10 Ideas to Create Sacred Space In Your Home

Our homes are our central base, the place where we rest, recuperate, relax, work, live, and thrive.

Our homes hold so much activity and energy on a daily basis and see so many different phases of our lives as we grow and age in these spaces.

Having a busy home overflowing with energy, vitality, and activity is a good sign that you have a thriving and supportive home, but sometimes you might find yourself craving a quiet and sacred space in order to have some time to yourself.

Creating a sacred space in your home is an act of self care, an expression of your time, energy, and patience all manifesting itself into a quiet place that’s just for you.

Whether you’re choosing to create a religious space or instead merely a place where you can concentrate and focus on your own thoughts and existence, a sacred space is a must have in your home and one that promotes overall wellness and support as much as possible.

What is considered Sacred Space?

Sacred space can vary widely depending on the person and the culture in which you were raised.

Sacred space in a religious sense is often a private room, perhaps decorated with iconography or religious symbols, but definitely a place where you go to privately commune and connect with your spiritual side.

Sacred spaces can also be general spiritual zones, almost modeled after meditation rooms or areas where you can intentionally focus and cleanse your mind of distractions while centering yourself in your priorities and focus.

a sacred space

Lastly, a sacred space can simply be a place that’s private and special to you.

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Whether it’s a place you’ve designated as no technology or a place where you keep your most treasured possessions, sacred spaces are simply places that hold special significance and rest for you as a person.

10 Ideas to Create Sacred Space in Your Home

1. Set Boundaries

The biggest and most important part of creating sacred space in your home is simply establishing and clarifying boundaries on what your private space will be.

Whether you have your own private room or are carving out time in another space, be very intentional about when and where you’ll be taking your own sacred space in order to set clear boundaries for others.

2. Open Up Your Space for Deeper Thoughts

Some religious people like to light candles or incense in order to begin making a space feel sacred, while others christen their spaces with crystals or intention settings.

Being able to open up your space for deeper thoughts and energies is vital to creating a sacred and holy space where you can do your thinking and reflecting.

3. Drown Out the Outside World

Absolutely no technology allowed in your sacred space!

The best way to avoid distraction and pain in your sacred space is to ban any distractions from the outside world.

Turn off the inbox, leave technology at the door, and solely focus on yourself and your intentions until you feel ready to tackle the day.

4. Decorate It With Important Reminders

One of the best ways to help create a sacred space for yourself is to decorate your space with reminders of yourself and the things that help ground you.

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Hang pictures, draw art, put up crystals or other energy cleansing things; anything that will help you feel centered in yourself.

taking sacred space

5. Stay Hydrated

Keep water in your sacred space and use your time here as a way to take care of both mental and physical needs.

Drink chilled water in your sacred space and luxuriate in your restful and hydrated self in your sacred space.

6. Positive Scents

Aromatherapy can be one of the most powerful calming agents in our wellness arsenal.

Whether it’s a good smelling candle, powerful incense, or even essential oils, having a good scent going is a great way to designate a space as sacred and special just to you.

7. Blankets and Soft Pillows

Another important part of your sacred space is going to be items that help you feel comfortable and supported.

Keep a soft throw blanket you can tuck around yourself as you sit in your sacred space and plenty of pillows to kneel or rest on while you engage in your sacred time.

8. Music or Calming Noise

Replace the buzz and noise of the outdoor world with something calming and inspirational.

Keep a white noise or nature noise machine in your sacred space or a speaker that plays gentle relaxing music in order to center your energy and keep your focus in your space.

9. Writing Supplies

Your sacred space can be a great place to write, reflect, and journal on everything you’re experiencing and thinking.

Designate your time in your sacred space for writing about your life and relax in your cataloging and reflections of your life.

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10. Prevent Others From Going In

Don’t let anyone into your sacred space that you don’t want there.

You can create a calming and personal space that’s just for you, and it’s okay to prevent others from invading your space.

Just like setting boundaries, you can prevent others from going into your space and keep it just for yourself.

The Importance of Sacred Space

Having sacred space in your home is critical to creating a relaxing and personal home that focuses on your needs and experiences.

The world works overtime to convince us that we should always be active, productive, and working.

By bringing a sacred space into your home, you’re creating a personal and quiet space where you’re required to do merely what makes you happy and have a private area that’s just for your thoughts and sacred practices.

Final Thoughts

Creating a sacred space doesn’t have to be complicated.

Through just a few different switches or steps, you can begin creating your own private paradise or heaven that’s a space for you to feel supported and successful wherever you are.

Your sacred space is a place of rest and focus at all times, and by creating sacred space in your home you’re prioritizing your needs and promoting your own wellness at all times.