Are You Dealing With a Know-It-All? 10 Signs You May Be

We all have that one person in our life who thinks they know everything about everything. They always have an opinion on every subject and are quick to correct others. They have a unique way of talking that tends to make you feel inferior.

They make you feel small and unimportant. Have you ever wondered what the signs are that you are dealing with a know-it-all? Read on to find out!

1. They Interrupt You Constantly

You might be trying to explain something to them, but before you can finish your sentence, they rudely cut you off. A know-it-all wants to be the one talking, not the one listening.

They believe their opinion is more important than yours, so they don’t give you a chance to speak.

2. They Refuse to Admit When They’re Wrong

A know-it-all will never admit they are wrong. Even when they are proven to be wrong, they will still try to argue that they are right.

They can’t bear to be seen as incorrect or uninformed, so they will do whatever it takes to prove their point.

3. They Are Quick to Correct You

Whether you mispronounce a word or forget a minor detail, a know-it-all will be quick to correct you. They feel as though they have to set the record straight, even if it’s something minor.

They are always looking for an opportunity to showcase their knowledge, no matter how insignificant it may be.

4. They Talk Down to You

A know-it-all wants to make you feel inferior. They might talk to you in a condescending tone or use big words that you don’t understand.

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They want to show you that they are smarter than you and that you should listen to them.

5. They Don’t Take Time to Listen

A know-it-all is not interested in hearing what anyone else has to say. They would rather talk about themselves and their own opinions.

They don’t make an effort to listen to what others are saying, and they definitely don’t take the time to understand someone else’s point of view.

6. They Are Always Trying to One-Up You

A know-it-all is always trying to one-up you. If you tell them about a good concert you went to, they will tell you about a better one they went to.

If you talk about a project you completed, they will talk about how they completed a similar project but better. They always have to be the one who did it bigger and better.

7. They Have to Be Right All the Time

A know-it-all always has to be right. They can’t handle being wrong, even if it’s something minor. They will argue with you until you give in or agree with them.

They feel validated when they are proven right, and it gives them a sense of superiority.

8. They Brag About Their Accomplishments

A know-it-all loves to talk about their accomplishments. They will brag about their achievements and talk about how much they’ve accomplished.

They want you to know how successful they are and how smart they are.

9. They Speak with Authority

A know-it-all will always speak with authority. They use a tone that implies they are an expert on the subject, even if they aren’t. They want you to believe that they are knowledgeable and that their opinions are correct.

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10. They Have to Have the Last Word

A know-it-all always has to have the last word. They will keep talking until they feel like they’ve won the argument or that they’ve made their point.

They can’t let the conversation end until they feel like they have completed it.

Final Note

Dealing with a know-it-all can be frustrating, but it’s important to remember that their behavior is a reflection of them, not you. Keep calm and try not to let their behavior affect you.

Remember that you don’t have to engage in their behavior, and you can walk away from the conversation if you need to. Eventually, they will realize that their behavior is not appreciated, and they might even learn to change it.