11 Ways to Practice Radical Self Love

While nobody finds loving themselves easy and natural, radical self-love is an essential part of life. If you don’t love yourself to an extent, this will immensely affect various factors in your life. Self-love affects everything in our lives, from relationships, career, families, all the way to our personal lives.

If we don’t have enough self-love, we’ll always feel as if something is missing in our lives – as if there’s a void that can never be filled.

What is Radical Self Love?

Radical self-love is being in a state where you believe yourself to be more than enough. You know that you’re worthy and enough, no matter what flaws and shortcomings you have as an individual. When you have radical self-love, you have everything you need within.

Gone are the days where you have to chase for a love to fill the void in your soul, left by the feeling of worthlessness and inadequacy. When you love yourself, you know exactly who you are and who you’re not. This gives you the confidence to face whatever battles that life throws in your face, no matter how difficult they may seem.

Radical self-love makes you into someone happy, content, and beautiful inside out. Individuals who love themselves completely naturally become the light to other people’s lives since because of their wholeness, they’re able to give that self-love to others as well.

11 Ways to Practice Radical Self Love

1. Be a better friend to yourself

They say that you should treat yourself and talk to yourself the way you would do a friend. If you’re harsh to yourself but kind to others, think about why that is.

Look at yourself as a friend and practice kindness and compassion to yourself. There’s no reason why you should be so harsh when you wouldn’t do the same to others.

2. Accept your softness

Unfortunately, we live in a world that convinces you to harden your heart. Realize that your heart is the best thing about you and turn this realization inward. It’s time to give yourself the love and compassion you’ve always deserved.

3. Listening to yourself than others

Boundaries are so important and you shouldn’t let others constantly validate your self-worth.

The only person who can do that is you and until you realize that, you’ll always be letting others walk over you. Radical self-love comes from within, not others.

4. Love every part of you

It’s frustrating to love every part of you, especially your body, but this is necessary for self-love. Recognize you wouldn’t be where you are now without appreciating even your flaws.

5. Put yourself first above others

While being generous and selfless is an admirable trait, it’s crucial to prioritize yourself above the needs of others. When you put others first, you’ll be drained to the point of no return. Loving yourself comes primarily from putting your needs above others.

6. Recite affirmations

Saying positive affirmations out loud is the best way to actively counter the negative things you’re saying to yourself. It’s so easy to focus on the negative parts of life, which is where the significance of affirmations comes into the picture.

Reciting affirmations such as you’re good enough helps you remember the best parts of yourself.

7. Let go of control

One of the primary causes of anxiety is the need to control every aspect of our lives – which is an impossible struggle. You’ll never be fully in control and this is what you have to accept to love yourself better.

8. Question your thoughts

It’s not healthy to always validate each thought you have, especially when we’re wired to think negatively of everything.

Questioning your thoughts will help you question reality and will help you in loving yourself better.

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9. Take a social media break

Social media are platforms where comparison is most present. Everyone posts and brags about their accomplishments and highlights, but nobody will ever talk about their insecurities and darkness.

When you’re always online, it’s easy to compare and question why your life doesn’t look as good as theirs. To have radical self-love, realize that social media is all a facade.

10. Practice gratitude

It’s so easy to focus on what you lack than what you have, especially in a negative world. However, gratitude is a much stronger emotion than gratitude will ever be. Gratitude is what you need to hold onto in order to love yourself better.

11. Do things you love

Spending time with your passion makes you feel good about yourself naturally. When you do things you love, this will help you love yourself better and take your mind away from your flaws and insecurities.

Radical Self Love Examples

1. Being confident enough to walk away from things that don’t serve you.

2. Saying no when someone crosses your boundaries.

3. Being unashamed of having alone time to engage in self-care activities.

4. Feeling whole and complete, whether or not you’re in a relationship.

5. Being unafraid to stand up for what you believe in.

6. Being unafraid of being alone.

7. Creating a gratitude journal to help you remember what you have.

8. Refusing to accept your negative thoughts, but questioning them.

9. Embracing the present moment and the experiences it provides you, good or bad.

10. Acknowledging what you feel and letting yourself feel them.

11. Accepting good people in your life because you know you deserve them.

12. Letting go of control and instead, focusing on what life gives you.

13. Taking a break away from social media.

14. Prioritizing yourself as much as you do others.

15. Treating yourself like a best friend.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was able to help you gain insight into how to practice radical self-love. While it doesn’t come easy for everybody, it’s never too late to love yourself. A lot of problems in our lives are caused when we don’t love ourselves enough, which is why it’s a life-changer when you do.



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