7 Capsule Wardrobe Essentials You Need in 2023

Every capsule wardrobe has its central pieces. They’re the ones that you turn to time and again, whether you’re dressing up for something special or super-casual for the stylish every day.

That makes the process of choosing these key items for your capsule wardrobe all the more important.

Quality rather than quantity is key. Sustainability is, of course, non-negotiable.

We’ve taken a look around and picked out 10 capsule wardrobe essentials you need right now and why. They’re our best recommendations for exactly what to add to your collection.

Disclaimer: Below may contain affiliate links, I only recommend products that I use and love at no cost to you. 

1. A Comfortable Plain White T-shirt

Our Top Pick:

Premium Weight Organic Cotton T-Shirt by Plainandsimple

Ah, the apparently ordinary white t-shirt, central to any capsule wardrobe. Then comes the battle to find exactly the right one. We think we’ve found it for you and here it is, from fresh London label Plainandsimple.

Plainandsimple was founded on ethics and sustainability. They’re aiming at premium pieces to make more of less. The longer a piece lasts, the less you’ll need to replace it with another.

Here crafting is from super-soft certified organic cotton, designed with a heavier feel so, as Plainandsimple tells us, it’s a non-see-through fabric.

Manufacture is in ethically run factories. The cut is tucked in a little at the waist, with a shorter cuff. Thicker stitching ensures a high-quality feel.

2. A Pair of Durable tights

Our top Pick:

The Biodegradable 30 Denier, by Hedoine

Female founded and led, Hedoine aims to revolutionize the world of tights, no more, no less. The goal: ladder-resistant tights that won’t sag and so will be your best friends for so much longer. That’s part of Hedoine’s ethically focussed sustainability story.

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There’s an air of cheeky fun about all that Hedoine does. Sustainability needn’t be dull. Far from it. That’s one very good reason why these tights are one of our capsule wardrobe recommendations.

These Hedoine tights won’t fight off all attempts to ladder them – but in everyday use, they’re determinedly ladder resistant, thanks to being made from biodegradable nylon with a touch of stretchy elastane for the perfect fit.

3. A Pair of Smart Casual Trousers

Our Top Pick:

Drawstring Trousers Black by Unrecorded

You’ll be turning to these trousers again and again as your super-comfortable go-to: super-casual when you need them to be, super-stylish when they’re oh-so-easily dressed up for an evening out.

You might say black trousers are more essential these days than that little black dress. Here we’ve chosen a piece from Unrecorded, whose ranges are permanent and seasonless, unbowing to the fickle demands of mere fashion.

Comfort is provided by the drawstring waist, while the cut is for a flattering and relaxed straight fit. Tailored in Portugal from 100% cotton that’s – naturally – organic.

4. Everyday Minimalist Sneakers

Our Top Pick:

LØCI Eight by LØCI

Your footwear collection needs these, trust us. Sneakers shouldn’t be disposable. They should be front and central stylish, designed to last season upon season, and naturally with as little impact on our planet as possible.

Step forward vegan sneaker pioneers LØCI, London-based minimalist footwear obsessives who’ve caught attention internationally with their eye-catching sneakers. LØCI is aiming not just at minimal environmental impact, but at actually helping our planet.

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Each pair of LØCI Eights is individually hand-crafted in selected artisanal Portuguese footwear studios. Water-resistant uppers are of 100% recycled materials with natural cork insoles for added bounce. Soles are recycled rubber, for superior grip.

5. Casual Blue jeans

Our Top Pick:

The Standard Jeans Stone Bleach by ASKET

Jeans. The absolute contemporary centerpiece of any capsule wardrobe. The instinct is to reach for the long-established brands. Our advice: put the usual suspects aside and reach instead for these minimalist essentials from the Swedish transparency obsessives at ASKET.

ASKET sees itself as above and beyond fashion. Cut and fabrics are designed to last-and you’ll know every step of the journey from farm to factory to your wardrobe has been ethically assessed.

The cut is timeless; the silhouette is slightly tapered; and the fabric is midweight Italian denim, 100% cotton from certified organic farms in India, with just a touch of elastane for an added stretch when you need it. Buttons in recycled metal, because every detail counts.

6. A Versatile Dress

Our Top Pick:

Owey – Forest Green by Twothirds

This dress is always cool linen is designed in exuberant Barcelona, Spain’s carefree, flair-filled favorite. We confidently predict that you will reach for this over and over, that’s how versatile the Owey is.

Label Twothirds insists on recycled and sustainable fabrics. Processes are chosen both for minimal environmental impact and so that your Owey dress will retain its beguiling Forest Green colorway year after year, season after season. Add a rollneck in cooler months or throw a cozy cardigan over it.

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The crafting of each dress is done in Portugal of strong, breathable linen. Always stylish, always on-trend. Vegan, too.

7. An Elegant Button-up Shirt

Our Top Pick:

Women’s Linen Shirt by ISTO.

What could be more oh-so-casually stylish than the perfect white linen shirt? It feels luxuriously soft and cool on the skin and always looks as if you’ve just stepped out onto the deck of a luxury cruise, even when you’re just walking into a neighborhood garden party. A great go-to for office days, too.

ISTO makes their women’s linen shirts to their rigorously transparent standards so that the price you pay is openly broken down into its components. It really makes a difference, doesn’t it? You’ll know exactly which factory it’s made in, too.

The simple cut is designed so that you’ll be wearing your women’s linen shirt all year long in all seasons. The craft is made from 100% organic linen.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the 7 capsule wardrobe essentials you need in 2023! Keep these pieces in mind as you update your wardrobe for the new year and you’ll be sure to stay stylish and on-trend all year long. Thanks for reading!