10 Key Characteristics of a Simple Person

In this busy world, sometimes simplicity can be hard to find. Everything is busy, frantic, and harried; people jump from one thing to the next without a second thought.

Finding the time to slow down, to appreciate the simple things, and to embrace the calm, the simple, and the peaceful parts of the world is a rare joy, but it’s one that some people enjoy every day.

Simple people, or people who claim minimalism, simplicity, and easy-going lives, are relaxed, patient, and present in their everyday lives.

If you’re ready to embrace simplicity, try to emulate these ten characteristics of a simple person.

10 Characteristics of a Simple Person

1. Honest

A simple person understands that there is value in plainly telling the truth. There’s no reason to overcomplicate things or struggle with them constantly going wrong.

Being honest and straightforward is one of the best ways to avoid overcomplications and to prioritize a simple life.

In work, relationships, or even your personal life, honesty with yourself and others is a major characteristic of simple people.

2. Genuine

A simple person means what they say, but also says it in a genuine and good way. Genuineness is a characteristic that few people have because it’s so hard to master.

An honest person tells the truth, but a genuine person speaks carefully and thoughtfully, sharing truths in a way that still prioritizes the needs of the individual.

Genuine people often share compliments, are kind, and constructive when recommending ways to improve.

A simple person understands the value of genuineness and reflects it in their everyday life.

3. Good Communicators

A simple person is able to communicate clearly and openly with others about what they need. There’s no innuendos or beating around the bush.

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Clear and open communication is a simple joy that creates honest and meaningful relationships with others as often as is needed.

Simple people don’t feel the need to beat around the bush when it comes to communication and get right to the point, to the good of both you and others.

simple person characteristics

4. Polite

Simple people understand that how they carry themselves in the world says a lot about who they are and what values matter to them.

Therefore, most simple people are exceedingly polite. They are respectful to everyone, no matter age, background, how they’ve been treated. They mind their manners and are chivalrous and kind to others.

A simple person values politeness simply because they know it’s the right thing to do and enjoy doing it for that reason and that reason only.

5. Generous

Simple people understand that the world isn’t merely about possessions, but is also about prioritizing what matters most to them.

They’re incredibly giving of their time, talents, energy, and resources. Simple people would give you the shirt off their back if they felt you needed it, but they’d also offer you a warm hug, a sympathetic ear, or the simple truth that they’re there for you.

They recognize how important it is to give, and they make it a part of their regular lives.

6. Thoughtful

Simple people are often assumed by others to be dumb, inconsiderate, or simply lazy, when in fact the opposite is true.

A simple person is often incredibly thoughtful, constantly considering their own personal mood and what others around them might need.

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Simple people have come to an understanding about the world and what it asks of them, and they’ve come to terms with that experience and continue to live and walk in peace.

They’re considerate, compassionate, understanding, and they’ve already decided what their ultimate purpose in life will be.

They can bring that same clarity and peace of mind to others with their careful thoughts and patience.

7. Positive

A simple person is an optimist. They see the world around them as offering good things, and are prone to finding the silver lining even in bad situations.

They try to help others see the good around them too, focusing on positives and pointing towards them as reasons to continue living and striving for good.

When negatives do come, simple people take them in stride, adapting to their presence and working around them to continue to see the good in all things.

8. Grateful

Simple people recognize that nothing is guaranteed, and they’re grateful for every moment they have.

They turn to everyday moments in life as an opportunity to give thanks for what they’re feeling and focus on the best in every situation.

Gratitude is a daily practice that helps support both optimism and happy thinking, two mindsets that are also commonly found in simple people.

9. Minimalist

Simple people don’t need a lot to make them happy. They find their joy in the simple things, like a good book or a cool glass of water.

A simple person’s home isn’t packed with belongings or stuffed with things they’ll never use, but rather full of the simple items that bring them joy and help them feel balanced and secure in their daily lives.

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Minimalism and simple living go hand in hand, so it’s common to see both played out so well in others.


10. Kind

Above all else, simple people are kind. They seek to leave the world better than they found it, and they approach every day with compassion, grace, and patience.

Simple people know that every person is doing the best they can and facing their own personal struggles, and they approach each new day with a kind and gracious attitude.

Final Thoughts

Being a simple person is a quiet gift that benefits both you and the many others in your life.

A simple person is happy, healthy, and well, experiencing a type of inner peace that few others can often find.

If you’re looking to begin your journey towards simple living, it might be a good idea to take some time and reflect on the things that matter most to you and what parts of yourself help you feel the most at peace.

You can bring those with you no matter when or how you transition into life as a simple person.