15 Benefits of Having a Minimalist Wardrobe

Having a minimalist wardrobe can truly change your life. You will see a shift in overall mental clarity. You will also spend less time shopping and deciding what to wear.

Making the change to a more minimal wardrobe may start a movement to have a simplified and clutter-free closet.

How Do You Become Minimalist With Your Clothes?

I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. After all, the concept of minimalism is becoming increasingly popular these days – probably because we have too many things that don’t matter and clutter our lives. And clothes are some of those things that people hold on to for years even though they never wear them again.

When I started this blog and my own journey to minimalism, I began by giving away all the clothes that no longer fit me and keeping only those that were in great condition – either because they were new or because I’d only worn them a few times during the years. The result was amazing – since then, I have had more time for everything else!

But I understand that this approach doesn’t work for everyone. So, here are a few questions and suggestions on how to become minimalist with your clothes:

Do you wear all the clothes in your closet? If not, why do you keep them? When was the last time you wore it (except for that pair of jeans that fit you perfectly but you just can’t find, even though they’re there in your closet)?

If you answered “no” to the above questions or if you don’t know – then do yourself a favor and let it go. But if you decided that there is a reason why not, maybe it’s time for couple of changes.

Deciding to have a minimalist wardrobe can take a bit of commitment, but it is worth it in the end. You may have to change a few of your shopping habits, but you will notice a huge sense of clarity in your life because of it.

Once you make the decision, it’s time to clear out the closet of trendy items and fill it with the staples that you truly need. Everyone’s staple pieces will be different depending on weather climate and personal choices.

Having 1-3 different kinds of jackets, t-shirts, dresses, boots, sneakers, sandals, long sleeves, sweaters and blouses in neutral tones is a great start. You may add in more categories such as additional outerwear or athleisure depending on your hobbies. Look at different styles of each clothing category and see what would work best with your daily life and style. Add in accessories to make your outfits more your own.

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Why Should You Choose a Minimalist Wardrobe?

You may be thinking, “Why should I choose a minimalist wardrobe? Won’t it make my life boring and colorless?”

Quite the opposite.

Wearing only the basics (and better basics at that) will actually give you more freedom to express yourself through creativity or personal style. When we limit our choices of clothes to only the essentials, we are forced to be more discerning about what we select.

We also learn to mix and match, which allows us to experiment with different styles. The benefits of minimalism extend far beyond the wardrobe itself; it can help you develop better shopping habits, save money, time and space, as well as aid in daily decision making.

12 Benefits of a Minimalist Wardrobe

1. Less Visual Clutter

Having a minimalist wardrobe means seeing less visual clutter, and you will have a sense of unity in the neutrality of your closet.

Less visual clutter means less stress overall, which is a big plus for you!

2. Get Creative and Mix and Match!

You get to have fun with your new wardrobe and mix and match pieces you may not have even thought would go together!

Maybe dress up a piece with some fun accessories. This really allows you to get creative with your outfits!

3. You Get to INVEST in Clothes That Will Last

Focusing on a few staple pieces allows you to invest in higher quality pieces that will truly last you for your years to come.

Higher quality pieces tend to be designed to fit and feel better on your body, which will truly be an enjoyable and eye-opening transition!

4. No More Trouble Deciding What to Wear

No need to suffer from decision fatigue with your hundreds of clothing combo possibilities.

Since everything will be fairly neutral, everything will be fairly matchable.

You will practically be able to visualize what outfit you want to wear before you open up your closet doors! That’s one less thing for you to worry about.

5. No More Unused Items

You won’t have to worry about having pieces collect dust in your closet.

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It will become clear to you what items are essential and which are not. It will be very easy to get rid of these items.

6. Save Money

Although you may be spending more on a few staple pieces, remember that this will be a long-term investment. You won’t fork over the big bucks for trendy pieces that you will maybe wear once or twice.

So, while you may pay more money upfront, you won’t have to spend much money on upkeep after that.

7. No More Binge Shopping on Items You Won’t Wear

Once you have a wardrobe with staples to satisfy any occasion, your urge to binge shop should go down. This may be a habit that will take some time to tackle.

However, after time you will realize that all those trendy items are just apart of an initial buyer’s high. A good way to tackle this is to let the idea of that item sit with you for 24 hours up to a week or even a month.

If you find yourself still craving the item, it may be time to think about actually purchasing it. Most times though, you will find that you have forgotten about the item completely, and it was simply a whim.

8. No Buyer’s Remorse From Trendy Items

With a minimalistic wardrobe gone are the days that you regret getting that super sparkly shirt that only looked good on the rack.

You will realize that you have what you need, and trendy items just aren’t worth the impulse.

9. Gain a Sense of Style and Finding out What Looks Good on Your Body

When you get a chance to zero in on your staples, it allows you to narrow down what style of jeans you can rock on your body. Or, what cut of t-shirt looks best on you.

This will greatly help in the future if you choose to replace items in your wardrobe or expand with a color or two.

10. No Comparing to Others Since You Have the Basics

Would you always find yourself trying to keep up with the latest celebrity or social media influencer’s style? With a minimalistic wardrobe, you will find a sense of contentment in your outfits.

It is still okay to look at and enjoy fun outfits. You just have to step back and consider if it’s worth the purchase for your closet!

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11. Experience a Sense of Peace-Not Chaos

Once you have your simplified wardrobe you will find a sense of peace looking at it. There is an overall sense of unity and no more chaos in trying to find outfits.

You also won’t have disgust in the number of clothes you own, especially ones that you spent money on and don’t even wear!

12. Fill Up With Gratitude-You Get to Do More with Less

You will experience a great sense of gratitude for your clothing when you have less of it. It will make you appreciate the staples that you do own, and how much of a purpose that they truly serve you in your day to day life.

You can get by with less. You can even do MORE with less.

13. More Time To Do What Matters

Wearing a minimalist wardrobe allows you more time to do what matters. You won’t spend every Saturday morning trying on clothes because you have nothing to wear and find out none of it looks good on you because each piece has a story (of somebody else’s style) attached to it.

14. Allows Your Closet to Be More Organized 

Fewer clothes mean less laundry and easier cleaning. This will help you to be more organized and to keep track of your essential clothing items, instead of disregarding them and allowing them to gather dust in your closet. You will feel free knowing that you’re not spending time washing and organizing clothes that don’t bring value to your life – you will actually have space in your closet!

15. Have More Fun Designing

This is my favorite benefit you will begin to shop with purpose and intention. When I go shopping, it’s not for new clothes that will just add to my clutter. It’s for something great that will become part of my minimalist wardrobe.

Final Thoughts

Making the choice to go minimalistic with your wardrobe is a big decision.

It often leads to a complete overhaul in how we think about our clothing and how we purchase it. It makes us more aware, and certainly more grateful for what we have. It is a process, that will greatly change you once it is done.

What is inspiring you to choose a minimalist wardrobe? I hope you found these benefits useful! Share your thoughts in the comments below:

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