Comforting Someone: 15 Ways to Help Them Feel Better

Sometimes it can seem like there is absolutely nothing you can do to help someone who is feeling down. There are a lot of ways that people try to comfort those around them, but how do you know which ones work best?

This blog post will provide 15 suggestions for how you can make others feel better when they’re sad or upset.

1. Listen with intention

It can sometimes feel like people are just trying to fill the silence when they listen, but it’s actually how you show that you care.

Listening is a way for someone who has been hurt by something or feels sad about how things have turned out in their life to open up and get some perspective on things without feeling judged. You may not have all of the answers, but you can at least be there and listen.

2. Show them affection

Touch is a great way to reach out and make other people feel cared for.

If you’re not sure how best to offer that kind of comfort, try holding someone’s hand or putting your arm around them in a hug before moving away again. It can be as simple as giving their shoulder a little squeeze too!

3. Encourage them gently

It’s easy to be negative when you’re feeling down, and it can feel like nothing is going right in your life.

However, if someone has a sense of how things could get better again or how they might see the situation differently once more time passes- whether that involves somebody else being there for them or just their own personal time to heal- that can be incredibly helpful.

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4. Be there for them

It can be really difficult to know how you should react when someone is upset. It’s best not to try and make them feel better or tell them what they want, but just being present can go a long way in terms of comfort.

5. Be honest with them

Everyone wants to feel understood, and that’s how you can help them. Identify their feelings without judgement or trying to fix the situation- just let them know it makes sense how they’re feeling.

It will make a huge difference in how they see themselves and how other people view them too!

6. Respect how they want to be comforted

Everyone has their own way of responding to being sad, and that means you need to make sure how you’re offering them support matches how they would like it.

You can ask if there’s a certain song or food or movie they’d prefer over anything else- just let them know how much you care.

7. Give them space

It might not seem like the best way to comfort someone, but sometimes they just need to be alone.

It can help someone who is feeling down get a sense of how they might feel better again on their own and how it will affect how others see them too!

8. Take care of yourself too

Being in a position where you have to help others when they’re feeling down can be difficult and wearing. Try not to get so worn out that it affects how well you’re able to offer support.

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It’s best for everyone involved if you take some time for yourself just as often as possible!

9. Remind them how much you care

There’s a difference between someone just listening to what your problems are and reminding you how important it is that they’re there for you.

They can say how good of a friend or family member they think you are, which will really make an impact on how the person feels about themselves.

10. Show how much you care

This is a big one. You can’t simply sit there and listen or do things for them- they need to know how important they are in your life too!

It’s not always the easiest thing, but it will make everything so much better when people have support from others who love them.

comforting someone

11. Keep them company

Sometimes all someone needs is a little bit of distraction from how bad they feel.

You don’t have to try and fix anything- just keep the person company by doing something with them or watching their favorite TV show together. They’ll appreciate it so much more than you might think…

12. Make an effort to understand how they’re feeling

It’s not always easy to understand how someone else is feeling, but you can show them that you care and want to be there for them by asking about their feelings.

It will feel like the nicest thing ever when somebody wants to know how you are too!

13. Provide a distraction

This might sound a little silly when you’re looking for how to comfort someone, but sometimes all it takes is a distraction.

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For instance, they might need something to take their mind off how sad or low they feel- such as doing puzzles together or watching TV.

14. Write them a letter

If there’s somebody who always makes you feel better after talking to them, then how about reaching out with a handwritten letter?

It can mean the world when somebody takes time to write you back- it will make how they’re feeling so much better.

15) Don’t try and fix anything or tell them what they need

As stated before, everyone wants someone who understands how they’re feeling without judgment. You might be tempted to try and fix how they feel, but it’s actually better for them if you don’t.

This is because their feelings are valid and just how they need to process how things have been going in their life right now- so the best thing you can do as a friend or family member would be to listen instead.

Final Thoughts

If you want to comfort someone, try these 15 ways out. It can be hard when a person is feeling sad or hurt. You don’t always know what to do in those moments.

That’s why we’re providing this list of comforting things for people who are struggling right now – so they’ll know that there are many different options out there and it doesn’t have to feel like an impossible task