How to Wake Up Early: 15 Tips for Beginners

If you aren’t a morning person, waking up early can certainly be difficult. It always feels so nice to hit that snooze button and to snuggle under the warmth of your covers to drift off to sleep for a bit longer. But, the early bird does get the worm!

So, read on for the best tips on how to wake up early for beginners.

The Benefits of Waking Up Early

There are actually quite a few benefits from waking up early. Here are some of the rewards you can reap from an earlier start time:

  • You Are Up Before Other People: This means less traffic, crowds, and overall less stress.

  • Better Concentration and Motivation: Studies show that those who wake up early tend to have better concentration ability and higher motivation.

  • More Time to Workout: Waking up early allows you to jump-start your day with a workout and get on a consistent fitness schedule.

  • More Quality Sleep: Getting on a consistent sleep schedule with an early wake time allows for better quality sleep; so hellooo beauty sleep!

  • Get Tasks Done Early: Waking up early usually means you accomplish things earlier in the day, which leaves more time for you later in the day to do whatever you love.

How to Wake Up Early and Not Feel Tired

As you will see in some of the tips that are listed below, there are definitely ways that you can wake up early and not feel tired.

Assuring that you are getting quality, deep sleep, and enough of it will allow you to wake up feeling rested and recharged.

Gradually adjusting to this early wake up time is also going to be key. Creating a nighttime and morning routine for yourself will keep you prepared and organized.

Also, incorporating a variety of healthy, nutrient-dense foods for when you wake up will kick the tired right out of you!

Find these tips and more on how to wake up early (and not feel tired!) below. Some of these tips may surprise you.

15 Tips on How to Wake Up Early

1. Get At Least 7-9 Hours of Sleep

This is the optimal amount of sleep for most adults. Some function on less or more. Sleep is essential for recovery and repair.

It helps our bodies heal from the stress of the previous day.

2. Wake Up at the Same Time Each Day

Pick a time to wake up to and stick to it. Our bodies adapt relatively quickly, in a week or two. Wake up at the same exact time daily, including weekends.

3. Set Your Alarm Clock Far From Your Bed

When you set your alarm, set it across the room or even outside of it. This way, when it goes off, this forces you to spring from your bed to go shut it off.

4. Limit Your Screen Time

With apps and settings in our phones to now analyze and limit how much screen time we have, this is easier then ever.

Pick a time an hour or two before bed to stop using your phone and TV. This is your time to start winding down.

5. Prepare the Night Before

It’s good to prepare everything that you need for the next morning, the night before. Set out your clothes for the day, set up your coffee maker, prepare your lunch, etc.

All of these things will make your mornings go a lot more smoothly and stress-free.

6. Use a Blue Light Blocker

Going along with the limiting of screen-time, finding a good blue-light blocker can make all the difference on your eyes, and sleep quality.

Most devices have built in blockers you can set at any time. There are also a variety of free and paid apps. You may even consider getting blue-light blocking glasses for all-day use.

7. Do Something That Will Excite You as Soon as You Wake Up

What exactly are you waking up early for? Be sure to do something that will excite you.

Whether that be go to the gym for a killer workout or brew a cup of your favorite coffee and sit down to get a few chapters of your favorite book read.

8. Don’t Drink Caffeine After 3 PM

Although you may be finding yourself drinking a lot of coffee in the early morning hours, try to cut off caffeine consumption at 3 PM or earlier.

Drinking caffeine later in the day will leave you wired, and will make you struggle with falling asleep.

9. Use a Sleep App

Consider downloading a sleep app like Sleep Cycle that analyzes your sleep cycle while you sleep and will wake you up at the most optimum time depending on your alarm.

This allows you to analyze your sleep habits and see what changes are helping get you better sleep.

10. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Be sure to eat a nutritious breakfast first thing in the morning. Your body has been fasting for the past 7 + hours and needs fuel! Consume lots of protein, fruits, and veggies. Be sure to drink at least 8 oz. of water upon waking as well!

11. Shower First Thing in the Morning

Hop in the shower and feel refreshed with a morning shower. The warm water helps to wake you up and leaves you feeling fresh and alert for the day.

12. Find an Accountability Partner

You don’t have to wake up early alone. See if your partner or a friend would want to also start waking up early with you.

You can message each-other in the morning to make sure that you are both up, share insight on your progress, and maybe even hit the gym or take a walk together in the mornings.

13. Have a Nightly Wind-Down Routine

An hour or two before bed you should have a routine that signals to your body that you are ready for sleep. It can be as simple as brushing and flossing your teeth.

You can spice it up with a bath or reading a chapter out of your current book.

14. Consider Natural Supplementation to Help With Sleep Quality

Natural supplements like melatonin safely help you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Be sure to read all directions and check with your doctor if it’s okay for you to use.

15. Pick a Wake-Up Time To Gradually Move Up To

When you decide on your wake time, let’s say 6:00 AM, gradually move up to that time instead of going cold turkey.

If you wake up at 7:00 AM now, move back your wake-up time 15 minutes everyday until you reach 6:00 AM. This will make waking up earlier feel a lot easier.

So, when it comes to waking up early, taking a look at your current habits and making small adjustments will make all the difference in your experience.

Making healthier choices and habits will certainly make waking up earlier an enjoyable and productive experience!

Have you tried any of these tips before? Which ones are you most excited to try? Share in the comments below:

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