15 Signs You’ve Found Your Kindred Spirit

It’s rare to find someone who naturally vibes with your energy and mindset. If you don’t know what a kindred spirit is, they share the same interests and perspective as you. We meet different people every day, not all of who share common mindsets with us.

In fact, most of the people we cross paths with share a different perspective than us, which is what also spikes our curiosity and interest in developing friendships and connections. Your kindred spirit understands you in ways nobody else can. In this article, we’ll be talking about the 15 signs you’ve found your kindred spirit.

What is a Kindred Spirit?

As mentioned above, your kindred spirit shares the same things you do. Your connection is undeniable and because of your mutual mindset and perspective on things, it’s only natural you’ll connect in a way, unlike others.

A kindred spirit is a person people aspire to find their whole lives just because of the distinctive and unique connection it provides. With a kindred spirit, you don’t just get a potential lover, but you also get a best friend and life partner.

Since you share similar views and outlook, they will understand you in ways others won’t. You resonate with the same frequency as your kindred spirit, which is why it makes such a powerful connection.

15 Signs You’ve Found Your Kindred Spirit

1. You feel safe

Since they feel familiar to you, you’ll naturally feel at peace whenever you’re with them. You could be having the worst day, but being around your kindred spirit makes you feel safe and calm. They make you feel understood and have that sense of relief from negativity.

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2. You share so much in common

A kindred spirit means that you share so much more with them than the average person. In fact, you share almost everything in common, as if they represent the other half of your soul. Your kindred soul shares your humor, energy, mindset, and everything else about you, even your interests and beliefs.

3. You learn more about yourself

Whenever you’re with your kindred spirit, you learn so much about yourself than you ever thought possible. Your kindred spirit is like looking into the mirror version of yourself, making you gain another perspective of yourself.

4. You see things similarly

While we meet several people that have similar views with us, it’s different when you see things the same way. You may realize that this person shares your precise and exact points of view in a way nobody else has since they’re your kindred spirit.

5. You can tell what they feel

This can be seen as either a positive or negative thing, depending on the person. You can tell what your kindred spirit thinks or feels, especially since you share almost everything in common. Most likely, you have the same emotions, which would mean you either understand why they feel that way or that you also feel what they do.

6. You feel the instant connection

As soon as you meet them, it feels like you’ve known them for a long time. You feel the instant connection like your soul recognizes them immediately, without any effort. It feels extremely familiar and comfortable talking to them, even when you haven’t talked to them before.

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7. They support you

They know exactly how to support you and how to back you up when it counts since they know where you’re coming from. You can always count on them to be by your side whenever you need them to, especially on your darkest and most difficult days.

8. You have a shared instinct

If you’ve already crossed paths with your kindred spirit, you can feel the circumstances they need you the most. They don’t have to tell you verbally, but you can already tell with your kindred spirit instincts.

9. They motivate you

Nobody else can motivate you like your kindred spirit does since they know exactly how to do that. They probably experienced a similar situation you did, which is exactly why they’re the best person to push you and help you move forward.

10. You bring out the best in one another

They’ll feel like a best friend and a partner, all in one person. This means that you’ll naturally bring out the best in one another, with your similar perspectives and morals in life. Nobody else will bring out your best potential as your kindred spirit will.

11. You complement each other

When you find your kindred spirit, your energies and personalities will just mesh in a way that feels natural. You won’t have to force anything with them, whether you’re together or apart.

12. Everything seems easy

Relationships and friendships don’t always come naturally and easy for everyone, and this is especially true with your kindred spirit. It will be one of the easiest relationships you’ve had with anyone.

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13. You feel them with you

Even when you aren’t physically together, you feel them with you everywhere. Even when they’re on the other side of the world, they’re with you. The connection is raw and deep that way.

14. You feel the connection

It isn’t just because of the similarity, but it’s the intimacy, friendship, and strength of the bond you feel whenever you’re together. You’ll always have this connection, whether together or apart.

15. You miss them

You can spend an entire day with them and you’d still miss them afterward. This is because of that unique bond you don’t share with anyone else. Most likely, even if they’re nearby, you’d still miss them the minute you aren’t together.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was able to shed insight into everything you needed to know about a kindred spirit. When you find the person that almost has everything in common with you, expect a powerful bond you can’t run away from.

Even if it can be overwhelming at times, they’ll also understand you in ways nobody has done before. They make you into a much better person than you realize, which is why you feel good when you’re around them.

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