11 Powerful Ways to Be Your Best Self

If you picture the best version of yourself, are you looking in a mirror – or looking into the future?

Life brings various stresses and pressures that may limit your ability to be your best self, but it is important not to give up on the person you truly want to be.

While you may feel your best self is an unattainable version of you in the distance, you can take action now that allows you to start living a better version of your own life.

A big change may be easier to achieve than you think.


How to Be Your Best Self

Becoming your best self involves optimizing all areas of your life to encourage growth, limit distractions, and focus on the goals you want to achieve.

It is often a change of mindset, allowing you to promote your own positive thinking and create a new sense of confidence.

Being your best self is not an overnight transformation, but rather, a series of daily actions that can help you live the life you’ve always wanted.

The journey to becoming the best version of you is paved with little steps and better habits that can help lead you to a healthier, happier you.

If you’re ready to live your life to the fullest, consider these top 11 powerful ways to get started:


11 Powerful Ways to Be Your Best Self


1. Set Goals

The first step in transforming into the best version of yourself is considering your aspirations in life.

Picture your optimal future self, and start planning goals that can help you become that person. You can set goals in any area of your life.

For example, your goal may be to save money for a home. You could aspire to lose weight and achieve better physical wellness. Your goal could involve taking that big next step in your career.

By setting goals, you are holding yourself accountable for the actions it takes to become the best you.

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2. Eliminate Distractions

Next, it’s important to ask yourself, “What is holding me back?” Distractions in your life may be limiting you from becoming the person you truly want to be.

Your distractions in life can take many forms; it could be a negative attitude, too much technology, a toxic relationship or a habit of putting others’ needs before your own.

Figure out what is distracting you from living your best life, and find healthy ways to minimize the noise.


3. Leave Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is where you feel most content and calm, but this safety net can also serve as a barrier for your goals.

Chances are, your best self will involve you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. Push yourself to make moves that may scare you a little bit.

This may involve starting a new conversation, asking for a promotion at work or performing your talents in a public setting.

Leaving your comfort zone may require some bravery, but the benefits can be highly rewarding and encouraging.


4. Focus on Healthy Habits

You can’t be the best you if you are not mentally and physically healthy.

Try to incorporate more healthy habits into your day, such as eating a healthy breakfast, going for more walks, or incorporating time in your day to meditate or practice yoga.

Your overall wellness if the foundation for the best version of yourself, and positive daily habits can help nourish your body and mind.


5. Enlist Help

In striving to be your best self, it is important that you become your biggest cheerleader.

However, it can also be encouraging to have support from others. Consider telling your family and close friends about your goals, and ask for their help in achieving them.

Whether you need a few words of encouragement or someone to help you maintain accountability, your loved ones can help lift you up into a better lifestyle.

6. Try Something New

It can be refreshing to try something completely new in your life. If there is a hobby or activity that you find fascinating, give it a try and see how it goes.

Take a painting class at your local community center, try a new hairstyle, or learn to cook your favorite meal.

Trying something new allows you to explore your interests, focus on yourself, and push your limits.

7. Highlight Your Strengths

Make a list of the top ten things you love about yourself, whether it be related to who you are in your family, career, or life in general.

Once you have your list, think of ten ways to highlight these strengths and bring more value to your life.

By playing on your existing strengths, you can help yourself achieve more and boost your confidence.


8. Use Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are universal words of encouragement, like “do your best” and “I am worth it.”

Research positive affirmations and choose a few statements that truly speak to you and your goals. Incorporate these mantras into your daily life by writing them somewhere where you’ll see it every morning or making it a habit to repeat your positive affirmations before bed every night.

You can find a graphic with your positive affirmation and make it your phone background for a reminder throughout the day.

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9. Maintain Realistic Expectations

Keep in mind your best self is not perfect. Even if you achieve all your goals and become the person you truly want to be, you may still experience bumps in the road.

Remember everyone has bad days, everyone experiences setbacks from time to time, and not all news is good news.

Realize your journey to your best self may be studded with hills and valleys – and that’s okay.


10. Celebrate Little Wins

It’s easy to be hard on yourself while you don’t feel like the best you, but it is important to celebrate milestones on the way to your goals.

For example, if you have a goal of passing a college course, consider your first good grade on a test a huge victory.

Encouraging yourself is so important in building confidence and strength, and you deserve to celebrate the little things that may be big steps in your journey.

11. Help Others

Becoming your best self may involve leaving a positive influence on someone else, or your community.

It can be highly rewarding to help others and make a good impact, which can ultimately help you feel more fulfilled in life.

Helping others can mean supporting the people in your life to become the best versions of themselves too, or it can also mean helping someone in need or supporting your favorite charitable cause.


Being the Best Version of Yourself

Being the best version of yourself is an attainable aspiration in life if you take action now, focus on positive daily habits and allow your way of thinking to evolve into a new you.

By being the best version of yourself, you are able to live confidently in the present, rather than letting thoughts of “what if?” haunt your daily thoughts.

By following these 11 powerful ways to be your best self, a positive new you may be just around the corner. Share your comments below!