101 Simple Pleasures in Life

As time goes on, we slowly begin to realize that it’s the little things in life that give us the most joy.

These simple pleasures come in all different shapes and sizes, from getting a good night’s rest to laughing with your best friend.

It feels really good to recognize these moments as they are happening and really take them in.

These moments create memories that you can carry around with you for a lifetime.

But instead, we find ourselves focusing on what we lack, what we are missing in life. But where does that get us? Towards feelings of disappointment and discontent.

By embracing the small things that bring us joy, we can lean more towards being content and happy.

Let’s take some time to reflect today with examples of 101 Simple Pleasures in life:

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simple pleasures


101 Simple Pleasures


  1. The sun shining through your window in the morning 

    There’s something to be said about waking up feeling refreshed when the sun is shining through your window


  2. Your first sip of coffee 

    There’s nothing like that warm sip of coffee to start your day.


  3. A good nights rest 

    Sleep is so crucial in a fast-paced world and we never realize how crucial it is until we have a good nights rest.


  4. A memory that makes you smile

    You never realize how much we should hold on to a memory, until that’s all we have left.


  5. Sleeping in on your day off 

    Work can be extremely exhausting and it feels incredibly good to not have to wake up early on your day off.


  6. Having time to prepare a good breakfast 

    As soon as we wake up, not everyone has the time to prepare breakfast. So it feels really good when you do have the time to invest in a wholesome and healthy breakfast.


  7. The smell of fresh coffee brewing 

    Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, there’s no denying the fact that coffee smells good.


  8. Taking a hot shower in winter

    It’s incredibly therapeutic to shower in hot water, especially at the end of a stressful day or even in winter.


  9. Lighting your favorite candle 

    Candles can be extremely therapeutic, especially when you choose to unwind at night.


    We personally love candles from Rise & Fall .

    simple pleasures in life

  10. A fresh glass of orange juice 

    There’s something so refreshing about a glass of orange juice, especially in the morning.


  11. The splash of water on your face to wake you up.

     Water one of the things people go for when they wake up in the morning to boost their energy and wake them up.


  12. The smell of fresh laundry 

    Clothes are a necessity and there’s no better comfort than the smell of clean clothes.


  13. The greeting from your dog when you arrive home after a long day 

    Dogs are known to be our best friends and companion, and there’s nothing like being with your dog again after work.


  14. Drinking a large glass of water 

    Hydrating yourself is one of the essential self-care tips you need to take care of yourself better.


  15. The smell of your favorite perfume 

    A pleasant fragrance is so underrated but it has the ability to bring you calmness and peace.


  16. A nice morning run 

    It may be difficult to get out of bed, but a morning run makes you feel good about yourself.


  17. The sound of beach waves 

    Ah, how the sound of beach waves can make you feel calm and forget all your existing problems.


  18. Sleeping in fresh sheets

    There’s nothing more relaxing than sleeping with newly changed bed and pillow sheets.

    Our favorite bedding and pillow sheets come from FELLS ANDES

  19. Making someone else smile

    In a world where kindness is rare, it feels good to make someone else smile.


  20. Laughing with your partner 

    There’s no better feeling than laughing with the person you’re in love with.


  21. Reading a funny meme

    The world is too difficult to be serious all the time so make yourself laugh with a funny meme.


  22. Reading a motivational quote 

    It’s incredibly easy to lose hope and motivational quotes are there to lift your spirit back up.


  23. Practicing meditation 

    As a practice that helps you gain control and peace, meditation.


  24. Writing down things you are grateful for

    When everything is going wrong, writing down things you’re grateful for helps you become content.


  25. Saying positive affirmations aloud 

    Affirmations help you gain encouragement and positivity to keep you going for the day.


  26. Catching up with an old friend

    It feels so good to catch up with old friends, especially when it’s easy to lose sight of what matters.


  27. Washing your hair in the morning 

    Take a moment to soak your hair with water and shampoo, leaving you feeling refreshed. I love these shampoo bars because they last awhile!


  28. Feeling a nice breeze on a hot day 

    There’s nothing like a nice cool breeze to cool you off on a hot day.


  29. Spending some time in the park 

    Nature is one of the simple things we fail to appreciate in our everyday life, and there’s no better way to do that than spending time in the park.


  30. Going for a walk with a friend 

    Talking about all kinds of things with a friend is the best feeling in the world, and on a walk, you can take the opportunity to connect.


  31. A wind-down glass of wine in the evening 

    Whether it’s after work or on weekends, there’s something relaxing about winding down with wine.


  32. Setting intentions for the day 

    It gives you the right mindset when you set intentions to have for the day.

    simple pleasures of life

  33. Achieving a goal 

    Even when success is hard to achieve, it feels remarkable to accomplish a certain goal.


  34. Reading a good book

    There’s something so satisfying about getting lost in a good book.


  35. Eating your favorite meal 

    Never pass up the opportunity to indulge in eating your favorite meal.


  36. Making a bucket list of things to do 

    There’s something about seeing your dreams written down and in one place.


  37. Creating a new project 

    It’s satisfying to create a new project and actually go through with that project.


  38. Dancing in your mirror

    When you let loose and just dance to your favorite song, it feels extremely good.


  39. Baking your favorite cookies 

    You don’t always have to count all the calories in everything you’re putting in your mouth. Bake your favorite batch of cookies and indulge!


  40. Listening to an inspirational podcast 

    Inspiration is the key that drives us forward and the same goes for an inspirational podcast.


  41. Listening to your favorite song 

    Your favorite song represents your emotions and what your thoughts are, which makes it feel so good.


  42. Writing down your thoughts 

    There’s something so calming about writing down your thoughts, no matter how irrational your thoughts are.


  43. Having a moment to yourself 

    Your alone time should never be taken for granted as this is your chance to be your true self.


  44. A fresh shower after exercising 

    After being hot and sweaty from working out, a fresh shower feels so good.


  45. Donating items to those in need

    When you give to those more in need, it feels like you’re giving back to the community.


  46. Volunteering in your local community 

    There’s something to be said about using your free time for the benefit of the greater good.


  47. Watching the sunset 

    There’s nothing like taking in a beautiful sunset at the end of the day,


  48. Journaling 

    Journaling allows us to write down our thoughts, activities, and dreams that we desire. It’s a great mental wellness practice.


  49. Trying a new restaurant 

    It’s always a good feeling to try something new, maybe you will first your new favorite place to go!


  50. Trying a new food that you like 

    We tend to stick to what we know and like, but we may never know what we are missing out on!


  51. Cooking a new recipe 


  52. Practicing your favorite hobby 


  53. Spending quality time with your loved ones 


  54. Receiving an unexpected gift from someone 


  55. Learning a new language 


  56. Cuddling with your loved one 


  57. Receiving a compliment from someone 


  58. A text from a friend 


  59. A new idea 


  60. Feeling hopeful for the future


  61. Learning something new 


  62. Making a vision board


  63. Planning your next getaway 


  64. Having a date night 


  65. Drinking a hot cup of tea


  66. Taking a relaxing bath 


  67. Decluttering your items


  68. Having an inspiring conversation


  69. Going to your favorite place 


  70. Hugging someone you love 


  71. Doing something nice for others


  72. Doing something nice for yourself


  73. Connecting with nature 


  74. Drinking a refreshing smoothie 


  75. Eating mindfully 


  76. Celebrating a friend 


  77. Completing a project 


  78. Taking a deep breath 


  79. Feeling grateful in the moment 


  80. Having a good stretch 


  81. Laughing at yourself 


  82. Making light of a situation 


  83. Driving in your car with the music on


  84. Sleeping with the windows open


  85. Putting on your sweatpants after a long day 


  86. The love and kindness of others 


  87. Being able to give and receive love 


  88. Comfortable pajamas


  89. Valuable friendships 


  90. A good playlist to brighten your mood 


  91. A healthy body 


  92. The support of a loved one 


  93. Traveling to a new place 


  94. The comfort of your own home 


  95. Letting your imagination run 


  96. The laughter of your children 


  97. Unexpected surprises


  98. Finding something you’ve lost 


  99. Tears of happiness 


  100. Drinking clean water 


  101. Maintaining a family tradition 

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By embracing the simple pleasures in life we can fully accept joy and happiness on a daily basis. What are some simple pleasures you can embrace? Share in the comments below!

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