12 Minimalist Beauty Tips To Look Natural All Day Long

Nowadays, it’s hard to get away from the pressure of looking perfect all day. We spend hours on our hair and makeup, only to have them wiped off by the end of a workday or an intense workout. In this blog post, we will discuss 8 minimalist beauty tips that can help you look natural and beautiful all day!

What is minimalist beauty?

Minimalist beauty is a type of minimalist lifestyle that includes minimalist makeup, minimalist clothes, and minimalistic living. It’s the idea that you can still look natural and beautiful without all the glamourousness around it.

What minimalist beauty isn’t:

Minimalist beauty isn’t about looking plain or boring. It’s simply an idea of having less on your face so it doesn’t take away from the natural features you already have!

8 Minimalist Beauty Tips

1. Wear sunscreen

This is an important minimalist beauty tip because it’s vital to protect your skin from harmful UV rays that can lead to sagging, wrinkles and even cancer. Don’t forget the ears! Hats are a great way to keep them covered too.

2. Use a tinted moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers are awesome for minimalist beauty because they’re meant to be applied quickly and then blended in. This way, you don’t have to worry about it clogging your pores or feeling heavy on your skin! For people who want more coverage than their natural skin tone provides, these are perfect for that too.

minimalist beauty

3. Apply a light layer of foundation

Foundation should never be applied heavily, which is why minimalist beauty advocates for applying it lightly and blending as you go. If your skin tone changes throughout the day or if you’re going to wear makeup one day versus another- try using tinted moisturizer instead! This way, you can still have color on your face but it won’t be as heavy.

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4. Wear waterproof mascara

It’s easy to get caught up in the minimalist beauty idea of “less is more” with makeup, but this doesn’t mean that you should forget about your lashes! It might take a few extra minutes at night before bed, but it will be worth it when your mascara stays put for hours.

5. Wear red lipstick

Red lips are just as minimalist and natural-looking on a day-to-day basis as they are during the fall! All you need is one swipe, so go for it. Neutral shades like pink also look great with minimalist looks because of their simplicity and ease of use.

If you’re not feeling adventurous enough to wear bold colors on your lips, try using a lip balm instead! Just wet the applicator and rub it over your lips.

6. Wear solid colors

Solid colors are minimalist and simple-they’re perfect for minimalist beauty because they don’t require much thought or strategy. If you find that your style changes drastically day to day, then this is a great tip!

Plus, solid colors are flattering on all skin tones.

7. Learn to create simple and flawless updos for your hair

Updos are minimalist and perfect for the minimalist beauty look. They create an elegant but classy style that will last all day with little effort!

8. Don’t forget your eyebrows

Although minimalist beauty is about less makeup, this doesn’t mean you need to skip over your brows. Instead of drawing them on (which can be time-consuming), use a tinted eyebrow gel that matches the color of your hair or skin tone and brush it through for subtle definition!

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9. Wear minimalist jewelry

Minimalist beauty doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Instead, it just means that your accessories can be simple and minimalist too! You’ll look effortlessly chic with these minimalist pieces in place of more fancy ones.

Instead of wearing a bracelet for every occasion, wear one piece at a time- or even better yet, just wear minimalist jewelry in general.

10. Wear minimalist shoes

No one likes to have their feet in pain, so it’s important not to wear your most uncomfortable pair of shoes all day!

Find a pair that is comfortable and stylish…it will give you the same look with less pain. Plus, they’re a great way to say goodbye to blisters and soreness.

11. Use less makeup in general

Minimalist beauty is about fewer products, so don’t forget the minimalist aspect of your makeup in general. Use lighter shades and focus more on a natural look than anything else- it’s much easier to take off at night!

Whether you want matte or shimmery, minimalist looks allow for all these things without having to worry about clogging pores or feeling heavy.

12. Wear minimalist nail polish

Just like minimalist makeup, minimalist nails should be simple. If you want to add a hint of color without going all out, try wearing nude shades or something neutral that will match any outfit!

Minimalist beauty is about less products and minimalism- so don’t forget your nails when thinking about looking natural.

Celebrity Minimalist Beauty Examples:


Kate Bosworth is a minimalist beauty goddess. She always looks simple and natural, with minimal makeup on her face and gorgeous updos that never look like they take too much effort.

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Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is minimalist, but not minimalist for the sake of being minimalist. She always has a natural makeup look going on- it’s minimal without looking too bare or washed out.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is minimalist and natural. She wears minimal makeup on her face, but still has a little bit of color in the form of lips or eyeliner at times- it’s just enough to make her look chic!

Emma Stone

Emma Stone strikes the perfect balance between minimalist beauty and trends. Her hair is always down (which is minimalist) but her makeup looks edgy and modern.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson, a veteran minimalist beauty expert, always has an easy-breezy natural look that still manages to be stunning! She knows how to keep it simple without looking too bland or washed up she’s the perfect example of minimalist beauty!

Final Thoughts

All of these tips are simple and easy to implement. They’re also inexpensive, so there’s no excuse not to try them out! Use this list as a starting point for your own beauty routine and see how it makes you feel more refreshed and confident in minimalism. We can’t wait to hear about the results on our social media channels!