What is Minimalist Aesthetic? The Basic Guide

Defined by neutral colors and a calming vibe, the minimalist aesthetic is quickly growing in popularity in homes across the country. It involves eliminating clutter and creating a more clean, spacious environment – which can be highly appealing to your visual senses.

From large upscale homes to small apartments, the minimalist aesthetic looks stunning in virtually any home and it may be easier to achieve than you may think. Learn more about the basics of it here:

What is Minimalist Aesthetic?

Minimalist aesthetic captures the “less is more” approach to a minimalist lifestyle in a style of decor. While it typically refers to home decor, it can be applied to any visual space. It can also describe more abstract forms of style, like wardrobe, scenery, or artwork.

Usually, it involves neutral colors, clean spaces, and minimal distractions. When you experience the minimalist aesthetic, it should feel like a breath of fresh air and it may induce a calm, zen-like feeling. This spacious, clutter-free style is known for its photogenic vibe and versatile beauty.

It is considered part of the overall concept of minimalism, however, it only focuses on the visual aspect of a minimalistic lifestyle. Minimalism in general applies a “less is more” attitude to all areas of life, and it is considered a mindset rather than a style.

While many minimalists enjoy the minimalist aesthetic in their homes, this style can be embraced by anyone who is attracted to this visual.

The Minimalist Aesthetic Home

By applying this style to your home, you can almost guarantee a fresher, more calming appearance that virtually anyone will love.

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Aside from Instagram-worthy rooms that looks stunning in pictures, there are many other benefits to the minimalist aesthetic home, including:

  • The “less is more” concept also applies to your cleaning efforts. By featuring more white space in the room, you have fewer objects to dust, wash, and polish.

  • It gives you an excuse to rid yourself of unnecessary items that take away from the beauty of your home. Applying this style can provide a sense of relief from the overwhelming visual of clutter.

  • You don’t have to worry about whether or not your home is ready for guests with the minimalist aesthetic, as it is already free of mess and clutter.

  • With fewer items catching your eye, you may find yourself more productive in your minimal aesthetic home – especially in your home office or work area.

Minimalist Aesthetic Style

The minimalist aesthetic style always appears fresh, peaceful, and full of natural energy. This popular style amongst interior designers and home decorators centers around three simple concepts:

#1. Neutral Colors

A minimalist aesthetic style home begins with a foundation of neutral colors, most commonly white, gray, or beige. It is important the neutral color palette is applied to most of the room’s elements, including walls, furniture, and area rugs.

The neutral colors minimize distractions and don’t force the eye to bounce around the room with distractions. You won’t find vibrant or dark colors as the main attraction in the minimalist aesthetic style home.

#2. Eye-Pleasing Accents

Because most of the minimalist aesthetic style home features neutral colors, any accent elements will naturally stand out more. Accents should add a pop of freshness, without overpowering the presence of the room.

Common home accents include indoor plants, minimal-style artwork, unique light fixtures, and comfort items, like pillows or rugs. The accents colors and textures should complement the neutral base of the room.

#3. Natural Beauty

When the minimalist aesthetic is truly captured in a home, it allows the rooms’ naturally beautiful elements to shine.

This style features lots of natural sunlight, wide windows facing natural landscapes, and accents inspired by nature. The beauty found in nature helps enhance the calm, tranquil setting of the minimalist aesthetic style home.

Five Minimalist Aesthetic Tips to Apply to Your Life

#1. Get rid of clutter.

To get started on embracing the minimalist aesthetic in your home, you’ll need to de-clutter the space. Consider donating or throwing out any items you no longer need.

If you own lots of things you can’t get rid of, invest in some attractive storage options like a large chest or bookshelves. Focus on cutting back on dark, clunky, or visually-distracting items.

#2. Choose a color theme.

While the minimalist aesthetic is defined by a neutral color palette, you may want to choose a specific neutral color for your theme. Look around your home and determine if it is better suited for bright white, creamy beige, or cool gray.

Once you have an idea of what color best vibes with your space, start searching for paint and furniture ideas to begin building upon your unique minimalist aesthetic color scheme.

#3. Experiment with accents.

Since accents tend to pop in a minimalist aesthetic style home, it is important to choose items that represent your personal style. While you’re shopping, keep different textures and natural colors in mind.

You may like a large, leafy houseplant – or you may decide twinkly accent lights better fit your space. Play around with which accent items may be best suited for each room.

#4. Brighten up your rooms.

Sunshine, water, natural greenery, and gorgeous views are all friends of the minimalist aesthetic. Highlight your room’s already existing natural features, like a stunning window view or a skylight.

Remember light, neutral colors are highly important to your minimalist style home, and it is ideal if some of this coloration comes from light and nature.

#5. Look for inspiration.

Your interest in the minimalist aesthetic may have been sparked by a picture you saw on social media or a photo from a magazine. If you’re looking to transform your home with this style and design, it is a good idea to research inspiration pictures to find ideas that speak to your interpretation of the style.

The Bottom Line

The minimalist aesthetic is simple to capture if you focus on neutral colors, special accents, and natural beauty. Whether you prefer to partner with an interior designer or achieve the look all on your own, this style is both trendy and timeless.

This style may help you clear your mind, declutter your belongings, and most importantly, fall in love with your home.

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