15 Essential Tips to Improve Your Quality of Life


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about quality of life? Some mistake it to mean just your “standard of living” but it goes far beyond that.

Your standard of living is mostly associated with your income and only has a marginal effect on your quality of life. Quality of life goes beyond your standard of living to include the totality of your happiness, health, leisure, vitality, and of course, income as well.

It is said that “money makes the world go round” mostly because the availability of money makes it easier for someone to improve the quality of their life. Yet, not everyone with money is happy; not all enjoy a quality life.


How To Improve Your Quality of Life

Irrespective of how the quality of life is defined, the fact remains that in the pursuit of a good life, we tend to find fulfillment in positive expectations.

It doesn’t really matter what your idea of what a good life is, the most important thing is that you create for yourself a life that you enjoy every day.

Do you wake up each day looking forward to the day’s activity and enjoying every moment of the day?

Almost everyone is seeking ways of improving their life, but how aren’t always aware of how to achieve that. There are different things you can do to improve your life’s quality.

You have to start with being optimistic, living in the present, understanding what you want out of life, celebrating yourself, loving yourself, appreciating your uniqueness, and then connecting with other people.


15 Essential tips to improve your quality of life

1. Focus on eating well

What you consume affects your health and living healthy should be a priority for everyone. Feed more on healthy diets like fruits, vegetables, proteins, low-calorie carbohydrates, and healthy fat.

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2. Practice personal hygiene

There is that feeling of joy that comes when you look around you and see that everything is in order. Keep your surroundings clean and keep your body clean as well.


3. Identify what makes you happy

What do you want out of life, and what gives you real satisfaction? You should think about that. Everyone deserves to be happy irrespective of whether you have some millions stacked up somewhere or not.

4. Stop stressing so much

Life is full of troubles, and they are most likely never going to end until you die. Would you rather allow stress to shorten your life span?

Get off that train and de-stress yourself. Don’t make life harder than it already is.


5. Spend more time with loved ones

What beats the feeling of being around people you care for and who care for you? Are you in a relationship?

Even while going through the busy schedules of life, don’t forget to spend ample time with your loved one. Or better yet, yourself.


6. Get into your productivity zone

A good life also entails being highly productive. Surely, you don’t plan on going through life without getting anything done, affecting lives. Discover your productivity zone if you haven’t.

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7. Keep moving forward

Choose not to be static, and believe in the power of growth. You ought to improve in everything you are doing and in that way you attain growth.


8. Get some good sleep while you’re at it

The importance of sleep in our everyday life cannot be overemphasized. The quality of sleep you get affects both your physical and mental health.

Whatever you do, ensure you get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.


9.  Exercise regularly

Several studies have highlighted the importance of exercise to health and quality of life. A sedentary lifestyle has been shown to predispose to certain medical conditions.

Get your workout boots on!


10. Develop and maintain healthy relationships

Relationships play a crucial role in people’s mental health. Go out and meet new people, socialize, and develop supportive relationships.

Study shows that a healthy relationship can add to your happiness, increase psychological well-being and reduce depression.


11. Find meaning in your job

Your job is a vital part of your life. If you work in a toxic environment, certainly, it would affect you negatively.

Are you happy with your job? Do you find meaning, direction, and purpose in it? Discover what makes it truly meaningful and if you need to change it.


12. Set aside time for leisure

There is the saying that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Yes, life is always busy that some days, you’d even feel like 24 hours is not enough to accomplish your plans for the day.

But, in the midst of it all, give yourself some time to relax and have fun.


13. Disconnect from unhealthy relationships

Just as healthy relationships can increase your quality of life, you have no idea how toxic, unhealthy relationships can be.

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Unhealthy relationships can cause conflicts and bring stress which reduces your quality of life. Hence, the need to cut them off.


14. Smiling and meditating

Smiling shows you have lots of positive energy around you, irrespective of what life throws at you. It takes you away from depression and elevates your mood.

Meditation, just like smiling, works to relieve stress, ease anxieties, and lower blood pressure.


15. Read and learn every day

Knowledge is the key to unlocking many doors. Advancement in your education would lead to progress in your career.

Learning affects various spheres of your life and improves your quality of life. Learn new skills, read books, get informed about things happening around you!

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The Importance of Improving your Quality of Life Every Day

At this point, it will be imperative to ask, “why is having a good quality of life important?” Quality of a person’s life is paramount.

Here are some reasons why you should seek to improve your life’s quality:

  • You are happier when you have a good quality of life.
  • It sees to it that you are in a complete state of physical and mental well-being.
  • It affects your social life positively.
  • People with enhanced quality of life experience a more fulfilling and satisfying life.
  • You tend to be more productive when you have a good quality of life.





We hope you enjoyed these tips on improving your quality of life. Which one will you apply today? Share in the comments below!