Choosing Yourself : 10 Reasons Why It’s Important

Unfortunately, we aren’t born on this earth with a guide to life. That would be too easy, right? We have to learn the purpose for our life through our experiences, bad and good.

The one thing people always mistake is living their life in the image of what others think we should be.

We tend to live for others and take care of them, especially if you have a family. You spend so much time taking care of everyone else that you forget to take care of yourself.

So take a deep breath and say today… I choose myself.


What Does Choosing Yourself Mean?

This is a question that many people have. Here are a few examples:

Choosing yourself means living your life for no one, but you.

You are moving at the beat of your own drum. You are accepting the life that you have and you’re determined to make the most of it.

Choosing yourself means you are deciding to maintain positive vibes around you and not allowing negativity in it.

Choosing yourself means to set standards in your life

You don’t deviate from them no matter who you have to cut out of your life to maintain it.

This includes your happiness, peace and sanity.

The great thing is that you know yourself better than anyone else. This means that you have to look at yourself in the mirror and say… I choose me.

You have to make the conscious decision to always love yourself above everyone else. You can always trust and depend on yourself.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t trust or depend on other people, it just means that when you choose yourself you won’t be disappointed.


Is it Selfish to Choose Yourself?

Some people would say yes, but it might be because they don’t understand the true concept of loving yourself.

When you make the decision to start choosing yourself than you are ultimately saying…

I love myself enough to let go of anything that could cause me stress and ultimately heartache.

This is the most important thing you can do to maintain a balance in your mental and emotional state.

Don’t allow someone else’s judgement to make you feel like you’re being selfish.

Why is it alright for you to sacrifice your health and happiness for others, but not to bring balance and peace back into it?

When you choose yourself you’re not disrespecting others, you’re not saying that you don’t care about them, or that you put yourself first before everyone else.

What it does mean is that you no longer want to feel like you’re stuck. Is this selfish?

No, of course not …it’s you wanting something better for yourself so that you can be better for others.


10 Reasons Why It’s Important to Choose Yourself


1. You know yourself better than anyone else.

This means that you know what you will and will not settle for. This means you will not allow the opinions of others dictate the moves you make in life.

You know what you like, dislike, love, hate, want to do with your life, and the goals you want to accomplish.

When you’re choosing yourself in the end it’s your decision and you have to live with it.


2. You find out that not everyone deserves to be in your life.

You have to learn that everyone has a season in your life. Sometimes they’re in it for a lifetime and sometimes for a brief moment, but when you choose yourself it’s easier to see who belongs where.

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Accept that some people who walk out of your life didn’t deserve you in it to begin with. Choosing yourself mean never settling and knowing your worth.


3. Remember you are your biggest fan.

The one thing that you need to remember is that not everyone will like you and there will always be someone looking for you to fail.

Even when something spectacular happens to you they will never give you praise for it.

Don’t always look to someone else to bring you happiness or lift your spirits. Learn to motivate yourself, which goes hand in hand with loving yourself.


4. Be in control of your own life

Choosing yourself means you are controlling your own life. Don’t be influenced by others and their opinions.

Remember that it’s your life and you can live it to its full potential.


5. You are in control of your happiness.

The saying goes misery loves company, well so does happiness. So surround yourself with people who feed your happiness, not take away from it.

If they don’t bring positive vibes around you than don’t include them in your life.

You should do the things that you love and enjoy. Whatever makes you happy… that’s what you focus on.

Just enjoy life the way you want to.


6. You can depend on yourself for anything and everything.

The one mistake you can make in your life is to depend on others for your happiness. You can have all the support in the world, but the end of the day you must depend on yourself.

No one can make the decisions for you. Let others support you and your decisions… but not drive your decisions.


7. You can do anything you put your mind to.

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When you choose yourself than you choose to do and be whoever you inspire to be.

Pushing yourself to see what your limitations are helps you to improve and become better than you ever could have imagined.

Motivate yourself to go further and you will not be disappointed.


8. You will never give up on yourself.

When you choose yourself than you don’t have to worry about someone not believing in you. You are the one person that is constant in your life.

Whether you have family and friends, or you’re all alone, the one person who will not let you down is yourself.


9. Know your worth.

You have to understand that you are more than any materialistic thing you own. You’re worth more than money and you never have to settle for anything less.

You must try and be the best person you can be and all the good things will follow. When you choose yourself and know your worth you’ll always expect the best.


10. Take pride in yourself.

You must always love the skin that you’re in. If you’re not comfortable and happy with you how can you ever expect someone else to be?

Never apologize for being who you are. You must choose yourself to be happy and at peace.


When you choose yourself it doesn’t mean putting people last, it just means you are putting yourself first.

It means you are taking care of yourself to help others.

What good would you be to someone if you didn’t know how to take care of you?

This is time to take priority in your own life. Learn the things that make you happy and sad.

When you take care of yourself and love yourself you open up a world of happiness for yourself and others. So go ahead look into the mirror and say today… I choose me.



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