9 Hygge Decor Ideas For This Holiday Season

The winter months are the perfect time to get cozy and celebrate with your loved ones. You can create a warm, inviting atmosphere by embracing the Danish tradition of “hygge”.

If you’re not familiar with hygge, it’s about making your home feel like a safe haven where you can relax and enjoy quality time together. Here are 9 decor ideas that will help make your home hygge-ready this holiday season!

1. Lighting

Lighting is a simple yet effective way to make your home feel warm and cozy. You can create hygge lighting by dimming the lights, turning on candles or lamps that give off a soft light, & using string lights around doorways for added ambiance.  

-You could add starry fairy lights above window sills & around doorways.

-You could put holiday decorations in your windows to let the sunshine through them during the day.  

– You could place a lamp or candle next to each window so that there are multiple sources of light throughout your home.  

-You can use string lights along walls & dark spaces, creating cozy spots for holiday gatherings.

– You can use holiday ornaments, candles & string lights on your Christmas tree to make it the center of attention in any room.

2. Apply Cozy Elements

Creating coziness is all about the little things, like holiday-themed decor & cozy house plants. You can also create warmth with rugs that are soft to touch and comfortable for bare feet (and pets).  

-You could add holiday paintings or other holiday decorations on your walls or doors.

– You could put holiday pillows on your couch & chairs.

-You could add a blanket or throw to any chair, sofa or bed in the house so that it’s easy for people to relax.  

– You can place holiday plants throughout your home as little touches of coziness everywhere you look!  

-You could put holiday candles all around your living room so that you can easily light them when guests arrive.

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– You could create a holiday fireplace with holiday candles & stockings hung above it for added coziness!  

3. Hygge (Comfort) Food

Food is a huge part of any holiday gathering! You can create hygge food by preparing holiday recipes that you love, baking fresh holiday cookies or bread to share with guests & creating simple but delicious meals.  

-You could serve holiday dinner in your best china so that it looks special without being too fussy.

– You could put holiday napkins or tablecloths on your dining room table to make it look extra special.

-You can prepare holiday recipes like fruitcake, cookies & gingerbread men to share with guests as an added touch of coziness.

  – You could place fruits in bowls or vases around the house for holiday decor as well as for holiday meals!

-You could use holiday candles to create a cozy atmosphere in your kitchen.

– You can place holiday desserts like gingerbread houses & snowmen on plates around the house so that they are easy to grab when you want something sweet.  

hygge holiday decor

4. Consider Soft Surroundings

Creating soft surroundings is all about adding fabrics & textures to pillows, rugs & other holiday decor. You can make your home feel cozy by putting plush throws over the backs of couches or chairs as well as holiday blankets on beds for added coziness.  

-You could put holiday throw pillows on your couch & chairs.

-You could add holiday throw blankets on your bed or any other beds in the house for added coziness.   

-You can place holiday rugs throughout your home to make it cozy without making a mess from all of the holiday festivities!  

– You could put holiday candles & candies in glass bowls around holiday decorations for added holiday decor.

– You can add holiday blankets to your guest bedroom so that they have a comfortable place to sleep when they are in town!  

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5. Hygge Activities

Creating hygge holiday activities is all about slowing down & enjoying holiday traditions with friends or family. You can create holiday memories by playing old holiday games like charades, watching your favorite holiday movies on TV together as a group, and spending time creating new holiday traditions that you love.  

-You could put on some Christmas holiday music before guests arrive for added holiday ambiance.

-You could host a holiday game night so that your friends & family can bond over holiday games!   

– You could put on some holiday movies to watch together as a group.  

– You could create holiday moments by decorating holiday cards, baking holiday cookies for friends & family, and making homemade holiday decorations.

  -You could use holiday candles to light up your living room or kitchen so that you can easily prepare food with the added warmth of candlelight.   

6. Winter Warmth

Creating holiday warmth is all about adding holiday touches that make you feel comfortable & cozy during the holidays. You can create a winter wonderland by decorating your home with holiday throws, Christmas lights, and holiday candles throughout your living room for added holiday cheer!  

-You can decorate with holiday string lights throughout the home so that they are easily turned on & off as needed.     

-You could put holiday candles all over the house, especially ones that smell like a winter holiday.  

– You can add holiday pillows to any rooms that need a cozy touch and holiday throws to couches & chairs in the living room, den, or family room so that they look festive without being too fussy.

– You could put holiday candles in your kitchen so that you can easily prepare holiday meals with added warmth & cheer!  

7. Hygge & Cozy Accessories

Creating holiday accessories is all about adding holiday touches to your favorite room. You can spread holiday cheer by adding holiday throws, pillows, and candles so that you have a winter wonderland without breaking the bank or spending too much time!   

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  -You could put holiday decor on end tables throughout the house for added holiday cheer.   

– You could put holiday throws on your favorite chair or couch for added holiday coziness.  

-You could place holiday candles all over your home so that you have additional candlelight.

8. Snuggle Time

Creating holiday snuggles is all about creating moments with loved ones. You can create holiday memories by cooking up holiday cookies for guests, decorating the Christmas tree, and cuddling on a cozy blanket in front of the fireplace!   

  -You could cook up easy holiday recipes like waffles or pancakes with fresh fruit to serve your holiday guests.   

– You could decorate the Christmas tree with family members and watch holiday movies together as a group after dinner!  

  -You can cuddle up on holiday throws in front of the fireplace to enjoy holiday music, hot chocolate & holiday cheer all at once!      

-You could make homemade holiday decorations like snowman & holiday cookies with the kids.   

-You could decorate holiday cards to send out as holiday snail mail!  

9. Hygge Homemade Gifts

Creating holiday gifts is all about creating homemade holiday memories with loved ones. You can create holiday moments by baking Christmas cookies together, making a holiday wreath, and decorating the tree as a family!   

  -You could bake delicious holiday recipes like sugar cookies or peppermint bark to share with your guests during the holidays.   

– You could decorate holiday wreaths together as a family and then hang them on the front door.  

Final Thoughts

With the holidays upon us, it’s time to get cozy. We’ve done some research on how you can achieve this with 9 Hygge decor ideas for this holiday season! What are your favorite ways to enjoy a bit of hygge?