15 Signs That Prove You’re An Old Soul

Everyone talks about being an old soul, but it’s easy to get confused about what the real meaning is behind those words.

People have different perceptions and definitions of what an old soul is, but we are going to explore the 15 signs to determine if you may be an old soul or not below.

What It Means to Be An Old Soul

Some might say it is someone who seems older than they are. Others might call it wisdom beyond your years, or the strength to carry on when life has dealt you a difficult hand. I would say that an old soul is both of these things and much more. An old soul is not defined by how many candles are on their birthday cake, but by the experiences that have shaped their life.

They have a deep insight into themselves and others. People may even describe old souls in different ways. Some refer to their grandparents as old souls or someone who is more traditional as an old soul. Others may define an old soul as someone who is calm and mature. They are usually admirable people. They tend to be seen as authentic and true to themselves, and others take notice. They hold positive characteristics that others are drawn to.

When you’re an old soul, there are always going to be people around you telling you that “you’re too smart for your own good,” and that you should “lighten up a little.” You have been told both of these things for as long as you care to remember. This is not because they are being mean, but because when you can see the bigger picture in life, sometimes it’s hard to see what the rest of the world is so tightly focused on.

15 Signs You’re An Old Soul

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1. You don’t like to follow the crowd

Old souls are independent thinkers. They form thoughts and opinions based on their experiences and don’t just go along with others.

They like to come to their own conclusions when approached with different situations. Silent leaders as some would say.

2. You don’t like being the center of attention

Old souls are more observers than anything. They analyze their surroundings and really take in their environment.

They don’t like to be in the spotlight and remain modest about their achievements.

3. You often engage in deep thought

Old souls are deep thinkers. They like to take the time to reflect on all aspects of life.

being an old soul

4. You crave a life of purpose

If others are okay with walking life not knowing what their purpose is, this doesn’t apply to old souls.

Every decision you make is intending to get closer to your purpose if you haven’t found yours yet.

5. You don’t get wrapped up in the latest trends

An old soul doesn’t find significance in surface-level things that the world obsesses over such as the latest trends and hype whether it’s fashion or other materialistic things.

They only focus on substantial things that can provide meaning in their lives.

6. You stay true to yourself

If you’re an old soul, you don’t bother trying to adjust certain characteristics and values just to fit in with the rest of the world.

You focus on being true to yourself, even when that path doesn’t always come easy.

7. You are observant of your surroundings

Old souls are keen observers of their surroundings and they take time to notice and appreciate even the simple intricate details.

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They find pleasure in observing when the world can be full of too much noise sometimes.

8. You are mature for your age

As an old soul, people always tell you how you’re so mature for your age – and this can be both a good and bad thing for others.

You have a certain knowledge that someone your age wouldn’t tend to have.

9. You don’t care for material things

An old soul would consider the worth behind material things as empty and surface-level as they know that they only provide temporary happiness.

They wouldn’t bother wasting their money with things that don’t promise fulfillment and meaning in their lives.

10. You crave meaningful connections

This is one of the defining aspects for an old soul as they can’t tolerate small talks with people.

They crave depth and substance in their conversations and want to dive into topics that awaken their mind.

11. You are more empathetic than most

As an old soul, what comes with your vast knowledge of things is your empathy to understand different perspectives.

You don’t believe in the notion of hardening your heart that the world pushes on people.

12. You try to always be honest

Honesty is an admirable trait for anyone and this is especially true for old souls.

Even when no one can be a hundred percent honest all the time, old souls try to always be honest.

13. You appreciate the simple things in life

An old soul doesn’t care about materialistic objects, as we’ve mentioned earlier which means they’re more inclined to appreciate the simple things in life.

They find contentment in a simplistic but happy life.

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14. You can connect with people emotionally

Old souls have their need for depth as a part of their characteristics and it’s because of this trait they connect with others better emotionally.

They naturally understand others even without trying hard.

15. You are the person people tend to turn to

When someone in your life is going through a difficult time, they often run to you for both advice and comfort.

Since you have the knowledge and empathy to do so, this is what draws people to you in hard times.

The Benefits of Being an Old Soul

Being an old soul has many benefits. Let’s explore a few examples below:

– You’ve already lived a full life in your mind.

– You have wisdom and insight beyond your years.

– Your face is nothing but lines and creases from all the smiling you’ve done.

– You always know what’s up, who’s in, and who’s out.  You know the score.

– You never get too high or low on anything because you’ve seen it all before.

– You are sensible, patient, and kind to others.

-You are almost always understanding, if not sympathetic.

– You give good advice because you’ve been there before.

– You are wise in the ways of love, art, music…

– Every moment for you is a new experience with endless possibilities.  

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was able to shed insight into old souls. When you’re an old soul, you have a distinct and mature approach to everything in life and this is one of your defining factors.

You don’t settle for things, experiences, and people that can’t awaken your mind with depth but rather, you find joy in purpose and meaning.

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