11 Things to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

It’s fairly easy to stop feeling like yourself, especially when the world will break you to an extent. You don’t feel like yourself for several reasons, whether it’s giving yourself too much to others, pretending to someone you’re not, or even overworking yourself.

Both balance and boundaries are extremely important if you want to avoid losing yourself and forgetting who you are completely. Nothing will ever compare to the pain of losing who you are completely as it’s such a difficult feeling. In this article, we’ll be talking about the 11 things you can do when you don’t feel like yourself.

Why Don’t I Feel Like Myself?

Unfortunately, we live in a world where it’s so easy to lose parts of ourselves by constantly giving ourselves away to everyone. If you’re someone considered as selfless and considerate, because of your kind soul, you end up pouring yourself to everyone until you have nothing left.

This is why people who are naturally giving end up losing themselves the most, whether in friendships, relationships, or even family. It’s easy to feel unattached to who you are when you constantly compromise to the needs and expectations of others and you forget that deserve to prioritize yourself as well. Feeling like yourself is the key to making yourself happy.

You’ll always feel like something missing if you don’t find yourself back. You don’t always have to let other people take your power because that’s the easiest way to lose yourself. Love doesn’t equate to giving yourself to the point of feeling empty and drained – that’s not loving, but simply a false idea of love.


11 Things To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Yourself Anymore


1. Do the things you love

As mentioned above, the reason you may not feel like yourself is the lack of time you leave for yourself. You spend all your energy on others that you don’t leave any for yourself, which is a very dangerous thing to do. You will only feel whole if there’s a perfect balance and you can start doing that by doing your passions.

2. Breathe slowly

It’s possible to be overwhelmed with work, taking up the responsibilities you think you can do. However, overworking will you burn you out of every energy you used to have. If you don’t feel like yourself any longer, remember to breathe, and remember this feeling isn’t permanent. Sometimes, all you lack is rest.


3. Meditate about it

Meditation is a breathing exercise that effectively helps you stay grounded in the present moment while also letting go of your negative thoughts. When you lose yourself, it’s hard to move forward in doing anything, and meditation can help you do just that. By letting go of your thoughts, you can feel much better.

4. Let go of toxic people

You can’t get yourself back if you hold on to the toxic people in your life. More often than not, toxic friendships and relationships are what caused you to lose who you are in the first place. Learn to let go.

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It drained you to an extent of losing sight of yourself, which is why you need to cut them off.

5. Get out of your comfort zone

While it’s the easiest thing to stay in what’s familiar and comfortable, you’ll never grow, much less find who you are. Don’t be afraid to try new things and explore places you’ve never been to before. New experiences will lead you to exactly who you are and you never know what you’ll find.


6. Take a social media break

There’s nothing wrong with scrolling on social media. However, it’s easy to compare your life with others online, and it’s easy to lose yourself in comparison. By taking a social media detox, you can focus more on the things that truly matter in your life, instead of on how you can look best on paper.

Reading helps me to take a social media break, and I love using BLINKLIST, an app that summarizes key points of thousands of books.

7. Find what makes you happy

Losing yourself feels so numb and empty in all the wrong places. You can find yourself again by going to places and people that make you happy and alive, and only you know how to do that. Nobody else can pinpoint what makes you happy, so you have to take the wheel.

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8. Set boundaries

This part is so important as the lack of boundaries is probably what caused you to lose yourself. Setting boundaries doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t love or care about them, but it means you care about yourself as much as you do about them. This is how you guarantee you won’t lose yourself again next time.


9. Be alone

We’re constantly surrounded by people every day that it’s easy for our thoughts, opinions, and values to get clouded. You compromise and adjust according to what makes you fit in better, which will tend to make you lose yourself eventually. By spending time alone, you realize a lot of things, including who you truly are.

10. Turn to art

Whenever you’re feeling lost or confused in life, art is the most constant thing you can run to. Everything you’re feeling, express it in a way you feel comfortable, whether that’s through words, painting, music, or photography. The reason why art is so powerful is it makes people lose and find themselves simultaneously.

11. Find your voice

No matter what anybody else tells you, always choose yourself over anything and anyone. You will lose yourself when you always take others’ opinions and approval into consideration, but you find yourself when you do the exact opposite. You are more powerful and capable than you realize.


Final Thoughts

I hope this article was able to shed insight into the answer to your question ‘I don’t feel like myself.’ While it’s normal to feel this way, you should know that it’s not a feeling that lasts very long.

You find yourself again by regaining your power and identity through the belief that you are enough, you are loved, and you are capable. You don’t always have to empty yourself for the sake of others, especially when the sacrifice is losing yourself completely.






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