11 Characteristics of a Compassionate Person

When we think of compassionate people, what do they usually have in common? Compassionate people are kind and compassionate. They also show empathy to others.

While these qualities might seem obvious, there is a lot more that goes into being compassionate. Read on for 11 characteristics of compassionate people!

What It Means to Be a Compassionate Person

Being compassionate means that you are aware of the feelings and thoughts of not only yourself but those around you.

It’s a quality that requires energy to maintain because it takes time and effort to be compassionate with others. Being compassionate also means accepting there is no judgment – we all have flaws, which makes us more understanding towards each other rather than less compassionate.

It’s important to note that compassionate people are not perfect, and they do have bad days where it is hard to be compassionate with others – but being compassionate means recognizing your flaws and shortcomings in order to better deal with them as well as the imperfections of those around you.

Being a compassionate person also requires responsiveness: when someone is in need of help, compassionate people are quick to respond.

11 Characteristics of a Compassionate Person

1. Compassionate People Aren’t Afraid To Be Open

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Compassionate people don’t keep things bottled up inside. They recognize that life is difficult and we can all use a helping hand sometimes – which requires open communication with others.

We may be afraid or embarrassed by our own emotions, but compassionate people don’t let that stop them from talking to others.

2.Compassionate People Recognize That They Are Not Perfect

Compassionate people are not perfect and they do have flaws – which means compassionate people can find the flaw in themselves more easily than the flaws in those around them.

Being compassionate also requires accepting there is no judgment.

3.Compassionate People Have Empathy

One of the most compassionate qualities is empathy. Compassionate people are able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and understand how they might feel – which makes it easier for them to communicate with others.

Those who are compassionate also try not to judge anyone, because we all have flaws that make us more understanding.

4.Compassionate People Reach Out

Compassionate people are quick to reach out when they see someone in need of help. They want the best for those around them and will go out of their way if it means making a difference in another’s life.

This compassionate characteristic is what makes compassionate people stand apart from others – because not everyone does this, compassionate people are compassionate towards themselves and the other person.

4. Compassionate People Aren’t Afraid To Be Honest

Compassionate people don’t let their fear of being judged or questioned stop them from telling the truth.

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They are honest with themselves and others, which means compassionate people can be more truthful than those who try to hide behind a mask by maintaining dishonest behavior.

5.Compassionate People Listen

Compassionate people are compassionate because they not only listen to what others have to say, but also show empathy.

This stands in contrast with those who might pretend as though the other person doesn’t exist or is invisible when someone else talks – compassionate people avoid that reaction and instead try their best to be compassionate towards everyone around them.

compassionate people

6.Compassionate People Show Emotion

Compassionate people show emotion because they know that it’s not always easy to put your emotions in a box.

They don’t allow their fear of being judged or questioned stop them from feeling the way they want – compassionate people are compassionate towards themselves and others, which means showing all types of emotions is okay.

7.Compassionate People Respect Others

Compassionate people respect others for who they are and what they have to offer.

They don’t let their own insecurities or feelings dictate how compassionate a person is – instead, compassionate people always try to be compassionate with those around them regardless of the circumstances.

8.Compassionate People Don’t Judge Others

Compassionate people don’t judge others because compassionate people know that we all have our flaws.

They work on themselves before they can deal with the shortcomings in other individuals – which means compassionate people are compassionate towards everyone around them, no matter what is happening or how someone may be feeling.

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9.Compassionate People Are Kind

Kindness is compassionate people’s number one priority. Compassionate people want to make the world a better place – and they do that by being kind towards everyone, even those who might be difficult or hard to get along with.

When compassionate people see someone struggling, it doesn’t stop them from helping in any way possible.

10.Compassionate People Smile

Compassionate people smile because compassionate people are compassionate towards themselves and others.

They don’t want to see anyone in pain or struggling, which is why they will always do their best to make sure someone else has a reason for a smile – no matter what the circumstances may be.

Compassionate people also know that it’s not always easy to smile all the time – compassionate people don’t let this stop them from trying their best.

11.Compassionate People Try Their Best

The final characteristic of compassionate people is that they try their best, even when things get difficult or challenging. Compassionate people know how important it is for everyone in the world to try their best, no matter what difficulties are happening.

Compassionate people go out of their way to make a difference in the lives around them and compassionate people always do their best with everything they have.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has helped you understand what it takes to be a more compassionate person. Being compassionate is a great way to build relationships and make people feel valued.