11 Essential Ways to Trust Yourself

Trust is a deep, strong part of the human heart. It’s easily broken and takes dedication to rebuild and maintain. So what happens when that trust is broken in your very core?

Well, you fix it by taking calculated measures to strengthen your emotions and the overall view of yourself.

How to Begin to Trust Yourself

The first step to trusting yourself is to not try to be someone you’re not. It’s hard to pinpoint your self-worth and your true identity if you are struggling to grab hold of who you are inside.

Don’t hide behind a mask. Be genuine, and it will be much easier to trust and accept yourself.

Let’s go over some essential ways that you can practice trusting yourself and becoming your own best friend and support system. They’ll strengthen your sense of self and make you feel more secure in your actions and self-esteem. Let’s get started.

11 Essential Ways to Trust Yourself

1. Be Your Biggest Support System

Pat yourself on the back after every achievement. Be your own cheerleader and celebrate the best parts of your life!

When you get that promotion at work or get home from a wonderful first date, tell yourself how great you are and you will always trust yourself to be a great pick-me-up.

2. Be Kind to Yourself

When you trip up, catch yourself when you fall. Forgive the little bumps in the road and keep running! Never beat yourself up. Simply learn from mistakes, forgive yourself, and keep on going.

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Take it easy on yourself when things don’t always go your way, and it will be so much easier to trust yourself during hard times.

3. Cherish ‘Me Time”

Set aside some time every day for yourself. Rest, relax, and pamper yourself! If you give your mind and body some TLC, you’ll be able to trust your ability to take care of yourself and de-stress after a long day.

4. Set Goals You Can Achieve

Don’t be an over-achiever. If you set lofty goals, you’ll crash and burn then beat yourself up over it.

Set manageable goals so you can celebrate the milestones and feel confident in your ability to get stuff done! This will build a good foundation of trust in your abilities and strengthen your self-worth.

5. Reinforce Your Good Qualities

Take a full inventory of your admirable qualities and reinforce the ones that stand out. When you can become confident in your favorite parts of your personality, it will build upon your overall character and give you a well-rounded outlook on yourself.

It will give you clarity about who you truly are and help you trust yourself if you know what defines you.

6. Don’t Let Others Define You

The only person that can tell you who you are is you. Nobody else can have that power over you unless you let them.

Take your life into your own hands and stay strong in your identity. If you can keep a firm grasp on who you are, no one can shake you and you can rest easy in your trust of yourself.

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7. Stay Committed To Self-Improvement

If you set a goal for yourself, see it through. If you don’t stay dedicated to your own goals, it will make you feel lousy. Look inside yourself and light a fire under your dedication. Don’t get discouraged.

Pick your pride back up, set it on your shoulders, and take care of yourself. See your goals through to the very end and you can trust that you will never let yourself down.

8. Don’t Question Your Own Actions

If you make a choice, don’t second-guess yourself. This can cause confusion and make it harder to trust your own decisions. It is always best to follow your gut-reactions before you have time to let doubt sink in.

Doubt is the ugly cousin of anxiety, and the purpose of both is to trip you up. Stay strong and follow through with your decisions.

9. Write Down the Positives

Take out a pen and paper and write down everything you like about yourself. Sometimes having a concrete, written validation of the things you like about yourself can boost your self-esteem and give you positive feelings about your identity.

10. Keep Track of Your Achievements

Having a visual of all the things you’ve done right can give you a great morale-boost when you are down. Keep a constant list of the things you feel great about, and you’ll be able to fall back on something you did yourself!

This is a great way to reinforce your trust in your own abilities.

11. Give it Time

Sometimes it takes time to heal the trust you have in yourself. Take each of these steps day-by-day, and you are sure to build self-trust at a pace that is most comfortable for you. Everyone heals differently.

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Trust your gut and you are sure to start loving yourself in no time!

Why It’s Important to Trust Yourself

You are the only person who can control you. What I mean by this is that you dictate your life, your actions, and your emotions. If you have a strong foundation of trust and confidence in yourself, you always have someone to fall back on.

You can also improve your life by leaps and bounds by putting a little trust into the things you do each and every day. Other peoples’ comments and opinions will just slide off your back and you can be your own best friend and support system. This is an amazing gift to have.

Final Thoughts

Building a good foundation of trust for yourself will help you have a more positive outlook on the world around you. It will help you achieve more in life with greater ease, and it will improve your relationship with those around you.

Take pride in your own internal strength and build upon the trust you hold deep inside. It will lead to a more fulfilling life, and you will be much happier for it! Share your thoughts in the comments below: