17 Online Thrift Stores You Should Know About

Looking for where to get high quality used clothes with accessories? Online thrift stores provide platforms to get quality used materials at decent prices that match your wallet.

Do you desire to have platforms where you can meet prospective buyers to sell some of your used items like clothes, wristwatches, bags, and the likes?

Then online thrift stores are for you, you can maximize them to buy and sell quality used cloth and accessories

Online thrift stores are internet-based stores dedicated to the selling of used clothes and household items.

In this article, we would discuss 17 thrift stores around the world and why we love them.

17 Online Thrift Stores

1. Swap

This is an online store based in Downers Grove, deals in the sales of different categories of used clothes for kids, women, and maternity clothes which are unique and high quality. They have branches in Chicago and Helsinki in Finland. The company has been growing rapidly since 2013 making it one of the fastest-growing thrift stores with attractive high-quality products are being sold on this platform

Why we like it

This store has different kinds of clothes and accessories for all age groups and including pregnant women.

Swap buys used clothes from people willing to sell which is then recycled

It has a continuous supply of products that are not depleted giving consumers a wide range of shopping options with guaranteed high quality used cloth and accessories that make your shopping worth it

Swap as an online store can deliver its goods as shipment to every part of the world


2. Flyp

This is another online based thrift company that is based in San Francisco. Flyp did not start initially as a thrift store. Flyp initially started as an online platform that connects buyers and sellers who deal in the resell of old children’s clothes.

Why we like Flyp

Flyp was designed to make selling of old clothes very easy to offset the stress involved in selling from the consumer.

Flyp products are generally cheaper and easier to access than other thrift stores

Flyp also provides an avenue for people to join in the process of selling and giving them commission thus Flyp provides a wide range of opportunities for people who want to sell and participate in the process of selling.


3. Stressed

Stressed was Established in the year 2017 by Teah. She worked for about 8 years in the retail and vintage sector. She got her inspiration about her company Stressed when she was with some inspirational ladies who had years of experience in the vintage industry and since she developed an interest in the vintage industry, and she decided to establish Stressed stores. Stressed supplies high-quality and well recycled neat clothes and accessories.

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Why we like it

Stressed specializes in the sales of well-repackaged vintage and handmade goods.

Stressed is well organized with products organized into different categories that make it very easy to shop on the platform

They have well-covered shipping cost for delivery of items bought on stressed


4. Luxury Garage Sale

This is another online thrift, they specialize in designer wear, situated in the city of Chicago. Established in 2011. They sell designer used clothes majorly

Why we like Luxury Garage Sale

They are one of the most remarkable platforms for the sales of used designer items ranging from cloth and accessories.

They offer value beyond sales by using a competent stylist to ensure goods are well paired and in order, so you might not have to really worry about your sense of judgment.


5. Tradesy

This is another online based thrift company that pairs buyers to sellers. It was founded by Tracy DINuzio with headquarters in Santa Monica California, was founded in the year 2009. Initially started as a small crawling company that has expanded into one of the leading companies in the thrift sector.

Why we like Tradesy

Tradesy is one of the leading thrift stores in the world that is well established with over a billion dollar worth of sales made by sellers.

Tradesy assures customers of high-quality clothes and accessories that will boost consumer confidence in the company which has successfully led to their establishment.

Tradesy practices equality and fairness for both the buyers and sellers.


6. Refahsioner

Refashioner was established in the year 2009, it is another online thrift platform that sells quality vintage products, apart from selling the products, and they provide a background favorite story from the past owner on any item on Refashioner.

Why we like Refashioner

It provides high-quality vintage clothes on many items with a background story to spur inspiration.


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7. Etsy

Etsy is a US-based e-commerce site that specializes in the sales of vintage goods. It has a wider range of quality materials that are or high-quality second-hand materials with all of their materials at 20 years old and above. Etsy was established in the year 2005 by a team including Robert Kalin and Chris Maguire. Etsy has its head office in Brooklyn New Yoke

Why we like Etsy

Etsy specializes in the sales of vintage items of 20 years and above

It is an online global market place for high-quality vintage materials and delivery to any part of the world

It provides a platform for vintage seller to meet their prospective buyers and start a career selling

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Etsy sells high-quality dresses to attract customers with varieties of dresses that could be used or worn for several purposes.

Supplies on Etsy are continuously being replenished, this continually gives customers a wide range of options.


8. Thread up

This is another online platform based in San Francisco created in 2009, it started as an online platform to exchange men clothing for sale. Thread up is one of the biggest thrift stores with millions of customers and tens of thousands of stores with different brands.

Why we like Thread up

They are one of the biggest thrift stores in the world

They sell designer products like Gucci and the likes


9. Poshmark

This is a platform created to provide buyers and sellers with the opportunity to meet, Poshmark has its own app on iOS and android which is very popular. With a wide variety of items and brands, makes the best in this service which unrivaled

Why we like Poshmark

Their service is unrivaled as they boast of remarkable over 20million products with more than 4500 brands. This provides buyers with the luxury of options to buy high-quality products.


10. eBay

eBay is an international internet-based Commerce Company that has its headquarters in San Jose California. eBay has a market audience across nations. It was established in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. eBay is not solely for Thrift wares but also sells a wide variety of materials like electronic gadgets.

Why we like it

eBay as an international market has global audiences that reach every part of the world.

It offers a platform for buyers to meet their sellers


11. Grailed

This is another online thrift store that was established in 2014 by Arun Gupta who served also as the chief executive officer of the company. He founded the company to specifically take care of men’s vintage clothes with high-quality men’s wear.

Why we like Grailed

They provide quality Men’s clothes including new and used clothes

They also provide a platform for independent sellers to meet prospective buyers


12. Raleigh Vintage

Another online thrift store is Raleigh vintage shop which is also Etsy based, Raleigh Vintages sells high quality used clothes,

Why we like it

Shopping on Raleigh Vintage stores ensures and upholds the sales of high-quality products. Consumers can be sure that they would always get high-quality products from Raleigh Vintage.


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13. Depop

Depop an online thrift store was established in the year 2011 by Simon Beckerman and Maria Raga. It provides a platform for peer to peer sales of vintages items. Depop sells high-quality used clothes and accessories for men and women especially the younger generation. Depop is located in London with more than over 200 staffs with offices in England and the US. The platform is dedicated to promoting young entrepreneurs with more than 20 million designers and stylists.

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Why we like the platform

Depop is a platform dedicated to promoting young stylists and designers with some reporting a take-home of over US$100, 000 on the platform.

Depop is also a social platform that promotes fashion trends and creating new trends in the fashion industry to stimulate sales.


14. Thrilling

Thrilling stores was created in 2018 by Shilia Kim-Parker. He created the Thrilling because of the love for used items so he created it to promote the use and sales of used clothes. it is another online thrift platform like Etsy that has partnered with over 15 thrift stores to boost the sales of used clothes. Thrilling is one of the black-owned businesses in the thrift industry.

Why we like Thrilling

Thrilling actively promotes the use of secondhand clothes by partnering with other thrift stores to increase sales.


15. Na Nin

This is another online platform located in Richmond, and Virginia, Na Nin was established by Kate Jennings in 2009 as a web-based thrift store and in 2016 launched an Instagram based thrift store to promote the sales of vintage.

Why we like Na Nin

They have signature collections inspired by music making them innovative and competitive

Provides a wide range of designer wears.


16. Vertiaire

Another online thrift store is Vestiaire collective vintage shop, established in the year 2009, they are a French company. Vestiaire Collective is a global thrift store with millions of customers around the world. They sell used luxury goods with a wide range of options including kid items.

Why we like it

If you’re looking for a store with a wide variety of products or goods. Vestiaire should be your number one.

Shopping on Vestiaire collective stores ensures and upholds the sales of high-quality products. Consumers can be sure that they would always get high-quality products on Vestiaire collective.



I AM THAT was established in 2016, they provide a good shopping experience that is sustainable, located in Portland Oregon. They established relationships with different types of designers to promote sales of used clothes.

Why we like I AM THAT

They have an extensive network of relationship with local designers in Portland and in other places with the view to promoting sales of thrift wares.


There you have it! Our top picks for the best online thrift stores. Which one is your favorite? Share in the comments below: