be happy when they know that you notice the effort they put into their outfit or something they accomplished.

#6. Listen to Their Concerns

Everyone wants to be heard every once in a while. Lend someone an ear when they are concerned, and they will be grateful to have someone to vent to.

Help them feel validated and show that you genuinely listened by giving some positive feedback or reassurance. It will make their day less stressful, and it may even put a smile on their face!

#7. Always Show Gratitude

If someone shows you kindness, always reciprocate by saying thank you. This will make them feel good about what they did, and it may lead them to help others, too

#8. Tell a Joke

Jokes always put a smile on peoples’ faces! Tell a friend a funny joke you heard or bring up a funny memory from the past.

#9. Focus on Praise

Always tell people when they’ve done a job well! They will be happy that you noticed and appreciate their hard work.

#10. Give Hugs Often

Hugs make everyone happy. Just make sure they’re comfortable with it first!

#11. Be Polite

Being polite makes everyone happy. No one likes a rude person! Remember to always say please and thank you, others will feel appreciated for their efforts.

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#12. Maintain Eye Contact

When you maintain eye contact when talking to someone, it shows them that you are truly listening and are interested in what they are saying.

#13. Give Your Close Friends a Call

Let your friends know that you still think about them even when you are apart by giving them a nice phone call every once in a while.

#14. Give to Charity

Charity is a wonderful way to make a lot of people happy who may not have what everyone else has. Show people in need that you care and brighten their day.

#15. Tip Your Waiter

Give a little joy to people that serve you. Always tip your waiter so they feel appreciated when they show you kindness by doing their job.

#16. Pay for the Person Behind You

When you’re in line at a drive-through or grocery store, pay for the person behind you. This will give an unexpected spark of happiness to their day!

#17. Send Real Letters Instead of Emails

Everyone loves an old-fashioned letter. Putting in that extra bit of effort shows that you really care.

#18. Share Your Favorite Playlist

Music makes people happy in a way words fail to. Brighten someone’s day by sharing some favorite tunes!

#19. Do Some Volunteer Work

Volunteering for your local community is a great way to make many people happy, and it will also make you feel more fulfilled in your life to help others.

#20. Apologize Sincerely

When you are wrong about something, take responsibility and apologize for it. It will take a weight off your shoulders and make the affected party much happier in the long-run.

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#21. Say “I Love You” Often

When appropriate, tell a friend or family member that you love them. This will warm their hearts and let them know how much you care about them.

#22. Share Cute Pictures

Everyone likes seeing cute pictures of newborn babies, animals, and more. Share happy moments with others and put a smile on their face!

#23. Call People on Their Birthdays

Sending friends and family “happy birthday” messages will always make them happy! Let them know you remember them on their special day and watch their smiles grow.

#24. Show Compassion When Someone is Sick

Make your friends and family a cup of warm soup when they come down with a cold, or get them a nice get well card. Show a little bit of love to make someone feel better when they are ill.

#25. Share Uplifting Quotes

If you read a nice quote on the internet or in a book that just lifted your spirits, share it with others to give them a small happiness boost too!

I hope this list has given you some great ways to spread cheer. Always think about what makes you happy and share that with others. Now get out there and spread some joy!