80 Powerful Self-Love Affirmations for Everyday Positivity

self love affirmations

(Article Updated August 2023) Accepting and embracing yourself as you are, flaws and all, is an important step toward building self-esteem. There may be times you feel “unlovable” but just know, these are your fears and insecurities sneaking their way into your thoughts. One way to tame these insecurities is by engaging in activities that … Read more

11 Ways to Enjoy Some Much Needed Alone Time

alone time

It’s a very essential part of your self-development to spend a portion of your time just by yourself. Even when we live in a busy world, having alone time is a must if you want to preserve both your emotional and mental health. You may not realize this, but spending time with yourself recharges the … Read more

10 Signs You’re Dealing With a Shallow Person

shallow person

In developing friendships and relationships. the last thing anybody wants to deal with is a shallow person. When trying to connect with shallow people, they only care about gossip, small talk, and anything else considered on the surface level of things. It’s hard to deal with shallow people when you’re interested in growing and becoming … Read more

15 Signs That Prove You’re An Old Soul

old soul

Everyone talks about being an old soul, but it’s easy to get confused about what the real meaning is behind those words. People have different perceptions and definitions of what an old soul is, but we are going to explore the 15 signs to determine if you may be an old soul or not below. … Read more

10 Minimalist Skincare Tips for a Simple Skincare Routine

minimalist skincare

Skincare has gotten more and more complicated these days. Every beauty brand or mogul seems to be pushing the latest product, a 5, 7, or 10 step morning and night routine that demands a variety of expensive treatments in hopes of achieving the perfect skin. However, more isn’t always better, especially when it comes to … Read more

10 Key Characteristics of a Simple Person

simple person

In this busy world, sometimes simplicity can be hard to find. Everything is busy, frantic, and harried; people jump from one thing to the next without a second thought. Finding the time to slow down, to appreciate the simple things, and to embrace the calm, the simple, and the peaceful parts of the world is … Read more

10 Winter Capsule Wardrobe Ideas for 2024


The winter season is one of the most intense, yet most popular seasons of the year, with the cold and blustery winds, come picturesque snowfalls, white winter wonderland, and crisp morning breezes. Winter is a time of reflection, peace, and sleep for both nature and people, but it’s also unmistakably cold in many parts of … Read more

15 Simple Solutions to Calm Your Busy Mind

calming your busy mind

Having a busy mind is one of the difficult experiences you can go through as it clouds your judgment and rationality completely. While we can’t control our repetitive thoughts, there’s always something you can do to calm your busy mind. Overthinking will rob you of your peace and happiness faster than anything else, but finding … Read more

20 Positive Changes You Can Make Right Now

girl thinking about positive changes to make

In your self-improvement journey, it’s essential to have the mindset of not settling with who you are but to know that you can always be better than the version of yourself yesterday. Growth is always an option and you have complete control over the significant changes you choose to make in creating an extraordinary life. … Read more

10 Ways to Practice Mindful Listening

mindful listening

Mindful listening is the most challenging thing you can do when you live in a world surrounded by distractions. There’s a big difference between communicating and listening – and this is the main communication barrier you can find. Mindful listening is all about paying attention to what the other person is saying rather than just … Read more