40 Decluttering Goals to Achieve this Month

Achieving decluttering goals can be difficult. The process of simplifying your life and living clutter-free takes time, patience, and dedication. It’s not just about throwing away things you don’t need anymore; it’s also about organizing what you do have.

That being said, the rewards of achieving these goals are worth it! Below you will find 40 decluttering goals to achieve this month for a fresh start this season!

Why Should I Set Decluttering Goals?

Set decluttering goals to begin the new decluttered year with a fresh start. You can declutter your home and take care of yourself at the same time by decluttering your closet and diet. Remember that decluttering goals are not only for beginners!

Decluttering is usually hard work, but it feels good to have an organized space. There are many decluttering goals you can set for this month to make this decluttered year really count!


40 Decluttering Goals to Achieve this Month

1. Sort through your closet and donate clothes that you don’t wear.

2. Throw away expired food items in the fridge or pantry.

3. Clear out any junk drawers, cabinets, closets, etc., to make space for new things.

4. Declutter your living room by getting rid of any old newspapers or magazines you have lying around.

5. Put all of your makeup into a drawer so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for when getting ready.

6. Get rid of any trash on the floor – sweep up and throw away anything that has accumulated under furniture.

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7. Clean out the garage or storage space of any old boxes, clothes, etc., you never use anymore.

8. Sort through your paperwork and shred anything that you don’t need.

9. Sort through and organize all of the things in your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and pantry.

10. Clean out all of the junk mail that’s been piling up on your coffee table or end tables.

goals for decluttering

11. Clear off surfaces like desks, countertops, and dressers to make room for new items.

12. Get rid of any old makeup you’ve had for over a year (unless it’s something you use every day).

13. Purge any books from your shelves that you haven’t touched in more than six months.

14. Organize all of your loose cords in one place so they’re not cluttering up the house.

15. Sort through any DVDs or video games you’ve had for a long time and donate them to charity if you don’t want them anymore.

16. Organize storage spaces like under your bed, behind doors, etc., that have boxes piled on top of each other.

17. Get rid of anything in the kitchen that you don’t use on a regular basis.

18. Declutter your car and get rid of any trash or junk items you have inside.

19. Sort through old photos, scrapbooks, etc., that are just taking up space so they can be stored more efficiently.

20. Put everything in your home office into labeled folders so you know exactly where to find a file if needed.

21. Make your bed every morning so you have a decluttered space to start off the day.

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22. Make a decluttering schedule for this month so you stay on top of everything.

23. Try to go through one room every day and declutter it completely, getting rid of anything that doesn’t have a place or isn’t being used anymore.

24. Sort through the items in your medicine cabinet to see what beauty products you haven’t touched in over a year and throw them away.

25. Declutter your to-do list by crossing out things you’ve already finished and prioritizing the rest.

26. Get rid of old magazines that are piling up on tables, countertops, etc., so you have more space for new ones when they come in.

27. Organize all of your bills from oldest to newest so it’s easier to find the most recent one.

28. Declutter your purse by throwing away receipts you don’t need, old gift cards, etc., and organizing what’s left into designated slots or compartments.

29. If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it

30. Take one day to go through your closet and toss anything that doesn’t fit or you don’t wear often

31. Get rid of the clothes that are just taking up space – if they’re not on hangers, then they’re cluttering up your room

32. Sort out all the stuff on your dresser and find homes for everything 

33. Put away half as many clothes as you have now so there’s more room for other things 

34. Get rid of any books you’ve read but don’t want to keep

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35. Get rid of shoes you don’t wear anymore

36. Sell books online or to a used bookstore

37. Donate unwanted items to charity

38. Clean up after yourself – don’t leave dishes in the sink or dirty clothes lying around 

39. Declutter your desk at work

40. Declutter your jewelry collection – get rid of anything with broken clasps, rings without partners, etc., and store the rest more efficiently so it’s easy to see everything at once.

Final Thoughts

This list of 40 decluttering goals will help you get started on your journey to achieving clutter-free living. Take on one of these 40 goals each month and watch as the clutter in your life disappears!