15 Steps to Take When You Feel Lost in Life

Are you or have you ever felt lost in life? Every human does at one point or another for different reasons. One of man’s greatest questions has always been finding the meaning of life.

At least as of right now, there isn’t one clear answer to this question. Based on how individualistic each and every single human is, I would say that the meaning of life is different for everyone.

So, if you find yourself feeling lost, today we will discuss some simple and actionable steps that you can take to help find your way.

Why You May Feel Lost in Life

Feeling lost in life can be due to a number of different things.

It could be due to a traumatic experience such as a breakup or death of a loved one.

It can also be due to a big life choice such as changing your college major, dropping out, getting married, or moving to a new area.

Sometimes. we feel lost when simple, everyday life catches up with us.

Maybe you are taking on too many things at once and have lost a sense of self. Maybe you need to change your path because of the person you have grown in to.

All of these and more are valid reasons for feeling lost in life.

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15 Steps to Take When You Feel Lost in Life

  1. What does your heart tell you that you want to do? Is there a hobby or career you want to work towards? Or maybe work on a certain personality trait? Possibly relationship building?

    Whatever it may be, listen to what your heart and what your brain are yearning for and start there.

  2. When interacting with others or just going about your day-to-day life, go with your first instinct. Many of us often change our choices and reactions based on those around us for fear of some sort of negative reaction.

    Many times, people can see through fakeness and will actually appreciate you more if you are honest, even if it means disappointing them.

  3. Do something that will be productive for YOU, no matter how small. Whether it be brushing your teeth or writing a few sentences for the book you’ve been wanting to write.

    Whether your action is big or small, when you begin, it will be a lot easier to continue progressing.

4. Brain dumps are somewhat of a miracle for any situation–especially when you find yourself feeling lost in life. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes. Write out everything and anything that is on your mind.

After the timer is up, look at your list. You may see a pattern of thoughts whether they be worries, fears, goals, etc.

5. It’s always important to have at least one person to go to in any situation. Whether that be a parent, spouse, or friend. Confide in them about what you are feeling. They will most certainly offer some kind words or advice.

It may be a good idea to also ask them and others close to you what kind of person they see you as. That way you can see what those close to you view you as a person.

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6. Figure out what goals you have. It doesn’t have to be making a ton of money or leveling up in a career. It could be something more personal like learning to listen more or going for walks outside more often.

Write these goals down and post them somewhere you will see them daily so it’s a gentle reminder to work towards these goals.

7. Sitting with your thoughts, going for a walk, or reading a book, whatever you need to sort through your thoughts.

Try to do this often as you will see what you are truly thinking about and can better assess your dayto-day situation.

8. You could be feeling lost because you are overwhelmed with so many different things in life. It may be time to take a break. Not all of us can up and quit what we are doing, but find ways where you can stop doing certain things for a while.

For instance, if you feel the gym has been stressing you out more than helping, take a week or two off to rest and recharge.

9. Indulge in what you find enjoyable. Whether it be playing video games, reading comics, cooking or baking, etc.

Finding time to do what brings you joy can stimulate creativity and clear your mind. It will give you a stronger sense of purpose.

10. Going back to the theme of doing too many things, you may be a yes (wo)man. It’s great to take opportunities when given to you, but don’t just say yes to something because you were asked.

Take some time to think if it’s truly something you want and will add value to your life. If it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a no, friend.

11. Learning to look at your life situation differently can greatly change your overall attitude towards life. Try expressing gratitude and thanks for some things going on in your life.

No matter how lost you may feel, the fact that you woke up today is something to be thankful for within itself.

12. Life can be overwhelming sometimes. When we try to do too many things at once, we get overwhelmed and end up feeling lost, not knowing what to do next. Go back to your goals, and focus on things one step at a time.

Do single tasks, giving your full attention to that one thing, no matter how small. Over time, this will build habits with how you react to day to day life.


13. Feeling lost in life can be a result of big life changes, both good and bad. Feeling fear is okay. It is our body’s natural protection mechanism. However, our body can’t distinguish giving a speech from a bear wanting to eat us.

It just thinks we are in danger and uncomfortable and wants to go back to a state of comfort. Although difficult, sometimes it is necessary to feel the fear and just do whatever you need to do anyway.

14. Sometimes a good vent session is all you need to clear your mind. Keeping all of your thoughts bundled up can really take a toll. Have a chat with someone close to you or even a therapist.

Just someone who will listen and allow you to get your thoughts and feelings out verbally.

15. Lastly, try not to get too beat up about feeling lost right now. Just as we experience positive life emotions, we must also experience negative ones.

As we navigate life, it is perfectly normal to feel lost occasionally and sometimes the only way out is through.

Finding Your Way in Life

Take some time to self-reflect and think about some things that you want to focus on in life. Again, it doesn’t have to be a flashy goal. It can be very simple.

Whatever will truly make you happy and fuel your passion will work best. Reach out to a loved one or therapist to vent or for some guidance.

It’s important to take things slow and learn to protect your time and energy and say yes to things that are a hell yes.

Most importantly, know that it is perfectly normal to feel these types of emotions and that it is a regular part of life.

Sometimes we have to sit through these emotions and simply let them pass.

Final Thoughts

In summary, we all feel lost in life at one point or another. Sometimes we have to take steps to work through these feelings or simply recognize them and let them pass.

Whatever route you may need to take, love yourself every step of the way and know that this too shall pass.


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