11 Simple Ways To Pick Yourself Back Up

The one thing that everyone who has ever felt down can agree on is how difficult it is to pick yourself back up. It seems like the only way out of this funk is to wait for time to heal your wounds, but what if you don’t have any time? What do you do when these feelings come at an inconvenient time or last too long?

Life is difficult. We all have rough patches during different points in our lives, and it’s easy to find ourselves feeling down when things get tough. However, pick yourself back up in ways that are doable in the moment, even if they seem insignificant. These steps will remind you of your worth in the world and help you feel more balanced again.

1. Do something nice for someone else

Doing a good deed is always going to make you feel better. Even if it’s as simple as making a person smile or giving them your time, the feeling of seeing that positive change in their life will put things into perspective and help you realize what really matters.

It can be easy to feel like you are the only one that has it hard, but pick yourself back up by realizing how much better you could make someone else’s life.

2. Listen to your favorite song

Music is a powerful pick me up. So many of us have had those songs that we can’t help but sing along with and dance around our houses when they come on the radio.

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Put together an upbeat playlist or make it even easier by having pre-made playlists. That way you can sing your heart out and pick yourself back up without having to think about what song comes next or how long it is.

3. Treat yourself

Sometimes pick yourself back up means pampering. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but it’s important that you treat your body and mind as well as possible when you’re down in the dumps.

Whether this is a bubble bath or getting your nails done, pick something out for yourself that will make you feel better about how you look.

4. Get out in nature

Nature is a pick-me-up that you don’t have to spend any money on. Just going outside and breathing fresh air can enlighten your mood because it’s a simple reminder of how big the world around us really is, which will make all your problems seem smaller by comparison.

It doesn’t matter if this means going for a walk in your local park or taking the time to pick yourself back up by looking at your favorite photos of nature on Instagram, just choose something that makes you feel like part of this big world again.

picking yourself back up

5. Be yourself

You know you pick yourself back up best, so pick something that will make you feel like your old self again.

Whether this is writing in a journal or spending time with friends who always pick you right back up, pick what makes you feel most like the person that everyone knows and loves!

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Sometimes it takes losing yourself to find out what picking you back up means to you, and by being the best version of yourself.

6. Get creative

Creativity is good for you in so many ways. Whether it’s writing out your feelings or coming up with a DIY project, choosing something that makes you feel like the creative person everyone knows and loves again.

Pick yourself back up by letting creativity shine!

7. Spend time with someone you love

Sometimes pick yourself back up can be as simple as having a conversation with the person you care about and spending quality time with them.

Whether this is your best friend, family member, or significant other, you will instantly feel better and like nothing else matters but talking to them.

8. Get out of your comfort zone

Sometimes you can pick yourself right back up means getting out of your comfort zone. Choose something that reminds you how strong and capable you are.

Whether this is skydiving or taking on a new project at work, you can improve your mood by conquering something new.

9.. Find something to smile about

Pick yourself back up by finding something that makes you smile. Whether it’s a picture of someone close or watching something funny on television, this can be a great way to cheer yourself up.

10. Remind yourself of the important things that matter

It can be easy when we’re feeling low to only focus on all our problems and put ourselves down even more but you can pick yourself back up by reminding yourself of the good things in life.

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This will help you feel better about your problems and allow you to refocus your attention on the things that matter the most to you.

11. Pick one thing to let go of

Pick yourself back up by letting go of something that’s making you feel down. Whether it’s a toxic relationship or an unhelpful habit, pick one thing to let go of and improve your mood in the process!

Final Thoughts

The more you can find things that make your day, the easier it will be to get back on top. Remember that happiness is a choice and start with these 11 ways to pick yourself up when life feels like it’s too hard or impossible.