7 Successful Ways to Limit Screen Time

It’s no secret that we’ve become ABSOLUTELY addicted to technology and our phones.

Everywhere you look people are constantly glued to their screens, reading the news, checking social media, or staying up-to-date on the latest trends.

Technology isn’t seen as necessarily a bad thing; in fact – it serves us well in many ways.

But spending TOO MUCH time staring at our screens can cause sleep problems, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches.

Not only that, but we often find ourselves distracted from the important things happening around us.

Is it time to consider if we should begin to limit our screen time?

How to Limit Screen Time

There are several different ways you can try to limit screen time, but in reality, it’s all dependent on your goals and the reason behind the act.

Take a moment to consider some of the reasons why you feel that limiting screen time is necessary.

For example, is it taking time away from your family and friends? Is it preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep?

Let’s dive in and explore 7 Ways you can begin limiting screen time for good:

7 Ways to Limit Screen Time

  1. Delete Social Media Accounts

    It’s so easy to become distracted by social media, isn’t it?

    We even get to the point of obsession as we are constantly checking our news feeds, scrolling through photos, and following the lives of others.

    We can spend hours staring at our screens, without even realizing how much time has passed.

    Or we can begin to start deleting our social media accounts to limit screen time.

    For example, let’s say on your phone you have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    How much time do you spend on these apps per day?

    What purpose do they serve you?

    Do you use them to connect with friends and family or do they solely serve as a form of entertainment?

    There’s no right or wrong answer here.

    Try deleting one or two of your social media apps and see how you feel after a week.

    Then decide if you really want to download it again.

    You don’t have to leave the platform completely, simply delete the app from your phone to avoid being distracted by it.

  2. Download Time Restriction Apps

    If deleting your social media apps seems too extreme, you can actually do just the opposite and download an app.

    But not just any app that is going to distract you even more, but an app to limit screen time.

    There are plenty out there, apps like Breakfree and Freedom let you disable the internet, limit your time on social media, and more.

  3. Keep Your Devices Out of the Bedroom

    How many times do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling online right before bed? Or checking your emails first thing in the mornings?

    Create a rule to keep your digital devices out of the bedroom.

    Instead, try placing a book right next to your bed for reading or a notebook for journaling.

    Think of your bedroom as a sanctuary, a place for rest and relaxation.

  4. Take Mini- Screen Breaks at Work

    In the workplace, it may seem near impossible to escape from our computer screens- but there are ways in which you can intentionally try to prevent yourself from staring at the screen all day.

    Here’s how: Take 5 minute Mini Breaks

    Try going to the break room for a coffee or tea, a brisk walk around the building, or simply take a minute to stretch.

    Instead of sending your co-worker a question in an email, try walking to their desk and asking in person.

    These short mini-breaks throughout the day can lessen the chance of headaches and dry eyes, which are usually the result of endless screentime.

  5. Discover a New Book

    Now I don’t know about you, but the sheer act of holding a book in my hands feels so much better than staring into the screen of my kindle.

    Try going to your local library or used book store and picking up a book to distract you from your digital devices.

    Immerse yourself in a story or character and limit the screentime effortlessly.

  6. Take a Social Media Break

    I know I keep going back to social media, but that’s only because I feel like it’s one of our biggest distractions in society today and the biggest contributor to the time we spend glued to our screens.

    As I mentioned in tip #1, perhaps deleting your social media accounts doesn’t seem like the best option for you.

    That’s ok, you can try taking a Social Media Break instead.

    A social media break is simply taking time away from social media, for a period of time.

    I wrote all about how you can take a break from social media here.

  7. Immerse Yourself in the Present

    I know, I know. Easier said than done.

    But I believe this could be a successful attribute to consider when deciding to limit screen time.

    How can we learn to immerse ourselves in the present and how does this help?

    By saying no to mindless scrolling, online entertainment, and multiple digital distractions, we can begin to really shift our focus onto ourselves and what matters instead of the lives of others online.

    Which way are you going to start limiting your screen time? What benefits could it serve you in your life? Share in the comments below!

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