10 Characteristics of Superficial People

Every person has dealt with a superficial person at some point in their lives and these people aren’t the easiest to deal with.

Superficial people aren’t necessarily bad people, but their lack of substance and depth is what makes it challenging to build a deep and long-lasting connection with them.

It’s not like they intend to do so, but it’s simply part of their personality and nature to dwell in meaningless things like material objects, money, status, or gossip. In this article, we’ll be talking about the 10 characteristics of superficial people.

What is a Superficial Person?

Superficial people are one of the most difficult people to build connections and friendships with. They don’t care about things other than status, material objects, physical appearance, and the like.

While the world considers these things normal, they all belong to things that don’t provide purpose and fulfillment in our lives.

They’re incredibly judgemental of someone’s physical appearance and when they see someone worthy of critical judgment, they don’t hesitate to do so behind their backs.

They care so much about their physical appearance whether this is their makeup, outfit, shoes, hair, and everything else in that category.

Most importantly, you’ll end up frustrated when you try to discuss important issues with them like child hunger, politics, religion, philosophy, and science.

Superficial people only care about glamour, class, and sophistication under their terms and nobody else’s.

10 Characteristics of Superficial People

1. They have no moral compass

While an average person has a certain set of beliefs and values that define their entire being, a superficial person doesn’t have that.

They go with the flow and go with anything that grabs their attention. They don’t really care about having principles and morals because of their shallow personality and mindsets.

In order to have beliefs, it would require some sort of depth, which these people don’t have.

2. They’re not self-aware

You always hear the word self-awareness when you’re actively trying to improve yourself and grow.

Unfortunately, superficial people can’t be bothered with being self-aware, including the definition of the word.

They focus on their external features and don’t care about looking inward whether it’s their thoughts, feelings, or behavioral patterns. They simply don’t care about these things.

3. They’re overly materialistic

Superficial people care about getting everything they want without as much care on whether they really need it.

Unlike the average person, the difference lies in their overly materialistic nature and they simply can’t resist it.

They make a habit of buying the things they want, even when the majority of it has to do with their physical appearance and status.

superfical people

4. They lack wisdom

When striking up a conversation with them, you’ll notice they lack the intelligence and wisdom that an average person has.

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This isn’t about IQ scores or how much they know, but even the basic understanding of things like empathy, etiquette, and the significant things that matter.

Whether it’s on an emotional or mental capacity, they simply are lacking in both areas.

5. They’re overly judgmental

Whenever they see something or someone worth criticizing, they don’t hesitate in doing so whether it’s a flaw, mistake, or imperfection.

They will freely judge anything and everything they come across – it’s simply part of their superficial nature.

We all tend to judge people unintentionally, but the average person doesn’t make it a habit to do so.

6. They thrive on gossip

No matter what, they will always be the first ones to know about gossip and drama.

In fact, they encourage it more than anyone else. It’s like gossip is the main action in their lives because of that lack of depth and meaning.

This aspect is what makes them the hardest to be around, especially if you’re staying away from negativity.

7. They love being the center of attention

There’s nothing a superficial person wouldn’t do to be in the center of attention – that’s how much they love being in it.

They don’t know the difference between good and bad attention so no matter what the reason is, as long as they’re in the center of it, they’re good and thriving.

This could also mean giving gossips, spreading rumors, and similar activities to get the spotlight back on them.

8. They’re always on social media

You can always see superficial people on social media, being active on every platform that exists, whether that’s Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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That’s where they boast pictures of themselves and are likely to spread gossip as well.

They love using social media since it encourages superficial things like gossips, selfies, and fashion.

9. They emphasize physical attraction

Another painful truth about superficial people is they only choose to connect, hangout, or date people if you’re on the same level as them in physical attraction.

There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to someone because of their physical features but if you completely disregard someone just because they aren’t physically good-looking, that’s the difference between an average person and a superficial person.

10. They’re extremely entitled

If you’re familiar with the word entitlement, it’s thinking that you deserve everything and it’s something that superficial people are highly guilty of.

These people don’t have the mindset of an average person where you work for what you have and life doesn’t just hand it to you easily.

A superficial person thinks that they deserve everything they want and nothing should get in the way of that.

This means they deserve the best home, the best partner, best career, best career, and basically the best in everything – nothing less.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was able to shed everything on dealing with superficial people in your life.

Again, even if it isn’t easy to deal with them, this doesn’t make them bad people entirely.

It just makes you want to be aware of their existence if ever you do come across one so you’d know what to expect from them.

If you’re someone who needs substance and depth in their lives, you might want to be wary before befriending a superficial person in your life.