17 Simple Benefits of Becoming UnBusy

The present reality is that we live such a fast-paced world and we’re constantly moving towards the next best thing. We’re always chasing after our next goal, whether it’s our next job, our next work tasks, or even our next relationships.

There’s nothing necessarily bad with this lifestyle, but our mental and emotional health is what tends to be at stake.

When we are always on the go, living these busy lives -we never get an opportunity to focus on ourselves and take a pause from everything. What if we decided to do the opposite and embrace becoming unbusy?

How To Become Unbusy

If you want to take a moment to pause and become unbusy in life, focus on doing things that are good for your soul and mental health.

Physical activity is the perfect example of this as exercise gives you the break you need from being busy. You shouldn’t feel so guilty about taking a break from the busyness of life as a busy life doesn’t always lead to a high-quality life.

More often than not, a busy life will drain and exhaust you more than fulfill you.

To become un-busy, take all the rest you need to regain the energy you lost in working so much. As much as it’s admirable to become productive and hard-working, it’s essential slow down and to get the rest that you need.

17 Simple Benefits of Becoming UnBusy

1. Stable mental health

By becoming unbusy, you give time for yourself to stabilize your mental health.

Out of all aspects, your mental health is most at risk when you’re so consumed with a hectic lifestyle. By becoming unbusy or simply laying back, you regain a sense of control regarding your mental health.

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2. Reduced anxiety and stress

There’s no denying the fact that a busy lifestyle causes a huge amount of anxiety and stress. When you’re always overworking yourself, this puts a huge amount of unnecessary pressure on you.

By taking necessary breaks from the busyness of everything, you’ll feel calmer and more at peace.

3. Simpler life

There is so much to be said about living a simple life. You don’t always need to be overworking yourself to be living the best life.

In fact, there’s something to be said by living a simpler life instead of a busy life.

4. You have more time for yourself

The worst part of living a busy life is that you don’t have time for yourself.

By being unbusy, you have more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do such as exercise or maybe spend time on things you love.

5. You’ll be happier

There’s no denying the bliss and happiness that comes with living an unbusy life.

Since you’re no longer stressing yourself out with work tasks, you’ll be much happier and you’ll feel the weight be lifted off your shoulders.

6. More self-care

It’s only natural that when you stop living a busy lifestyle, you take better care of yourself. As much as you’re working towards your goals, it’s also essential to take proper care of yourself.

7. You can say no more often

When you’re living a busy life, you have your entire week planned out with your to-do lists. While this is okay, it’s holding you back from being intentional about where you want to spend your time, or even the important things that matter most.

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Work is important, but living your life is just as important.

8. You become more carefree

A busy life transforms you into someone professional and stiff in order to pursue your daily goals.

While this isn’t necessarily always a bad thing, it prevents you from being a spontaneous and carefree person. It prevents you from having fun in your life.

9. Fewer things to manage

The worst thing about a busy life is you’re constantly having to manage so many things, all at once.

10 It’s easier to decide

Living a busy life means you have so many things and tasks that are preoccupying your mind, which makes you incredibly indecisive.

Living an unbusy lifestyle means you have more space to decide.

11. You sleep better

It’s incredibly frustrating and difficult to sleep at night when you’re already focusing on the tasks you have to do for tomorrow.

An unbusy life guarantees less overthinking, which will help you sleep better.

12. Increased creativity

Since you have more mental clarity and space with an unbusy life, you’ll have more space to come up with ideas and concepts.

An unbusy life makes you much more creative.

13. You connect more with people

Since you’re always consumed with work tasks, you’ll tend to be focused on your phone or your laptop.

In return, there will be a lack of connection and intimacy with your loved ones.

14. You’ll find joy in the simple things

When you let go of a busy life, you’ll find appreciation and joy in the simple things in life. You’ll learn to become fond of the slowness of your daily life.

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15. Healthier mind and body

A fast-paced lifestyle will naturally make you much healthier both in mind and spirit.

16. You’ll live in the present moment

A face-paced lifestyle means that you’re always living for the future and this can be incredibly unhealthy to a fault. Focusing on the present is how you gain more inner peace.

17. More focus and concentration

With an unbusy lifestyle, you generally have more focus on concentration since you’re not constantly filled up with tasks and to-do lists.

Escaping the Busyness of Life

In escaping the busyness of life, you need to learn to take a breathe and pause everything. Not everything is about productivity and work tasks.

In fact, in living a slow-paced life, you’ll find the beauty in living for the present moment.

You’ll appreciate the simple joys in life and it’s not always about accomplishments and success. More often than not, happiness is more important than success.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was able to shed a light on the benefits of becoming unbusy. While it’s easier said than done, living an unbusy life is how you gain a more peaceful and serene life.