How to Get Your Life Together (15 Actionable Steps)


Life’s major events and little happenings every day often challenge us emotionally especially the ones that involve negative repercussions.

As a result, we feel as if everything is falling apart and we have simply no control over it.

But the good news is, it is possible to turn your life around even if things look extremely disconsolate.

It is possible to take actionable steps to get your life together if you are willing to try!


What Can I Do to Get my Life Together?

Painful emotions can get a toll on our mental as well as physical health but there are ways to cope with these kinds of emotions.

Remember there are people around you who love and value you as a person and they can help you come out of your difficult time.

You need to let your emotions out in order to feel better and think more clearly.

Once you are able to do that, you can begin getting your life back on track.

From simple steps like deep breathing and meditation to distract yourself from your continuous train of thoughts, these things are not difficult to practice.

Let’s get back on track and try these 15 actionable steps to get your life together:


15 Actionable Steps To Get Your Life Together

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1. Talk about your feelings to someone.

Find someone with whom you can connect heart to heart and let your emotions out.

Talking about it will definitely ease the burden and this is where you can try to start off.


2. Remove toxic people from your life.

Have you ever observed it is the toxic people in life that often become the hurdle between you and your accomplishments?

Cut them out and if you can’t remove them from your life, choose to simply stop listening to them and not take their negativity to heart.


3. Stop procrastinating.

Procrastination can actually damper your life and make you feel worse about yourself when you don’t accomplish something.

When something needs to be done, try your best to set a schedule, organize it, and get it done.


4. Get organized.

One of the ways to get your thoughts straight is to organize your life.

If everything continues to be a mess around you, you will never get a chance to think clearly. Try to declutter your physical and mental space.

(To free up more mental space, try HEADSPACE  my go-to meditation app. You can get 7 days free HERE.) 

5. Value the time you have.

Stop wasting your time and start doing something productive; use your time intentionally.

Prepare yourself a meal, go for a walk, meet up with an old friend or read a book. This will boost your mood and allow you to feel good about yourself.


6. Set goals in life.

Even if it means really short-term goals as to what you will be doing tomorrow, have some aims in life to look forward to. Goals come in all different shapes and sizes, and even accomplishing some of them will give you something to look forward to.

(I love using the app BLINKLIST to find new goals through books and reading.) 


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7. Learn to take responsibility.

Stop blaming others for the situation you’re currently facing.

It may have been your own mistake that put you here. And that’s ok, we all make mistakes.

Think about your misfortune from an outsider’s perspective, get a perspective of your own situation, and see where you could have gone wrong.

8. Be honest with yourself.

There is no need to keep living around what keeps you from enjoying the real things in life.

Be honest with yourself about what brings a smile to your face and what makes you uneasy.


9. Seek help from a counselor.

Reaching out to others for solutions is a very healthy thing to do especially when your life seems to be drifting off in a direction you aren’t comfortable with.

It could be anyone, from a close friend or family member to a professional.


10. Take care of your health.

There is simply no need to skip meals or start binge eating when you’re feeling down. Always take care of your physical health no matter what the situation. You can learn how through research, videos, and information on the web.

If you’re eating the right foods, getting plenty of rest, and working out -you are more capable of dealing with unhealthy emotions because physical wellness leads to mental wellness.


11. Get adequate rest.

Some people would start keeping themselves unnecessarily busy to get out of that unpleasant phase of life.

Not getting enough sleep is certainly not the way to go about it.

You need to give your mind adequate rest to start thinking clearly about what needs to be your next steps in life.


12. Get into a routine.

A healthy routine keeps your mind busy and fresh. It’s a good idea to get yourself into a regular routine so that there is simply no time left for overthinking or unwanted stress.


13. Celebrate your accomplishments.

You can choose to share your accomplishments with others and you certainly can celebrate them yourself as well.

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Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back whenever you achieve something.


14. Stop pleasing everyone.

No matter how hard you try, some people may never be happy with everything that you do.

Don’t take it too personally, learn how to set boundaries, and keep doing what needs to be done.


15. Stop overspending to avoid financial troubles.

The last thing you want is financial trouble amidst all the things life throws at you.

Make sure you have a secure financial future to curtail your worries.

(To get a better grip on your financial situation, I recommend signing up for a free account at

CREDIT KARMA, where you can monitor your credit and get recommendations.)


Getting Back on Track

Fear of the unknown often holds us back from getting back on track and start enjoying the little things in life.If you want to pull yourself together after a bad experience, you can work towards overcoming all your fears.

Sometimes it is not possible to get rid of all those fears completely and in such a situation you can learn to live with those fears and keep moving on regardless.

Bouncing back when life seems to be falling apart is not impossible.

All you have to do is start practicing some healthy habits that would help you get back on track so that you can start enjoying your life once again.

Everyone experiences hard times at some point in their life.

The important thing is to pull yourself together instead of letting those negative emotions eat at you from the inside. It’s true that time heals even the most stubborn of wounds but there is no need to wait that long.

You deserve to live happily like everyone else and you are the only one who can get your life together again.

Simply go through the actionable steps discussed in this post and start feeling a difference in your life when you practice them. Share your thoughts in the comments below: