7 Reasons to Take a Day of Rest

When people define their lives nowadays, they often describe themselves as being busy and that there is SO MUCH to do in so little time.

We get caught up in work, society, families, and even social media.

With our world’s constantly spinning round and round in circles, should we start thinking that perhaps we should slow down and take a day of rest?

Why is a Day of Rest Important?

A day is rest is wonderful for the mind, body, and soul.

It helps you to prepare for the week ahead and can ease feeling of stress or anxiety.

You can choose whichever day works best for you- perhaps you work on the weekends so your day of rest can be any given Monday.

Or perhaps on Saturdays, you are busy running around with the kids so Sundays can be reserved for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Whichever day you choose, let’s explore 7 reasons why a day of rest is important:

7 Reasons to Take a Day of Rest

  1. It improves your mental health

    It’s no secret that we tend to suffer from burn-out from time to time.

    This can really take a toll on our mental health and cause severe stress.

    Taking a day of rest allows you to take a much needed mental break from life’s daily stresses and demands.

    It gives you an excuse to declutter your mind. You can take some time to refocus and practice some self -care.

  2. It allows you to refocus

    Distractions take up alot of our mental space, to the point where we lose focus of the important things and forget about what really matters.

    By taking a day of rest, you can try to refocus on the simple things that make your life significant and gives it meaning.

    On my day of rest, I like to take some time to refocus on catching up with loved ones that live far away and reconnect.

    Perhaps take a moment to consider what you want to refocus on and apply that to your day of rest.

  3. You can enjoy some downtime

    Downtime can be a gift you can take full advantage of.

    You can focus on productive activities or disconnect by catching up with your favorite Netflix series.

    Downtime should be treasured and used however you’d like.

  4. You can catch up on self care

    Self Care is important for our physical, emotional, and personal wellbeing. We could all use some self care from time to time.

    By taking a day of rest, you are already rewarding yourself with a bit of self-care.

    Take it one step further and catch up on sleep, practice journaling, take a yoga class, spending some time alone, and honor your true self.

  5. You can be productive

    Do you have a must-read book that you’ve been putting off for awhile?

    A decluttering project you just haven’t gotten around to yet?

    Take this day to be productive, putting your focus on important things that contribute to your self-care.

    Tackling tasks that we can never seem to find time to conquer will leave you feeling motivated and accomplished.

  6. It sparks motivation

    What is your personal strategy that keeps you motivated?

    Perhaps you need that extra push to get you through the week.

    A day of rest can attribute to sparking your motivation by recharging your energy and creativity.

  7. It improves overall well-being

    Given the examples above such as refocus, motivation, and self-care you can see how they can all contribute to your overall well-being.

    Taking a day of rest to immerse yourself in these things will leave you feeling more positive and healthy- as well as ready to tackle what’s ahead.

Which of these reasons has inspired you to take a day of rest? Share in the comments below:

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