12 Ways To Overcome Your Fear of the Unknown

We all have some fears or phobias. Some people are afraid of closed spaces or heights and some dread crowded areas. Fear of the unknown, or xenophobia, is characterized by an inner threat that something bad is about to happen.

It comes in many forms and is normal when we live in a society or world that is constantly changing. People who feel stressed out and don’t take any measures to control that stress often become a victim of xenophobia.

There are many ways to deal with this kind of fear including simple techniques like breathing and relaxing, or doing things that distract your mind from the thought train that leads to one fear after another.

Let’s find out more about this disorder and how to overcome it to live a peaceful and fearless life.

Why Do People Fear the Unknown?

Fearing the unknown is natural. You might be fearful of your past or something that is about to happen in the future. We fear that we may lose a loved one, have an accident, lose our job, and so on.

It’s true that negative events do happen in everyone’s life but one must be prepared to deal with those events with an open mind.

People fear the unknown because they are not sure of their abilities to deal with the challenges of life. They constantly remain in this state and keep thinking that they will fail if something bad happened to them.

Most people who are otherwise normal fear economic uncertainty in their life. It has been estimated that about more than a third of Americans are fearful of unforeseen expenses that may leave them penniless. Some people are fearful of change or loss of freedom.

Others keep thinking about getting hurt or being judged. These are all related to fear of the unknown; things we can’t control.

How Do I Overcome My Fear of the Unknown?

The best way to deal with your inner fears is to control your stress. The more stressed you are, the more uneasy you will get about what is going to happen in the future.

When you are mentally relaxed, you are able to assess your situation and devise a solution to get out of trouble accordingly.

Being proactive also helps to overcome your fears related to the uncertainty in life.

Some people are better able to cope with the challenges life throws at them but that doesn’t mean you should start blaming yourself for your faults.

Thinking more about your successes rather than focusing on your failures is another way to deal with fear of the unknown.

Let’s dive a little deeper to discover you can face these fears, and overcome them.

12 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of the Unknown

1. Trust Yourself

The best way to feel in control of your life is to trust your own abilities. If you are not sure if you will be able to cope with a certain situation, those uncertainties will keep haunting you.

Instead of worrying about a possible outcome, try to focus on the controllable factors and you WILL surprise yourself.

2. Be Proactive

Being prepared for the worst will help you deal with bad or negative situations in a more controlled manner than affecting your whole life.

Being proactive also involves planning ahead especially where money is concerned. Start saving money to have peace of mind regarding the unexpected expenses.

3. Develop New Skills

To have more confidence in your abilities, you must always try to improve yourself either by learning new skills or setting some personal development goals in life.

You may use coaching or professional guidance to set short term and long term goals and start working hard to achieve those goals.

4. Engage in Self Care

Getting enough sleep and taking care of your health in general helps you to control stress and relax. You must find time for yourself and do something that makes you happy.

5. Count Your Blessings

Focusing on your past successes and other blessings in your life helps with controlling your inner fears.

It also makes you more self-assured and ready to embark on just about anything.

6. Seek Help

It’s absolutely normal to feel as if you need some professional guidance or counseling at some point in your life.

In fact, it is recommended to ask for help when you are unable to deal with uncertainties or fear of the unknown.

7. Learn to Accept Failure

For some people, failure is simply not an option. However, it’s our failures in life that make you try harder and learn new skills and achieve our goals.

If you don’t learn to accept failure, you will always remain in a state of uncertainty.

8. Keep Track of the Small Things

It is the small things in life that bring a smile to our face. Learn to enjoy those moments by keeping track of them.

Spend time with family and loved ones and especially those who need you.

9. Embrace Change

The only thing that is permanent in our life is change. Our life constantly evolves and the best way to deal with change is to accept it.

If you dread change, you will not be able to adjust and hence keep fearing the future.

10. Seek Social Support

Most people who constantly fear the unknown are the ones who suffer from social anxiety.

If you don’t have social support, you will not be able to overcome many of your fears related to society.

11. Imagination is Key

Creating images or scenes in your mind about an upcoming event can influence your emotional response before the situation even takes place. If you imagine a certain outcome, it makes you feel as if it has already happened and THIS is what determines your emotional state.

12. Your Personal Power

Many people are wary of those who seem to be self-assured. If you exude a calm, confident vibe then others will see you as powerful regardless of your actual power in the given situation.

Final Notes 

Life, in general, is uncertain and unpredictable. But that doesn’t mean we should ruin our present by not enjoying the small things and keep fearing the unknown that is about to happen.

Many times, things don’t go according to our plans.

As a result of which some people start fearing the unknown or fostering all sorts of uncertainties about the future.

Bad experiences of the past, death, or loss of a loved one, lifestyle changes like going from high to low, and social anxiety are some of the causes that make us fear the unknown.

It’s normal to feel a little apprehensive about the future as nobody known what is about to happen, but fearing that it will break us completely is something that we can control.

Follow the tips discussed in this article to overcome all your inner fears and start enjoying the little things in life that make you happy.


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