11 Simple Reasons to Let Go of Stuff

Letting go of stuff doesn’t always come naturally to us. We live in a consumerist world where we get attached to material objects too easily, but that shouldn’t be the case.

Material objects provide nothing but temporary happiness and pleasure so nothing good comes out of them.

They usually don’t provide significant meaning other than to provide anything temporary and once that feeling passes, old feelings resurface.

When you learn to let go of stuff, this makes you have a more peaceful and contented life. In this article, we’ll be talking about 11 simple reasons to let go of stuff.

What It Means To Let Go of Stuff

There’s a reason why minimalism has been a rising trend over the years and it’s because of the concept that less is more.

This is contradicting the consumerist lifestyle we live in where we tend to splurge on things we don’t even need but seem attractive to buy.

When you learn to let go of stuff, your definition of wants and needs change drastically and you no longer focus on buying things for status or temporary pleasure.

Learning to value your needs over your wants gives you more space to breathe in your home and you won’t see any evidence of buying things you don’t even use.

It generally means that in order to let go of the things you want or think you need, you need to decide the significant value it provides. If it holds nothing but surface-level significance, you need to let it go.

11 Simple Reasons To Let Go of Stuff

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1. It only provides temporary happiness

No matter how hard you try, it will do nothing but provide you with temporary happiness and pleasure, as mentioned above.

This is the primary factor on why people tend to buy things they don’t even need and end up not using for a very long time.

2. It doesn’t provide value to your self-worth

If the reason you’re buying clothes and shoes is that you think it helps with your self-worth, you’re wrong.

No matter how good you dress, confidence is found within and that’s something you can’t fix by buying more things.

3. It prevents you from your real priorities

It’s easy to blur the lines between what’s truly important in life and what isn’t when you keep buying things to distract you from figuring that out.

Material things aren’t bad, but they can fool you into thinking that your wants are something you can’t live without when that isn’t true at all.

4. It enslaves you

It’s a very high-maintenance lifestyle when you buying material object after object in which you end up scattering them all over your space when you’re done being amused by them.

Even if you wanted to, it’s this repetitive cycle where you buy things and then you don’t bother using them any longer.

You’re a slave to the consumerist cycle and can’t seem to stop.

letting go of stuff

5. It makes you more afraid

Material things often give you this sense of identity and false confidence and you’re afraid that by letting go of your things, your identity will come with that.

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However, you should also realize that the confidence and status symbol material things give you isn’t real but is simply a facade you’re trying to show everyone else as if to prove what you are and what you are not.

6. It makes you unable to escape the past

There are material objects you have that don’t necessarily provide status, but they resonate with you as a memory from the past.

These are things you hold on to in order to cling to the past and you’re afraid by letting go of them, you’ll forget about the past completely.

It’s simply a sentimental value from a place, person, or memory. However, you can’t cling to the past because it’s already gone.

7. It keeps you from moving forward

If your space is filled with useless clutter, then you simply don’t have the space to bring new belongings in your life that are considered as needs.

Refusing to let go of things will mean that you choose to cling to things that no longer bring meaning to your life.

8. It teaches you to live

You can’t live your life with the wrong sense of priorities and always clinging to a false definition of status and happiness – it doesn’t work that way.

When you let go of stuff, you change your definition of what life is really about and it’s none of the things defined by material objects.

9. It makes you feel less lonely

This is a unique reason but people can feel less lonely even when surrounded by superficial things and it’s why they can’t let go.

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However, loneliness is a state of mind and you can always adjust your mindset.

10. It makes your space more organized

When you let go of things you no longer need, there’s more space to breathe, move, and do whatever you please.

Your place becomes more flexible when there isn’t too much clutter surrounding you.

11. It makes you content

You will never be content when you keep purchasing meaningless things so only in letting go will you live a happy and content life.

Why Stuff Might Be Weighing You Down

Buying material objects tend to weigh you down as you will never be satisfied, no matter what you buy.

Whether it’s the latest phone, fashion, or anything you want, this won’t fill the void in your life. You can’t buy inner peace and happiness with money. A lot of people try, but it’s an impossible battle.

Material objects will just distract you from your real feelings, but your emotions will always resurface, one way or another.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was able to discuss everything on letting go of stuff. Letting go of clutter is the best thing you can do both for your mental health and your space.

After doing so, you’ll realize how much lighter and refreshed you feel when you only choose to keep the things you really need.