10 Powerful Ways to Create More Space in your Life

Creating space in your life can mean a wide variety of things, more space in your home, in your finances, and your mind for some examples. Creating a more simplistic life can boost your life in so many ways and create a better situation for yourself. 

What Does it Mean to Create Space in Your Life?

Creating space in your life means freeing up your time, your energy, your finances, your mind, and so much more. Creating space in your life will only improve your quality of life and give you more time to do the things you love, to create memories, and enjoy whatever it is you chose to do in your life.

There are hundreds of ways you can create more space in your mental, physical, financial, and personal life. Today, we are going to discuss the top 10 ways you can create more space in all aspects of your life. 

The Importance of Creating More Space

Creating more space in your life is important in a countless ways. There are so many different aspects of life you can clear up in your life, these are the most common and why it’s important: 

  • Mental

Free up space mentally by getting rid of toxic people and relationships, or by cutting off tasks that cause you stress and discomfort. Creating space in a mental capacity allows you to think clearer, live happier, and finally get to enjoy things that you want to enjoy. People who have clutter mental states typically are people pleasers, so we can urge you enough to stop worrying about what other people think and worry about YOUR happiness only. 

  • Physical
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When we say to clear up space physically, we aren’t just talking about fitness and wellness. We are referring to your home or space where you live. If your bedroom at your parent’s house or your own place is cluttered, you’ll feel overwhelmed and have a stressful life. By clearing out stuff you don’t need and creating space, you can feel more at ease and like you have room to grow. 

  • Financial

The thing people typically stress out about the most is their finances. Why not make things easier on yourself and simplify your finances? This could be closing out a credit card you don’t use, paying off a debt, or earning an extra income to help alleviate the stress of bills. Creating space financially will give you the freedom you’ve been looking for. 

Now that we talked about the importance of creating space in your mental, physical and financial life, let’s discuss ways to do it.

10 Powerful Ways to Create More Space in Your Life

1. Declutter your living space

One of the best ways to create more space in your life is to declutter. Go through your house and declutter anything you don’t use daily. This will create more physical space where you spend a lot of your time, and it’ll feel amazing to get rid of stuff you don’t use. 

2. Declutter your thoughts

Didn’t know it was possible to declutter your thoughts? Well, it is and it’s something everyone should do! Filter out all your negative thoughts you think and replace them with positive ones – you’ll be surprised how much impact this will have on you. 

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3. Develop a morning & night routine

Believe it or not, creating a morning and night routine can free up more time for yourself than you think. If you develop a routine that is quick and works for you, you’ll be able to create more space in your life in general. 

4. Don’t procrastinate

We know that this is one of the hardest habits to kick, but we promise once you get it down, your life will be so much better. If you procrastinate doing something, you actually cause yourself to take more time when it comes down to a deadline. Do things right away and you’ll create a lot of free space in your life. 

5. Say no

If you’re busy or just want to relax by yourself for a night, it’s okay to say no to plans. Once you learn that it’s okay to say no to people, activities, or things, you’ll create so much free time and space in your life so you can do and enjoy the things you want.

6. Manage your expectations

If you set a goal, make sure it’s realistic. When there’s a gap between what you want and what you can actually achieve, it can cause disappointment, stress, and anxiety. Prioritize your goals and set realistic ones and you’ll create more space in your life. 

7. Go on a social media detox

We’re all guilty of spending an endless number of hours on social media. If you really want to free up some time and space in your life, go on a social media detox. You’d be surprised how much more you can get done in a day when you put your phone down and focus on what you want and need to focus on. 

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8. Journal

Journaling is a great way to have some me-time and get all your thoughts and wishes out. Take 5-10 minutes every morning or night and get all those thoughts out and relieve yourself of keeping them in. Journaling allows you to create space in your mind so you can think positively and become more productive. 

9. Use a planner

We’re all so busy these days that we can lose track of what we need to do, when we need to do it, and where we need to do it. Use a planner to plan out your day and you’ll create more space in your head. 

10. Meditate

Meditating is one the best ways to create space in your mind and improve your mental health. Take 10-20 minutes each morning to allow yourself to enter a total state of peace, let go of all the negativity, and create more space for positive thinking in your mind. 

Our Final Thoughts

Creating space in your mental, physical, and financial life can help to improve your quality of life so you can live the stress-free, happy life you deserve.

Clear up your physical space by decluttering when you can and getting rid of stuff you don’t need.

Clear your mental life by meditating, journaling, or writing everything down in a planner. Be smarter with your finances by cutting down on credit cards or paying off debts.

Creating more space in your life is the key to a happy life, and the more space you have in your life, the more possibilities you’ll see.