20 Easy Home Declutter Hacks

To live in a clutter free home is the ultimate dream of many.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy when you have kids, pets, a family, loads of stuff everywhere, and more.

Sometimes we don’t even know where to start.

We have so many things that have piled up over the years, and can’t imagine parting with our sentimental items.

Over the course of several years, I lived in three different states.

Every time I moved, I would leave all my stuff at my parents house, because I couldn’t imagine throwing any of it away.

My parents home became a free storage unit, which was completely unfair to them.

When I began to change my mindset and moved towards a more minimalist lifestyle, I made a promise to them that next time I visited their home, I would begin to declutter all that junk.

If you are feeling STUCK on where to start when it comes to the process of decluttering, here are 20 ideas to get you going.

Bedroom Declutter Ideas

Divide your clothes into piles

To do this, shuffle through your clothes and create three separate piles.

  • Clothes to keep

  • Clothes to donate

  • Clothes to throw away

This will help you to organize your wardrobe and clear out your closet.

Empty your drawers

Empty out all for drawers and throw away anything old or broken.

Organize your books

Go through your books one by one, and donate any that you’ve read or won’t bother to read.

You can even gift a book to a friend or family for their next birthday!

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Throw away anything broken

Search through your bedroom for anything broken and simply toss it out.

Donate Items

Now that you’ve gone through almost everything in your room, donate your items to a local center so that someone may make great use of your items.

Kitchen Decluttering Tips

Clean out your fridge

Begin to clean out your fridge by throwing away anything old or expired.

Label your condiments

Start labeling your condiments as an effort to be more organized so that you know which spice to use next time you cook.

Discard of old appliances

If you have an old or broken kitchen appliance, give it away or simply trash it.

Keep only the silverware that you need

You don’t need 50 different forks and spoons. Try donating the ones you don’t need anymore or give them to a friend.

Keep Counters Clean

Make space on your counters by placing all your appliances and things in your kitchen cabinets, and keep your counters clean.

Bathroom Declutter Tips

Throw away old makeup

Sort through all your makeup and throw away empty makeup bottles or items that you don’t use anymore.

Keep only a few towels

Store only a few towels that you need for yourself and the family for the week.

Get rid of old towels, and get ready to rewash and reuse.

Dispose of old bath mats

Any bath mats that are old, smell bad, or that you no longer use- dispose of them.

Keep only a few that you can rewash and reuse.

Empty shampoo and conditioner bottles

Any empty bottles can clutter your shower space. Discard of them to create more room.

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Keep sink surface clear

Declutter the surface of your sink by placing bathroom items under the sink or in a bathroom cabinet for storage.

Living Room Declutter Tips

Simplify decorations

Sometimes our homes can become cluttered with too many decorations. Go for a more minimalistic look by discarding some of them.

Recycle old magazines and newspapers

Sometimes our spaces fill up with old magazines and newspapers that we forget to get rid of after reading.

Sort through all of them and recycle those that are more than 2 months old.

Get rid of broken furniture

If your furniture has some scratches or broken pieces, try to discard it and keep only the necessary pieces.

Get rid of old and broken toys

If your children have outgrown some toys, try donating them to those in need.

If you have some broken toys lying around, recycle them.

Minimize carpets

If you have several carpets or rugs, try to simplify by keeping only one or two.

Do you have any decluttering hacks of your own? Share in the comments below!