How to Declutter Your Life: In 10 Easy Steps

Life is full of changes, moments, and stages. Over time, things tend to pile up, and we may reach a point where we can’t see clearly through it all.

If we don’t take the right action at the right time, we will find ourselves amidst piles of old stuff, and clutter in all areas of life.

If we don’t periodically clean up and simplify life, there might come one day when we will discover that nothing works anymore and that nothing seems to ever happen or change. On that day we might not even understand why. Whereas, the only solution at hand is to: declutter your life.

How to Declutter Your Life in 10 Easy Steps

If you want to reach a good point in life, so that new ideas and growth can enter, projects can move at a good and steady pace, and for your health and energy levels to be at their very best- it’s important to learn how to declutter your life.

This means taking action in all areas: your environment, body, mind, emotions, and social life. Nothing can be forgotten if you want energy to flow at a good healthy course. Here are 10 easy yet valuable steps to declutter your life and improve it little by little:

Step 1. Clear Your Home

Decluttering your home, your room, and generally, your environment involves more than just a usual cleaning.

Besides cleanliness and proper order in the house, which you need to constantly take care of, there is also the element of random stuff piling up too much. Declutter means giving away useless objects, broken ones, and old objects that you don’t really use.

Too many things, in general, lead to stagnation. The best way is to tend towards minimalistic elements and objects. Even too much furniture or cloths might sometimes be too much. It is amazing how little things we really need in order to live relaxed and elegantly.

Step 2. Organize your work space.

The same is valid for your workspace. Throw away what is no longer necessary. A crowded workspace, or desk, does not allow ideas to flow naturally.

Step 3. Be intentional with the commitments you make.

The simplification process must go on with a simplification of your projects, and of the commitments that you have committed to.

It’s not that commitments are bad, however, you must filter through them wisely. Give up those that do not really help you grow or improve your life. Otherwise, you will get tired and worn-out over time.

Step 4. Create daily routines.

Make a list of your daily routines, and consciously analyze all of them. You will be shocked by how many useless things you really do, by default.

Get rid of ones that have no real purpose, improve, and try some new routines. You will find that you could have more time and you will become amazingly efficient. Don’t do anything just because “that’s the way I have always done it”.

Step 5. Be selective about incoming information.

A lot of garbage information is thrown at us, either you like it or not. So you have a huge responsibility of selecting what information is really valuable, and which are from reliable sources.

Nobody will do that for you. Start by limiting your time on social media and the discussions you take part in. Instead, you can select new sources with very precise and niche information, that have a real meaning in your life.

Step 6. Family.

Decluttering your life involves taking greater care of your family relationships and dynamics. This aspect of your life should also be simplified.

Relationships within a family can be very heavy and hard, even toxic. So your responsibility is either to develop a new, healthier type of interaction, or, if this is not possible, to reduce spending time with certain family members, or stay away from certain topics.

Step 7. Social life.

No matter how valuable friends are in theory, sometimes we choose friendships that are actually not meant for us.

Some friendships are based on spending meaningless time together, or on the urge to be socially accepted. These are things that you need to be honest with yourself about.

Step 8. Take care of your body

Discover your unique proper diet that stimulates ease, and wellbeing. The same is true for an active life.

Even if your profession involves staying at your desk for many hours, you can still find some alternative means to a more dynamic lifestyle.

Step 9. Take care of your mental state.

It is all about living in balance and from a conscious point of view. You should always clear your schedule to take care of yourself. You need to do things that keep you in a happy state and reduce the elements that throw you off balance.

Pay, every day, attention to your mental state, and if bad thoughts and feelings are there, don’t let them dwell too long.

These things have a way of creeping in discreetly and then one day you realize that you are stressed or depressed. Take action before reaching such an aggravated state.

Step 10. Simple life maintenance.

This is a long term strategy, actually a lifelong strategy.

Make a list with all the elements that you need to declutter your life, and, in time, they will become your life. Don’t wait for too much garbage/ useless/ old stuff to gather. If you only take care of the 10 easy steps above, your life will never stall.

Final Thoughts

The key is to find balance. Complicated situations, complicated relationships, or spaces, all lead to deterioration. Just like water in a pond, if it doesn’t flow somewhere, it will eventually stink. The exact happens in our life. Luckily, we can easily let life flow by taking the 10 easy steps to declutter your life.


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