10 Simple Ways to Quiet Your Mind

Your mind is the most powerful tool that you own and you can either use it for you or against you. We have at least a thousand thoughts each day, which makes our mind also the loudest place to be stuck in.

It can feel chaotic and messy when you listen to each thought you have, and silencing your mind is the best option you have.

When you quiet your mind, you also quiet your life in the process. In this article, we’ll be talking about 10 simple ways to quiet your mind.

How To Quiet Your Busy Mind

We live in a world where it’s so difficult to silence our loud thoughts. It’s hard to tell which thoughts to keep and which ones to let go of. Most often than not, negative thoughts aren’t accurate and they come from a place of insecurity and fear.

Silencing your busy mind is easier said than done, but this is where distractions come into significance. If you find it difficult to avoid dwelling in your busy mind, it’s crucial to keep yourself busy and do everything to get out of your head.

Go for a run, write in a journal, play a game, or even go out with a friend if this is what it takes to help quiet your mind.

10 Simple Ways to Quiet Your Mind

1. Keep your body moving and exercise

Keeping your body moving will also calm your mind, one way or another. Physical activity acts as the best distraction and shift your focus and energy into something else. It keeps you from dwelling on the noise and clutter of your thoughts by just getting your body moving, even if it’s just a few minutes.

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2. Meditate a bit each day

Meditation is the best breathing exercise you can engage in when you’re dealing with difficult thoughts. It helps you be better in control of the present moment while also helping you acknowledge and let go of your negative thoughts and emotions accordingly. Meditation helps you incorporate inner peace and calmness in your life.

3. Write down your thoughts

Journaling is a great self-expression activity that gives you a form of release from the clutter of your thoughts. Writing down your thoughts also help you see which of your thoughts are valid and which aren’t. You’ll begin to see that these are just irrational thoughts once you write them down on paper.

4. Make something new

You don’t have to be necessarily creative or artistic to make something. Creating a certain form of art is a great way to express your thoughts while also getting out of your head. It helps you think and escape the messiness and confusion of your thoughts. You can do activities like cooking, baking, or even capturing a moment through photographs.

how to quiet your mind

5. Declutter your space

The very concept of minimalism suggests that in order to declutter your life, it starts from your space. If you have a messy space, then it’s only natural that you cannot think clearly. Decluttering your space is how to quiet your mind and also fix your life accordingly.

6. Speak your mind

One of the most convenient ways to clear your mind is to release your thoughts, whether that’s talking to a friend or someone you trust enough not to invalidate what you’re feeling. This will help you feel lighter and you have a second opinion to hold you accountable if your perception is accurate or not.

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7. Read a non-fiction novel

While fiction may also help you escape your thoughts and clear your mind, reading non-fiction books like self-help novels will help you gain a new perspective on things. It may even help you understand why you’re having difficulty dealing with your thoughts and what you can actually do to effectively clear your mind.

8. Reduce your screen time

Social media will encourage comparison faster than you think, and this may be the root cause of the negativity and pessimism in your thoughts and life. It’s best to reduce your screen time, especially if you find that your thoughts are more chaotic than usual.

9. Create an action plan

To clear your mind, you can’t base everything on luck and wishes. You need to create the life you want and if having a clear mind is what you aspire, do everything you can to achieve that state of mental clarity. It’s not easy, but executing action is necessary to clear your mind.

10. Socialize with some close friends

Oftentimes, isolation is the main cause of dwelling in our thoughts. When you’ve been so accustomed to being on your own, your head is a very unhealthy and messy place to be. Be sure that you regularly socialize with your loved ones to get out of your head, once in a while.

The Benefits of a Calm and Quiet Mind

  • You’re less anxious and stressed about everything.
  • You feel more in control of the present life.
  • You’re calmer and collected with your life.
  • You feel more confident and secure in who you are.
  • You don’t have anything distracting you away from your goals.
  • Fear and insecurities no longer rule your life.
  • You have more creativity and artistic capabilities.
  • You can communicate your thoughts and intentions better.
  • You’re a better friend, lover, and overall person in people’s lives.
  • You’re happier and content with your life.
  • You focus on what you have rather than what you lack.
  • You fall back in love with your life.
  • Your perspective completely changes.

Final Thoughts

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I hope this article was able to shed insight on everything you needed to know about the ways to quiet your mind.

Even if we live in a chaotic and messy world, realize that you have full control of your thoughts and not the other way around. When you learn to incorporate peace and calmness in your mental state, you’ll realize that this was all you needed to become a happier version of yourself.

Your mind affects several aspects of your life and by having a calm mind, you have a calm life in return.

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