A Complete Guide for Creating a Minimalist Home Office

If you’ve recently started working from home, or you’ve been doing it for a while now, creating a productive and motivating at-home office can be difficult.

Working from home isn’t easy for everyone – some people strive off of being in an actual work environment and being around coworkers, so it’s important to take time to make a productive at-home office where you’ll want to be productive.

Creating an at-home office isn’t as simple as putting a desk and a computer in, most people get overwhelmed if they have too much clutter in their office and it causes them to be unproductive.

We’re here to tell you that creating a minimalist home office is the best way to work from home and be productive each day.

A minimalist home office involves getting rid of unnecessary clutter, only having things you need, and giving your home office a clean and simple look.

How to Start Creating a Minimalist Home Office

Declutter: get rid of any unnecessary items you don’t use on a regular workday. If you have 20 pens on your desk but you only use 5 of them, get rid of the ones you don’t use. You don’t need to overcrowd your desk just because that’s what you saw your boss do – when it comes to a home office, less is more!

No extra décor: your office is supposed to be a place that motivates you, not distracts you. Don’t add any unnecessary décor to your office – having a bunch of pretty things to look at all day will only distract you from your work.

Have a system for papers: if you work a job where you need to print a lot of documents to look over, create an efficient system for filing those papers when you’re done with them. Don’t let your papers pile up on your desk – that will only overwhelm you and make you dread organizing it later on.

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Keep a clean desk: We know – easier said than done. To keep yourself on task and motivated, put things away once you’re done with them. Make sure everything in your home office has a place and put items in their place when not in use. Make your life easier and clean up small messes and you make them rather than leaving yourself with a large mess to clean up later.

Get a good technology set up: nothing is more unmotivating than technology that doesn’t work. Whether you still work for a company or you are your own boss, make sure you have a technology set up that always works for you. Make sure you like your setup so you wake up every morning excited to get to work.

minimalist home office tips

Now that you have an idea of creating a minimalist home office, we have some ideas in hopes to inspire you to create your dream minimalist home office.

7 Minimalist home office ideas

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1. All white office

Creating a fully white office allows your creativity to flow. It’s almost like sitting at a blank canvas and letting your mind do the work. Creating a blank space for your minimalist home office allows your brain to focus on your work and your work only.

2. Modern farmhouse

The farmhouse style of décor has become so popular over the last couple of years and having this décor style in your office is no different.

Featuring a lot of natural wood tones, and dainty décor, this is a great option for a minimalist home office.

There isn’t much art, décor or color to get distracted on, and you can feel cozy in your home office and be the most productive you possible.

Try These Ideas

3. Office with a view

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If you’re lucky enough to live in a condo, apartment, or house with a view, use that as your inspiration to get your work done.

Create yourself a minimalist home office in front of your view – don’t add much décor because that’s what your view is for.

4. Luxury minimalist

If you’re into all things luxury, use that as the décor style of your home office, but make it minimal.

It’s okay to invest in things for your home office but keep the décor to a minimum so you can focus on your work.

5. Corner office

Believe it or not, a lot of people like this type of minimalist home office because it oftentimes resembles a cubicle and makes them feel like they are in an actual office.

Create a minimalist home office in the corner of your room with a simple desk, your computer, and simple decorations such as educational or motivational books, and get to work!

6. Empty but functional

One of the best ways to create a minimalist home office to have a lot of empty space in your office. If you don’t do much printing or reading, don’t put anything but a desk in your office.

If you have a bookshelf in your office that you don’t use, you’ll constantly look at it and come up with ways to fill it – meaning you’re distracted from your work. If you only use a desk, it’s okay to have an empty-looking workspace. Everyone likes what they like!

minimalist home office essentials

7. Light and airy

A lot of people like to work in a nice and bright space. Choose the room with the most windows and lighting for your minimalist home office.

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Don’t overcrowd your room with dark, bulky furniture and only furnish it with what you need.

Choose light-colored furniture, wall paints, and decorations to give you that light and airy feeling you need to be productive.

Our Minimalist Home Office Essentials

No matter what style you choose for your minimalist home office, these are the things we think you need:

Try These Ideas:

-Good lighting

-Ample amount of space

-Hidden cable ports

-Functional furniture

-A desk that fits your style

-Technology that works

-Wireless phone charger

-Proper storage

-Calendar to stay organized

Our Final Thoughts

Creating a minimalist home office for yourself is one of the best ways to stay motivated, productive, and creative.

Working from home isn’t for everyone and it isn’t easy to create a space that you’ll enjoy going to every day and working in but creating a minimalist home office can give you the strength and motivation you need to work your hardest every day.

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