Fake Friends: 10 Signs on How To Spot Them

As humans, we are naturally social animals. We crave the company of others to feel fulfilled. But what happens when you find yourself surrounded by people who seem to have your best interests at heart, but in reality, they’re just looking for their own gain?

This is where fake friends come into play. These are individuals that pretend to be supportive and caring, but in reality, they use you as a means to an end with no intention of providing anything back in return. Here are 10 signs on how to spot these fake friends.

10 Signs Of Fake Friends

1. They’re always around, but rarely contribute to the friendship

Fake friends are usually very visible. They seem like they never leave your side and you can’t go anywhere without running into them.

However, when it comes time for these individuals to give back, they disappear like a ghost in the night with no explanation whatsoever. If someone doesn’t support you when you need it most, they’re not a friend.

2. They constantly brag about their own accomplishments

Fake friends are always trying to one-up you. When they achieve something, they make sure you know all about it!

But when the shoe is on the other foot and you share your good news with them, do not expect an ounce of congratulations or support. They’re fake because in reality what really matters to them is their own success.

3. They gossip about others

It’s true, fake friends talk behind people’s backs. They love to play the game of “telephone” and end up twisting every story until it becomes unrecognizable.

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That is why you should never trust what they say because more than likely it will be a lie! Don’t fall into this trap; surround yourself with supportive friends that are positive and uplifting.

4. They express concern when they need something

When fake friends want to manipulate you, all of a sudden they become your most loyal and trusted confidante.

They express fake concern in an attempt to gain sympathy from you or get what they want. Be careful! It’s important that we don’t confuse sympathy with empathy; the former is false while the latter is true.

5. They heighten the appearance of friendship

There are some fake friends that try to trick you into believing they’re your true buddy. They do this by pretending to be interested in what’s going on with your life and giving compliments, even though inside they could really care less about who you are as a person.

This is not okay; if someone doesn’t respect your boundaries or appreciate who you are, they are not a real friend.

6. They don’t have an interest in your hobbies and interests

A true friend wants to know all about you. They want to hear what’s going on with your life, they ask questions and actually care about the answers!

If someone doesn’t seem interested in who you are or what matters most to you as a person, then keep walking because this is one fake friend you do not want to hold on to.

fake friendship

7. They don’t offer kindness and support

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We all make mistakes every now and then. However, fake friends don’t care about your personal growth; they’re only interested in you staying exactly where you are so that they can continue taking advantage of you.

If someone isn’t encouraging or supportive when times get tough for you as a person, they do not deserve to be in your life.

8. They’re constantly trying to use you

Fake friends are always in need of something. They constantly try to manipulate you into doing things for them, even though they can easily do it on their own.

These individuals just want a free ride and will stop at nothing in order to achieve this goal! Stay away from fake people like these; surround yourself with people who will lift you up and encourage you.

9. They flip flop with their emotions

Fake friends are not genuine. They pretend to be happy when they’re actually sad, and vice versa.

If someone is constantly flip-flopping around like a fish out of water, there’s no way you can build an authentic friendship with them because the foundation will always feel unstable!

10. They’re not themselves in front of other people

Fake friends are not who they appear to be. They hide behind a mask and try their best to impress others by putting on an act that doesn’t represent who they really are deep down inside.

If someone is acting like one person with you, but completely different around your mutual friends; this is a fake person. There’s no reason to be friends with someone who doesn’t have the courage to show their true personality!

How to Avoid Fake Friends

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They may not be easy to spot in the beginning of the friendship, especially when you are just getting to know them. However, fake friends always reveal themselves in the end.

To help you avoid them, take your time to get to know someone and surround yourself with positive people who uplift you. Don’t give your trust away easily or let a stranger into your life quickly just because they’re nice to you at first glance – be mindful!

The best friendships come when two people connect on the same level and help each other to grow without judgment or ulterior motives.

Only surround yourself with genuine individuals who respect, appreciate, and care about others. In return, share your same values with them in order to build a strong friendship that will last.

Final Thoughts

The 10 signs above will help you spot when someone is just using you for their own personal gain. If any of them sound like they may be happening to you or if people around you seem concerned about this issue with you then take some time to reflect on what needs to change in order for authentic relationships to grow in your life again. You deserve that much after all.