11 Reasons to Stop Chasing Money and Live More Simply

Burnout, mental anguish, and wasted time are just a few side effects of dedicating yourself to a pursuit that is overall superficial.

Many people spend their whole lives chasing after money, expecting it to bring them happiness, success, and for it to solve all their problems in life. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this concept.


Why Chasing Money Won’t Make You Happy

In the not-so-distant past, Americans spent 70 billion dollars playing the lottery (that is about $300 per adult). It’s no secret that society has an unhealthy relationship with chasing money, despite the ramifications that come with it.

Of course, having money can ease the pain of some struggles, like student loans and car payments. Yet, at the same time making money needs to be sustainable both mentally and physically.

Money is not synonymous with happiness because it can’t buy it! Accumulating material possessions and false relationships may look great on social media, but living a simple life will make you feel great.


11 Reasons to Stop Chasing Money


1. You won’t feel fulfilled

Money can line your pockets, but it can’t enrich your life. Without actively pursuing the activities that give you mental peace, you will have a gaping hole in your life.

Feeling fulfilled comes from cutting out what doesn’t contribute to your overall life goals. Actively chasing your goals will give you purpose.


2. You will be unhappy

If you are focused on earning as much money as you can when will you have the time to focus on what makes you happy? The simple answer is that you won’t.

One of the only things on this earth that can make you happy in the long run is figuring out what makes you feel that way.


3. Money follows when you’re passionate about what you do

The more you practice something, the better you become at it. You’ll improve naturally by doing what you’re passionate about versus what you think you should do to get more moolah.

When you love what you do and are good at it, people will pay you for it.


4. Work won’t feel like a chore

Yes, you’ll have days where you won’t want to work; however, most days you’ll wake up in the morning itching to do so.

Only working toward financial gain will leave you not wanting to do it at all. Work doesn’t have to feel like something you have to do. Simplifying your life will leave you with a job you want to do.


5. It will help you focus on what is important to you

Money should not be the most important thing to you. Chasing it will detract from focusing on what is actually important to you. Long hours spent at the office takes away from engaging in activities that make you happy.

That may be volunteering within your community or spending time with loved ones. It’s important to avoid getting wrapped up in the hustle mentality in order to define your values.

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6. More money is not an indicator of happiness

Some of the richest economies report some of the most depressed citizens because of overexposure to material pleasures.

A study found that money actually robs people of the simple joys in life. With the exception of living in poverty, money diminishes happiness. So, more money does not mean more happiness.


7. You’ll cherish what you already have

The experience-stretching hypothesis states that a life stuffed with worldly pleasures undermines the simple ones, according to Wired. A cold beer with a good friend is dulled by expensive sushi and the newest iPhone.

Chasing money will leave you with more stuff without letting you appreciate what you already have.


8. Life becomes simpler

Wouldn’t it be easier to just worry about issues that deserve your attention? Chasing money can be extremely stressful and time-consuming.

Cutting this out of your life simplifies everything. It’s one less thing to worry about. From here you can start to prioritize what actually matters to you.


9. Your relationships will suffer from it

You might feel obligated to spend your time slaving away to provide for your family; however, it’s more important to spend time with them.

Your children and significant other might appreciate that you want to provide financially. They can’t make memories with you if you’re always at work. Time spent with loved ones is worth its weight in gold.


10. You attract what you put out into this world

When you prioritize superficial goals, like chasing money, you attract superficial people. Becoming a person that is solely interested in their financial status is sure to make connections who only value the same thing.

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Vice versa, simply doing what makes you truly happy will draw in those who are doing the same. Do not underestimate the power of manifestation.


11. People will respect you more for it

There are few things that garner more respect than relentlessly following your dreams. People covet those who chase money. People are inspired by those who do what makes them happy.

Do you want to be someone who inspires those around you or someone who is loved for their worldly possessions? You will be more respected for being your true self because no one can take it from you.


How to Stop Chasing Money and Start Living Simple

Experiences, passion, and great relationships are what really matter. All of these can be made without money and with likely more success.

It’s easy to want what others have. Getting rid of social media or spending as little time on it as possible will stop you from coveting other people’s experiences and possessions.

In general, don’t focus on what others have. This will help you be happy with what you have instead of chasing money to get things you don’t necessarily want or need.

After, define what is important to you. Physically write it down if you can! Your actions and money should reflect what is important to you. You’ll find that what is important to you probably doesn’t involve a cash obsession.

Your life will be simpler and calmer by investing in yourself. Cut the fat of greed out of your life and you’ll be left with lifelong sustenance.









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