10 Ways to Deal With Feeling Empty

We all experience a feeling of inner void at some point in life. This feeling gives way to a sudden realization that you have absolutely nothing to live for and that your life is totally purposeless.

Feeling empty inside can become very painful even if it doesn’t point to anything specific.

You might have everything you have ever wanted in life but still, that feeling returns, and all you seek is relief – and freedom.

It’s quite normal to go into such a state of emptiness and futility but the important thing is to overcome these negative feelings and come out of this phase feeling satisfied and happy.

Here we will look at some effective ways to cope with this hollowness but first let’s find out why this happens.  

Why Do I Feel Empty?

Emptiness stems from feelings of hopelessness and desolation. It is also sometimes associated with our inner fears and the absence of true happiness in life.

Some people become addicted to certain things because they are simply looking for a way out.

For some time, they feel relieved and calmed but this feeling is usually very short-lived. If they don’t really try to confront the emptiness inside, they wouldn’t be able to get rid of it completely.

You might be feeling empty because of a neurological disorder but it is very rarely the only cause of this inner void and hollowness that actually hurts!

If your inner desolation haunts you quite often, it’s time you confronted it responsively.

It’s important to know the root cause of this feeling that disrupts your daily life and ruins your achievements.

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So, let’s find out a few ways that address some of the causes of emptiness inside and provide relief from this unwanted weight. 

10 Ways to Deal with Feeling Empty

1. You need to quit your ego-centered living.

When you are so used to being self-centered, a point comes when you start hating yourself.

This is when you feel that hollowness inside because you have absolutely no one to turn to.

Instead of caring just for yourself, start caring for others. 

2. Establish a connection with your soul.

It’s not as difficult as it might sound because every one of us knows deep inside how to awaken the soul.

You might get disconnected from your soul because of your busy routine or lack of spiritual guidance, which can be cured anytime.

You can turn to prayer and spiritual enlightenment to feel a connection with your soul.

3. Strive for self-fulfillment.

You might be feeling the emptiness because the sense of “self-fulfillment” is yet to be explored.

You can achieve this by taking charge of your life, celebrating your accomplishments, helping others, and finding the good in everything.

In addition to this, setting goals in life, and taking steps to achieve them also brings feelings of self-fulfillment and content.

4. Confront your emotions.

Stop being dishonest with yourself when it comes to your true feelings.

When you learn to embrace your emotions and use positive outlets to express them, is when you learn to cope with the negativity that surrounds your life.

Many people use catharsis as a healthy and liberating way to let out their emotions. 

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5. Have a sense of purpose in life.

Having a purpose in life gives meaning to your existence. You need to overcome isolation and build community to discover your purpose in life.

You might need to find answers to some important questions related to your life in order to know your true purpose.

They may relate to your passions, your desires and your definition of success.

6. Connect with people.

This not only reveals that other people might also be having the same kind of feelings but also allows you to share your emptiness with them.

It is also a good idea to join a support group; a group of people who almost feel the same way as you do.

7. Let go of your past.

Emptiness sometimes stem from bitter experiences of the past because they keep haunting you.

If you want to feel happy again, you must let go of your past.

There is no need to nurture those feelings of guilt and remorse when you have so much to look forward to.

8. Find out what makes you unique.

Everyone has some qualities that make them unique. You need to discover yours to have a sense of fullness and success.

You need to remember that these qualities will help you achieve your goals in life.

9. Discover your inner child.

Not having a strong sense of self often gives way to feelings of ineptness and melancholy.

You need to find out what the child inside you wants and once you are able to do that, you will know your true identity.

10. Find a therapist.

When everything else fails to work, you always have the option of having a therapist check you up thoroughly.

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They would ask you questions to find out the cause of emptiness and come up with a viable solution or therapy to get rid of these negative feelings.

How to Stop Feeling Empty?

“I feel empty inside” is a sentence you would often hear. There are many people who struggle with inner emptiness on a regular basis.

They learn to cope with this negative feeling and every time it returns, they are successful in shoving it off.

Practicing spiritualism, learning to be content with what you have, celebrating your achievements, stop living an ego-centered life and caring for others are some of the ways to cope with feelings of hopelessness and desolation.

However, first you should find out why you feel that way, look for a solid reason and then struggle to overcome it. 

Final Thoughts

Emptiness, no matter how petty it might sound, hurts.

It is something that starts eating you from inside leaving very little behind – unless you stand up and confront it openly.

The first step to control feeling numb inside is to find out the cause. If you think depression is the main cause of emptiness, you are wrong.

Depression could appear as a symptom when you’re feeling empty inside but it is definitely not the reason behind it.

Things likes self-absorption, lack of purpose in life, being dishonest with yourself, and absence of self-fulfillment could be some of the reasons behind feeling empty inside.

Follow the steps discussed in this post to cope with a sudden onset of hollowness and numbness inside. 

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