The Best Sustainable Clothing Brands for Women in Their 30s

So you’ve decided that sustainable fashion is where it’s at for your wardrobe’s future. But which labels should YOU be looking out for?

The great thing about this trend nowadays, besides the fact that there are tons of amazing brands who create pieces made with care and attention (and not just because they can), is how much variety we have when picking our clothes, especially for women in their 30s.

The bad part: sometimes finding these premium brands gets tricky- especially if sustainability was implemented as an afterthought instead of being planned from scratch as some companies do, but don’t worry- we’re here to help.

What you’re looking for is end-to-end, transparent sustainability. That’s in the choice of materials used, the methods of making your clothing, and what these brands are doing for the environment in general. Put simply, sustainability has to be more than just a word.

To help you out, we’ve picked out our best sustainable clothing brands for women in their 30s.


Hedoine was set up to reinvent tights as high-quality, low-impact pieces: sustainably produced, long-lasting, and above all stylish. This is a company fully committed to sustainability, beginning with Hedoine’s founding range of 20 ladder-resistant tights in 2017.

As the founders put it, the mission is to produce tights that are “soft, sustainable, seamless, and sag-free”. Hedoine is female-founded, female-led, and relies on a majority of small, independent suppliers in Britain and Italy who work with ethical practices and responsible production processes.

Billions of pairs of tights end up in landfills each year, the label says. Not Hedoine tights. They’re truly biodegradable, using a special nylon yarn that, with no compromise on the ladder-resistant promise, biodegrades entirely over a five-year period when disposed of.

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As if all that wasn’t enough, Hedoine also has a recycling service that allows you to send them your old tights in exchange for a credit voucher.


Here’s a remarkable Spanish clothing brand, based in always-happening Madrid, that takes inspiration for its designs from museums and art galleries. Loolios produces everything from jeans and t-shirts to hoodies, sweatshirts, and statement swimwear.

Many pieces are gender-free, and this is part of the sustainability commitment. As Loolios co-founder and design director Faisal Fadda put it in a recent interview, “We wanted to create a concept that helps our environment, to use the term ‘less is more”, and what we mean is buying a piece that could be in your closet that can be worn by all genders.”

All collections are designed in Europe and made in selected factories in Spain and Portugal. The idea is that every piece will be a long-lasting wardrobe essential, the very opposite of fast, disposable fashion. It’s another tick on the sustainability checklist for this innovative label.

Loolios believes in sustainable craftsmanship and truly wants their clothing to be with you for a lifetime.


The name says it all. This new London label, founded from a Kickstarter campaign, aims- as Plainandsimple themselves put it – to “close the loop on fashion”. This means creating quality basics that are designed from the outset to be recycled, in the end, that is, of a long life.

Product manufacturing is entirely transparent. All factories that Plainandsimple use are signed up to the label’s business, quality, environmental and social standards, laid out in a code of conduct based on International Labour Organisation guidelines.

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That way, you’ll know their impeccable t-shirts – Plainandsimple’s launch pieces – are crafted by people who’ve been paid and treated fairly.

This goes for fabric suppliers too, with details meticulously recorded on the Plainandsimple website.

Materials are made of 100% cotton with a so-called GOTS certification, standing for Global Organic Textile Standards. This might seem like a lot of technical information, but it’s all absolutely central to the true sustainability that Plainandsimple was founded on. They have Great t-shirts, too.


Looking for sneakers with both style and sustainable substance? Look no further. LØCI’s designs are classic in silhouette, eye-catching in a range of colorways, and comfortable – and guilt-free because of materials and crafting processes. More than that, the LØCI way is to make the planet better.

It’s a tall order and one that begins with those materials. All sneakers are vegan. Instead of animal products, all LØCI sneakers are made from recycled plastic found in the Mediterranean and just off the West Coast of Africa.

Ocean plastic is a real and present danger to sea life and the LØCI way is to make a difference in that.

Sneakers are made in Portugal, by long-standing boutique shoemakers. In addition to the recycled ocean plastic, bamboo, natural rubber, and recycled foam are used to ensure that absolutely every component of your LØCI sneakers meets that vegan requirement.

We think they look great too, which is an essential part of the no-compromise sustainability process.

Final Note

These are only a few of the best sustainable clothing brands for women in their 30s. We hope this list has inspired you to seek out more eco-friendly fashion choices!

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